Parallel World
16 Chapter 16: Dromanov Empire, Arrival! 2
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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16 Chapter 16: Dromanov Empire, Arrival! 2

Lilith was going to make an attempt to move from Velts arms when she realized just how sickening the rift travel actually was, though not even a second went by. She truly felt out of it currently and was rather happy with just resting in Velts arms in order to recover from the subtle yet irritating nauseous feeling that kept coming back.

"U-ummm, Lilith, just take a deep breath and force it all back down... that should help a bit." Velt said with a slight smile.

Generally speaking, he wasn't actually feeling the best himself and was still somewhat adapting however the current situation left him in a slightly better state. Having said that, Velt patted her head once whilst glancing towards the other side of the rift and seeing people also starting to make their way through. He moved with her cradled in his arms to the side so as to let them through.

Ahhhh, as I thought... that truly wasn't a nice feeling. I don't even want to experience that again. Hopefully it gets better the more you get use to it otherwise i'll just forget the idea of trying to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Within a few minutes, all of our group had passed through and Sera was just closing up the rift once more. Ahh... of course, I should also mention the terrible state that people were currently in, and it seemed as though I was along the right lines as Sera didn't seem to feel any change from going through the 'rift'.

Sera having closed the rift, took a small breath and sighed slightly. She perked up once more to glance at the group currently either laying on the ground almost kissing it or with their head hung between their legs almost as if they have some kind of severe problem. Sera chuckled slightly thinking yes, this is just about how I thought it would be. Her eyes once more scanned towards a certain corner, her eyes widened slightly whilst a small grin formed across her face almost devilishly.

Sera made her way over to that certain corner.

"Cough cough, having a fun time there are we?" Sera said, "to think you two would still be embracing each other even now, it's already been a few minutes you know?" she said once more whilst chuckling slightly not knowing of the slight off beat in her heart.

"A-ahh! I-i forgot, S-sorry Velt!!" Lilith said whilst making her way slowly out of his arms, umu, she didn't seem that sorry looking at how long it took her to get out of those arms.

"Haha, don't worry about it" Velt responded whilst looking towards the sky and scratching his head slightly.

Lilith's face now dyed in even more blush and looking down whilst fiddling with her skirt looked insanely cute, but well, I won't tell her that.

Sera looked towards Velt in particular and noted how he seemed to be almost unaffected by the rifts tear and the forceful suction which leaves you feeling exasperated and hung dry. She wondered if he had any kind of affinity towards Spacial movement and thought of just how strong he would be in the future if he could master such a helpful ability. Sera then moved back to the front of the group.

By now it had already been a while and everyones conditions had picked up slightly to where they could actually stand up. Sera took note of that and decided it was time for them to move forwards.

The group was currently in a small field like area with a few trees dotted around, it was really quite the view and had a peaceful atmosphere to it compared to the island.

Velt looked around and noted just how beautiful it was, just beyond some of the trees he could see a towering concrete wall which looked somewhat majestic and yet never ending. (A/n: almost like the Great Wall of China)

They began to make their way through a small dirt path leading towards the towering wall with something similar to a gigantic gate placed in the middle of it. If someone looked from side to side at the gate, they would notice that you couldn't actually see the end of this wall and just how far it goes is unknown unless you kept walking alongside it.

Velt's eyes opened wide when he realized just how tall this wall stood. He looked specifically towards the bottom area of the gate and noted just how many Guards there was standing alongside the gate and along the top of the wall too. It truly is a big nation, he thought.

The group got ready to line up in the queue so they could enter when Sera stopped us and lead us to a side gate where a few of the other Guards were standing, the second they saw Seraphina, their backs flew up straight and looked ready to receive her every command.

Sera went over to talk with one of the Guards which looked to be the Captain or at least a higher ranking Guard than the rest and seemingly explained our situation to them which in turn led to us being allowed in through the side gate into a rather large room with plenty of Guards sitting inside checking up on documents, almost like an office if you will.

She then split our group up and we had to talk to a Guard separately, incidentally this was the way for us to get our Identities confirmed and have a small rectangular card made for us. Turns out the person performing my check was actually the Captain of the Guards at this gate, he simply did a small check on my information, used some form of device to take a precise picture of my face and then printed it on a small card. It was a pitch black card with a patch left free at the bottom which they explained to us was for our Adventurers Guild placement if we ever decided to join.

After all of us had finished getting our cards, they used some kind of circular orb to check on whether we were a wanted criminal or not, it turns out that you can actually get bad titles too if you do too many bad deeds which in turn leads to you being a criminal and being prohibited access into the Empire. I guess this is to get rid of potential trouble before it comes.

We had then finally stepped into the Empire, Velt looked around and simply thought how wonderful it looked, the buildings towered high and looked incredibly prosperous.


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