Parallel World
17 Chapter 17: Adventurer?
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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17 Chapter 17: Adventurer?

Velt noted how thriving this area of the Empire was, originally he had assumed that even if there was so many people, it'd be because they were spread out across the long span of land, however, looking again he noticed just how densely packed it was even in an area near the Gate.

Just after entering the Empire, Sera allowed the others to take the scenery in for a short while before proceeding to give them instructions again. "As you all can see, it's a very big area which in turn makes it easy to get lost, i'll do my best to explain where most of the more common buildings are and their functions however, you still should take the time to ask around and gather information about the Empire and where you can find the less commonly known yet needed things."

"First things first, i'll lead you all to the Adventurers Guild, as noted before, all of you naturally don't have any kind of money on you which will make you incapable of surviving even a night here. Once you get your Adventurers information printed onto your card, you'll be able to go over the many missions ranging from extremely easy to harder ones which will grant you money for a short while. Whilst you can take these missions alone, I would recommend sticking in the groups you're use to for now as there could be hidden dangers at every corner, and be sure to ask the receptionists about the quest as they could provide some useful, life saving information dependent on the situation." Sera said with a more serious face than usual.

Velt thought of how kind she was to take the time out of her day to explain even the most basic of things and felt very thankful. Of course, you had to excuse the exception that we genuinely don't know anything and can do with all the information we can get to stay alive longer.

After the brief explanation, Sera began leading them down what seemed like a main street of sorts, after around an hour of traveling on foot, they made it to a gigantic over-towering building that stood out significantly from the rest, it had a simple yet polished crest resting on a sign at the front with a shimmering silver sword laying atop an obsidian coloured stone and gentle yet elegant wings spread far and wide in the background.

Velt began to feel a form of adrenaline simply coursing it's way through his veins when he saw this slightly outdated yet refined building standing tall as if proud of it's very presence. He had to acknowledge they did a very good job in marketing such a thing, making it so people wanted to take a look and see what it's all about.

They proceeded to enter through the two main polished oak doors into what seemed like a grandiose reception area. Generally speaking, it was actually pretty hard for all of us to make it in due to the amount of people constantly making their way in and out of said building.

Velt was really curious to see what set the Adventurer's Guild and the System itself apart, after all, you could receive Quests from both so maybe they're more deeply tied together than he originally thought.

Sera proceeded to bring us towards the main desk before talking to the receptionist in a somewhat formal manner, of course, her presence alone caused enough of a ruckus however you could still see a hint of acknowledgement in Sera's eyes for the Guild. After a couple of minutes waiting, we was each asked to give our Cards to the separate receptionists before formally bowing and making their way into a back room, naturally there was still receptionists on the 'tills' of course.

We spent a few minutes looking around the actual Guild itself noting there was a few separate areas such as a bar to the side, with plenty of fierce looking Adventurers drinking away despite it being merely lunch-time here. There was also the massive board with what seemed like hundred of different papers stuck to it all outlining basic information on various different kinds of Quests.

Whilst Velt skimmed over the Quests on the board, he also noticed a particular one with a Dark Dragon shaped figure marked as an A ranked mission.

His eyes nearly popped out when he realized that such a terrifying looking being was merely an A ranked one, they stated information basic as such saying it was around the size of the Guild building itself (you can think of it as somewhere around 10 stories tall in height disregarding the sheer length of it too naturally.)

Around half an hour later, the people came trotting back out into the main hall with several Cards stacked in their hands before promptly calling each of us over individually and providing us with a basic explanation of how the Guild works, it's ranking system and how to accept a quest.

Once Velt received his Card back from the kind receptionist, he noticed how at the bottom in the blank area, it was now filled out with his Adventurers Guild information like so:

[Adventurer - Rank H]

[Guild Points - 0]

[Active Quests - 0]

After taking a look at the card, Velt noted how they seemed to keep track with how many Quests he was currently doing, perhaps in case someone abandons a quest and they would be able to tell how long it had been active for and give out the required punishment. He also noted how there was a thing called Guild Points, perhaps that was a special kind of currency used in the Guild to buy things or perhaps they were to note how much Contribution you've made through doing Quests.

Velt promptly asked Sera about it and informed him it was the latter, a way of keeping track on your progress in a bit more of a precise way if you will.

'I wonder what kind of Quest I should choose to do first', and with that thought, he made his way back over to the Quests board to take a look once more.


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