Parallel World
18 Chapter 18: Adventure!
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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18 Chapter 18: Adventure!

Once Velt had spent a few minutes looking around the Board for a suitable beginner quest, he found one he liked and decided to take it to one of the receptionists.

"U-ummm, Velt?" He heard a sweet feminine voice call out his name and promptly turn around to see who it was, "Ah, it's you Lilith, what's up?" Velt replied kindly.

"Well, you see, I was kind of wondering if it's okay for us to team up?" She said with her head slightly lowered and a hint of blush hidden on the tips of her ears. She most likely had remembered the event from earlier which in turn made Velt give a slightly awkward smile.

"Oh, yeah of course!" He said once more,

"I went and took a look and thought this was quite suitable, is this one okay with you?"

Velt handed over the Quest sheet for her to see.

Lilith took a look through the sheet and noted it was indeed a good choice for a first quest and decided to hand it back.

"Yeah, that looks good! will we be okay with just the two of us though?" She asked.

"I think so, we can ask the receptionist for the finer details on the quest" Velt replied whilst promptly turning around once again and making his way to the desk with Lilith in tow.

After queuing up for a few minutes, it was finally their turn. Velt and Lilith walked up to the desk which in return gained a greeting from the Receptionist, "Hello there, my name is Kyra, what can I help you with today?" She said with a bright, beaming curtly smile.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Velt and this person here besides me is Lilith" Velt replied whilst giving a slightly formal bow, "We've come with the intentions to get our first Quest today and was hoping you'd be able to provide us with some more thorough information for this Quest"

"Of course I can, may I see the Quest sheet?" Kyra replied whilst holding out a hand over the desk to which Velt simply handed the Quest sheet across.

After taking a minute to read through the Quest, she looked back towards the two, "Ah, this Quest, of course, if you would kindly follow me back here i'll tell you a little more information about the Quest without disturbing the other people who're waiting." She said whilst gesturing with her hand to one of the back rooms, we followed her through and notice almost simultaneously that another Receptionist had appeared just as she was leading us away.

Velt thought to himself that it made sense having so many workers considering it appeared to be such a thriving business. Kyra opened the door for them and they proceeded through into a more calm and composed room, it seemed this was a room for things such as negotiations, quest information and perhaps even trading on some occasions?

After we sat down across from Kyra, she picked up the Quest sheet once more and placed it on the table in between us, "So, the Quest you chose for your first one is to secure some metal ores for the local blacksmiths here. It certainly was a decent idea to choose this one due to being able to build some connections with the blacksmiths." Kyra said whilst nodding her head in approval.

"The only thing you should note is that due to the area the mines are in for the ore collection, there is a high chance that you could encounter the Kobolds along the way which could slightly set you back... well, it should be okay considering they generally only stay in very small packs, usually between 2-3 at any one place."

"Ah, if you don't mind me asking, I assume a 'Kobold' is another monster type, correct?" Velt asks in return.

"That's correct, oh, of course, how could I forget something so basic. You guys have just started after all, generally speaking I had assumed you had the knowledge due to being under Miss Seraphina's tutelage, I apologise." Kyra said whilst standing up and proceeding to sincerely bow.

"N-no it's completely fine Miss Kyra, please be at ease" Lilith says almost flustered.

After that, she proceeded to sit back down and explain once again,

"Well, usually speaking, we wouldn't give out the exact stats of the monster for free, but seeing how you both have just started and I had made a blunder on my end, I will personally provide you the information for the Kobolds today" Kyra said with a bright and calming smile.

"We would be very thankful" Velt replied whilst awkwardly scratching his head.

"If you would please excuse me for a second then, I shall retrieve the information now." Kyra said whilst making her way towards another room.

After a few minutes of Velt and Lilith idly chatting to pass time, Kyra came back into the room with a few sheets in hand and proceeded to sit down across from us once more whilst pushing the sheets towards us.

"Here are the information sheets on what the Kobolds are like" She said whilst presenting them curtly.

I took note that the information was very detailed and that they also had a very well drawn picture of what a Kobold looks like too as well as usual height, width and usual habits.


[Kobold - Rank G]


Strength: 35

Agility: 30

Fortitude: 35

Intelligence: 25

Reflex: 20

Luck: 0

Charm: 0

Spirit: 15


- Varies Low Tier Bow, Low Tier Sword, Low Tier Dagger

The Kobold has crimson coloured scales with a white skinned abdomen, has a similar face to a baby dragons with less defined features. Attack the area around it's neck or abdomen, scales are very hard to pierce however can be beaten with a blunt weapon if necessary.


"Thank you very much for the help, Miss Kyra" Velt said whilst formally bowing towards her with Lilith in tow.

"Hehe, no problem at all, I should probably tell you beforehand but as it says on the sheet, please be careful if you engage the Kobolds as their scales truly are rather hard to pierce through with standard weapons, always aim for the white patches on their skins!" Kyra said with a slightly confident and determined look on her face, almost as if cheering us on. "If you do happen to kill a Kobold, sometimes they'll drop their scales upon death. Of course, you could try harvesting them from their bodies too however it's not that easy to do so and would probably require you bringing back the body to the Guild for a Professional to extract the scales, they go for quite a lot of money too." Kyra said whilst slightly chuckling.

After Kyra had tended to us, we made our way back into the Main hall where a lot of the group were still looking around and taking everything in. I noticed Sera looking towards us so we made our way over to her.

"Did you manage to sort out your first Quest Velt?" Sera asks.

"Yeah, I got one to extract some ores for the blacksmiths and potentially fight some Kobolds whilst we're at it, me and Lilith have decided to team up for it too" Velt said in return with a slight smile.

"We were just thinking about going to the Blacksmiths to get some information on the kind of ores they'd like us to extract." He said once more.

"Ah, yes, that's a good idea. Just be careful of the Kobolds as their stats should be slightly higher than the both of yours in some places still, right?"

"Yeah, I believe their Power and Fortitude are a bit higher than ours, but thankfully their reflexes and agility aren't all that high either." Velt said whilst thinking about the Stat comparison once more and wondering if it'll really be okay.

Sera smiled slightly and realized it had practically come to the time where he wouldn't see them again for a while, it was very true if you heard someone say she doted on Velt and Lilith a lot, especially Velt, of course... not that I am going to explain that. Of course with that, came the worry that she may never see them again after this.

Although Sera wasn't actually showing it on her face, Velt could still easily surmise that she was worried for them which made him very thankful and happy inside.

"Don't worry so much Ser-Miss Seraphina, I promise you that the both of us shall return completely fine" Velt said with the brightest and calmest smile he could.

Seeing this smile calmed the nerves of both Sera and Lilith, in turn genuinely making them both blush slightly. (Is this the Charm stat coming into play?! or is it his natural prowess >.>)

"Good, make sure once you've finished the Quest and found a place to settle that you come to visit me, okay? don't make me have to send out a search party for you on your first Quest" She said whilst beaming back an equally bright and soothing smile hoping it'd make the both of them feel better.

Velt and Lilith caught onto the intention, in different ways of course, however, still smiled back and made their way out.

"We'll be back Miss Seraphina" Lilith and Velt said in unison at the entrance whilst making their way out. Sera watched as their backs trailed away outside and couldn't help but worry, but when she thought of that naturally charismatic smile on Velts face earlier, she began to feel more confident and decided to give it her best today too.

Velt and Lilith began walking down the main street once again whilst realizing they'd made a somewhat vital mistake.... they never asked where the Smithy actually was.. and with that they 'set' off for their first Quest!!!.... Finding the Blacksmiths comes first though!


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