Parallel World
21 Chapter 21: New Heights
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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21 Chapter 21: New Heights

The last Kobold had realized it would be futile to try and fight with the bow so instead decided to change out for it's small dagger and moved to engage Lilith whilst letting out another shrill almost like a cry for help.

Lilith used the momentum she had built up from running to pierce forward at incredible speeds leaving the Kobold somewhat flustered as he moved to intercept the dagger that seemed like it could penetrate anything.

The Kobold successfully managed to push Liliths dagger away using it's own, however, it had failed to notice the other dagger in Lilith's right hand which ripped across the Kobolds neck leaving blood spurting all across her. Lilith stabbed down through the Kobolds chest once more for safety measure and successfully secured the last kill.

"Velt! we did it!!" she said with a very happy smile across her face, however, when she looked towards him she realized he was bleeding profusely from his right shoulder and his left hip leaving him kneeling down using his spear to hold himself up.

Lilith was about to run towards Velt to check on him and make sure he was okay when Velt shouted as loud as he could, "LILITH, BEHIND YOU!! DODGE!!!!" Lilith's eyes widened in shock at the response and pushed her feet as fast as she could to try and dodge but before she knew it, she was already clasped onto with an iron like grasp... she squinted her eyes and yelled in sheer pain and agony.

Velt looked towards the 'thing' that had grabbed her and saw it was a bigger version of the previous Kobolds.

Velt's head began to whirl as he saw Lilith being crushed in the Giant Kobolds grasp and had a sudden lapse of the continuous memories he had made with this girl... it made him truly infuriated seeing the Kobold squeezing the life out of Lilith's small soft body.

The rage within him grew so much as he began to force his body to move and listen to him. All the blood in his body seemed to boil at the sight he was currently witnessing, he clenched onto his Spear as hard as he could.

In his sheer rage, he had failed to notice the System had been pinging him with constant notifications, none of that mattered to him currently... all he willed for was his body to move forward and destroy that filthy shit currently holding Lilith captive.

Lilith heard a sound similar to a boom that echoed throughout the mine, by the time she noticed, she was falling down. She was still in too much pain to fully realize what was going on.

Lilith fell quite hard against the ground and seemingly passed out just after seeing a glimpse of Velt covered in white ripples, his entire presence appeared divine, his hair was the purest white with his eyes being an overwhelmingly bright gold.

The last thing she saw before passing out was the Kobold screaming at his missing arm and Velt being incomprehensibly tranquil, almost like the calm before a storm.

'Please... be okay....Velt..' was her last thought as she faded into the black abyss.

Velt not having felt the changes that were currently happening due to his sheer focus on the disgusting shithead of a monster in front of him proceeded forward once more and thrust his spear with his indomitable will causing the Kobold to shriek getting frightened at the sight. Velt subtly pierced off another arm before rotating his whole body in a swinging motion, slashing the Giant Kobolds head off.

Velt continued to stare at the Giant Kobolds body a little bit longer before closing his eyes. After he did so, it appeared as though his aura changed back as well as his appearance.

Velt seemingly being drained of his strength, sat down on the cold hard stone floor of the Mines and tended to his wounds slightly by using a Shard of Vitality Rank G. Although it failed to close up his wounds, it did at least temporarily stop the bleeding which allowed him to check on the condition of Lilith by crawling his way over on all fours.

He gently propped her up against his body to support her weight.

I wonder if a shard of vitality will also help her mentality...

Velt proceeded to use another Shard of Vitality on her, luckily despite getting grasped in the Kobolds hands, she managed to avoid sustaining any serious injuries, she did however seem to have a few bone fractures along her arms.

Hmmmm.... looks like the shard of vitality being at rank h won't help too much right now... perhaps I should try to upgrade them?

and with that thought, Velt proceeded to place the shards of vitality he had gathered thus far together and counted them to be 17 rank h ones.

If it requires 2 rank h ones to make a rank g... I should be able to get 8 rank g ones and then be able to turn them into 4 rank f shard of vitalities. I wonder if I can go further and make them into 2 rank e ones..?

He lumped them together and began the 'upgrading' process which didn't actually take that long each time, only around 10 seconds per one since they were such low ranks. After gathering all the rank g shards, he did the exact same process again and made them into rank f shards which roughly took around a minute each.

After some minutes, Velt looked at the Shard of Vitality Rank F shards in his hand and noted they had not only grown in size slightly in terms of length, but also seemed to glow a bit brighter too.

System, can I use these Rank F shards to make Rank E ones currently?

[Host currently has 4 Shard of Vitality Rank F, if Host would like to further them to Rank E, Host needs to use 3 Rank F Shards instead of the initial 2 as it requires more energy.]

[[Item - Shard of Vitality - Rank F]

[Item Effects: Regenerates small wounds]

[Using 3 Shard of Vitality - Rank F will upgrade it to a Shard of Vitality - Rank E]]

I see, what do I gain from turning 3 of them into 1 Rank E Shard?

[[Item - Shard of Vitality - Rank E]

[Item Effects: Regenerates gash wounds | Calms the User | Speeds up overall healing process | Regenerates Smaller Fractures]

[Using 4 Shard of Vitality - Rank H will upgrade it to a Shard of Vitality - Rank D]

W-wow... that's quite the difference..

[Certainly, Host, after all once the Shards get to Rank E, they each begin to take on a qualitative difference.]

I can't imagine the effects of an S ranked one or higher then. Surely that'd just be broken?

Velt decided it was worth it to make a Rank E Shard and thus started the upgrading process, luckily he still had a Rank F one in case so he wouldn't be too bad off. The whole process took around 30 minutes just for the 1 Shard this time and Velt could see how much of a difference there was with that.

He could hear Lilith groaning around in his arms slightly now, it appeared as though she would wake up soon and so he decided to use the Shard now quickly. It's not that she needed to be asleep for it, but rather she would probably think it's a waste of such a precious shard to be used on her. Velt cracked open the glowing green shard and sprinkled the contents of dust across her body.

You could see Lilith's body radiating a small, dense, green and warming aura which encased her entirely. She didn't receive any outside wounds so Velt couldn't truly tell how well the shard was working on her, however, he did notice the expression on her face begin to alleviate slightly and thus smiled brightly.

Lilith opened her eyes as a thick glaze spread across and slowly opened like a cocoon, she could feel warmth radiating from all the pores in her body and noticed an even stronger heat coming from her back, she tried to look up and see where she was before noticed Velt's gentle smile beaming at her from above, except, extremely close, of course.

His smile certainly was quite the contrast compared to the scenery around them currently where Kobolds bodies were still strewn across the ground and an increasingly large puddle of blood coming from a slightly mangled larger Kobold being near them.


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