Perfect couple
1 Chapter - 2 Marriage
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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1 Chapter - 2 Marriage

Mitra was in doubt for all this marriage thing since her childhood, although she is average looking therefore every family relatives gives her advice try this it will make you beautiful, do that it will help you to get a perfect life partner. But does doing all these she can be able to get a perfect life partner, nonsense things, Mitra thought herself.

Mitra, are you ready or not?? Mitra's mom shouted from kitchen.

Today's Mitra's would be groom and his family members coming to see Mitra for marriage proposal, although she has been rejected by hundreds of times due to her average looks, so Mitra has no more hopes this time also. But she has to look beautiful for her parents sake. Mom just 5 minutes, I'm all set for the drama, Mitra replied to her mother in mockery.

Silly girl, always behaves like this, why don't you behave like other girls of your age??? Her mother asked her.

Mitra just smiled bcoz she is not like other girls, although she is a very famous doctor but her looks suppressed everything.

Mom what is the profession of the boy?? I mean what did he do for his living?? Mitra asked her mother.

Mrs ghosh (Mitra's mother) Told her - He is an Oxford University gold medalist in MBA, Finance. Do you know Mitra, his father is a renowned business tycoon but he believes in simple life. So he accompanied his father in his business as an assistant. So down to earth boy. If he liked you then you will be the luckiest girl of the world. Oh God, please, he must select my daughter, I will visit your temple in bare foots. Her mother prayed to God.

While Mitra thought herself, why a person like him liked her, who is just average looking.?? She doesn't want to hurt her parents by saying no to all this proposals things, so she does everything that pleases her parents. After all they are her strength.

After some time the boy and his family come to visit Mitra's family house, to see Mitra, wheather she is good for their son or not??

The boy looking like a prince of any fairy tales. OMG he is so damn handsome didi, shouted Mitra's friend Madhu. If you don't like him then I will definitely going to marry him. He is too tall and so well toned body, Madhu teased Mitra. But Mitra was in mental pressure, he must be going to reject him like other people.

I don't know why my parents always try to push me in a humiliation situations like this?? I hate myself being not so beautiful. Mitra thought to self.


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