Perfect couple
2 Perfect couple
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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2 Perfect couple

Hi everyone, this book is a totally work of fiction and there's no resemblance to any living or dead person's life.

As valentines day's was over but there is still hopes are lively within my heart. Oh, I'm extremely sorry that I forgot to introduce myself, myself Mitra. Still after waiting for 18 golden years of my life, I did not able to get any roses over the valentines days. But some day it would be a real, I hope so.
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So I came back to my house after my college, the usual boring classes and lectures, nothing much interesting. I'm used to be a bright student in all my academics so my parents have high hopes for me. They want me to become a doctor. But what about me??? I don't want to spend all my life became a book worm. But I love to study. So here iam in love with books. Some times I saw couples in street, they were felt so perfect made for each other. But why there is no one for me???

Chapter - 1


My parents and friends who have been always been a big support for me, now I can support them when they needed me the most, coz now I'm an established doctor in surgery and also a gold medalist in my group.

But till now I don't get my valentine rose??? But after 5 years of medical studies and 2 years of post graduation,i still like to read books. Books are always my silent companion.

But my parents have another hopes for me, I think God gives us parents for making our lives stress-free bcoz they took all the responsibilites thereselfs.

So my parents are now on my marriage mission, this is the biggest dream of their lives.

In our country marriage is quite a stressful process u can say, specially for girls, and above for girls who are not that fascinating like me. But you have to marry someone, if not then you have to being toured by your parents emotionally. So I agreed to get married.


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