Parallel World
23 Chapter 23: Professions
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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23 Chapter 23: Professions

Having made our way back into the town, we decided to make our way to the Blacksmiths first and hand the ores over before going to the Adventurers Guild to sort out our rewards for completing it.

Once again, they had noticed just how many people frequented this area of the Empire, it truly was a massive place..

Around 30 minutes or so later~

Velt and Lilith arrived back at the Blacksmiths and promptly entered the building noticing a much more bustling atmosphere than earlier, perhaps it was due to the time where adventurers would be coming back from their quests, etc.

Upon noticing Velt and Lilith's arrival, Belek waved them over with a wide grin spread across his face as usual.

"Oyo, over here, haha!" He said, "It seems like everything went well for you to return so early?"

Whilst smiling, Velt began to pour all the Ores out onto a wooden table in separate piles leaving almost no room left on the table.

"Oho, you certainly got more than I thought you would, and by the looks of it, that wasn't the only benefit you two came back with... seems like you've had a bit of a power up too haha!" He said merrily.

"We certainly have, although we encountered some fiendish Kobolds in the Mines and even a bigger Kobold known as the Giant Kobold, we successfully killed them all off before making our way around the mine to gather the ores you requested." Velt replied with a curt and gentle smile.

It was only for around a second or so, but Velt could notice a slight fluctuation in Belek's expression when he heard of there being a Giant Kobold, it seems like there wasn't suppose to be one there, perhaps?

"...Well, at least you both survived and came back safely, well, this is certainly enough ores and you even managed to secure more than what you needed... I suppose I had best give you some form of reward hahaha!" Belek said whilst changing his expression back to his grin.

"Oh? I thought we received the reward from the Adventurers Guild?" Lilith asks with her head tilted to the side and a confused expression making her look rather cute.

Hearing this, Belek and the other Blacksmiths burst out in a fit of laughter leaving a very embarrassed Lilith standing there gripping away at her skirt. She looked towards Velt to see his expression, however, ended up becoming even more embarrassed when she noticed his seemingly handsome grin.

It had to be known that Velt was in fact a very handsome fellow in the eyes of most people, with his usual silky black hair now having strands of delicate pure white running through it. Deep silver eyes that appeared to encompass a world of their own within, a fair face with no wrinkles or other deformities left him with a rather outstanding appearance. His tall height of 6"4 which stood straight seemingly piercing through the heavens like a spear, you certainly wouldn't be able to neglect taking a second look.

"It's true that they give you the reward for us, however, since you brought us extra ores and also did a good job with the mining, we would naturally make an exception and give you some rewards of our own." Belek said in a happy tone.

Belek turned around to go into the back of the store and after a few minutes came back in before lumping some different kinds of ores across a different table.

"I'm thinking of making you both weapons, looking at the ones you have on you currently, I don't think it'll last long and won't be of too much assistance for long either haha!" Belek said with a hearty laugh.

It's true, we certainly could do with an upgrade in weapons and armour, I guess the armour will have to wait until we can afford it though..

"We should have enough to make you both weapons here with this spare ore that we had, are you fine with a spear and two daggers like you've been using?" Belek asks whilst alternating between Velt and Lilith and glancing towards their current weapons.

"I was thinking that whilst the spear is very suitable for me in terms of range and length, I think it doesn't have the best power in slashing compared to piercing... do you think you could modify it a bit to where the tip would be sharper and a bit more curved? also if possible making the shaft a few times heavier so I can put more force into it would be very nice if possible" Velt said with a very thoughtful look before changing over to a slight smile.

"Hmmm... we should be able to do that" Belek says before promptly turning to what seemed like another blacksmith and telling him the idea whilst the other blacksmith began drawing some kind of picture. "Now, what about you, missy?" He says whilst turning his head and glancing to the still slightly embarrassed Lilith.

Lilith looks towards Velt whilst the latter gives a short nod with a smile and the former steps forward upon seeing this, I think I would like to try making the daggers a bit longer, something like short swords, if possible, can you adjust them so that one is slightly longer than the other?" Lilith says with a beaming smile.

"Oho, so you want to try alternating between medium to short ranged attacks do you? umu, if you can pull it off and successfully master such an art, you would become very strong and outstanding even amongst others, haha! okay, we got it! we should be able to make these for the both of you."

Belek says once more whilst turning towards the other blacksmiths and promptly began to draw some different kinds of designs before showing them to Velt and Lilith so as to gain their approval.

"Mhm, these look perfect for what we need currently" Velt and Lilith replied with smiles.

"Aha! that's all good then, these should be done by tomorrow, if you come back around afternoon tomorrow, it should be done and ready for you!" Belek says with a wide grin.

After that, Velt and Lilith said their thank yous and farewells to all the Blacksmiths and proceeded to make their way back towards the Adventurers Guild so as to hand in the Quest and get the completion.


[Authors Note:]

As i'm sure most of you have noticed, these chapters are getting a lot less recently... almost to the point of none at all. I promise that I won't drop this novel, however, I've currently got too much on my hands with work and family business so I hope you can understand as to why. I will try to write these as and when I can but it's hard to find the time to do so currently, and that's especially so considering this is a free-time activity of mine and I make no money from it. I'll admit that i'm working hard to get money currently hence why this isn't the first thing on my mind or even the second right now.


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