Parallel World
15 Chapter 15: Dromanov Empire, Arrival!
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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15 Chapter 15: Dromanov Empire, Arrival!

It was about time to leave, we had all packed some basic gear we had in our camps and gathered our loot from all the hunting we had been doing previously and then proceeded to make our way back to our instructors.

The Encampment was especially energetic today, no one was standing idle.

I guess that just goes to show how much of an effect relying on someone and getting comfortable can have.

Velt having packed all of his gear and loot previously had a much easier time, arriving a few paces faster than the others, that includes Lilith too, naturally.

'Hmmmm, I wonder what kind of age the civilization will be in. I'm also curious if it differentiates across the world, since there is so much land mass surely some places must be much more advanced than others..?' Velt thought to himself.

Generally speaking, this encampment of ours has been very rural with not much in terms of technology. Then again, I remember in a previous conversation with Orion he had something along the lines of there being this thing called 'Magic'? he showed us once and honestly it set off all my alarms in terms of frightening yet excitingly powerful... like honestly, who wouldn't want the ability to shoot different elements out of their hand and attack at a longer range. However, I also learned that there is a major drawback with being a Magic wielder... apparently not only is Magic something that only around 5% of the people in this world have, but it also leaves the wielder with an exponentially weaker body and physical speed/reflexes due to the 'magicules' in their body running rampant in the places where muscles should be. Basically, whilst Magic wielders can be exceptionally strong from a range, the second they get into close range combat... they'd be about as useful as your Average Human living on Sentia. Anyway, going back to what I was saying originally, Orion had also said how there is some very powerful Magic Ruins around the world too which're supposedly much more advanced and use materials that even they have never seen before compared to what this world holds currently.

Finally, the time has come. Everyone within Miss Seraphina's group had lined up behind her with all their equipment and loot.

I shot Sera and Lilith a glance before looking back at Sera again to witness her opening some form of crack..? umu, i'm not quite sure how to word it? something like a rift... or a gate perhaps?

Velt instinctively leaned in closer, whilst the rift wasn't too big, he could still see another set of scenery through it, his eyes opened wider at the thought of having such an incredible way to travel.

I mean seriously, come on, who wouldn't want that? the power to open a rift and simply travel to anywhere you want?!. *Cough* but then again, that isn't to say that there must be some drawbacks, otherwise it truly would be a tyrant ability.

"Right, is everyone prepared to go?" Sera said whilst glancing at everyone amongst the group and then continued again, "Good, it looks like you're all prepared and eager to go. Remember, you must stay in the group and not leave until we get your Identity forms sorted out... otherwise it would cause a lot of trouble for you and me. Remember this is a Big Empire, a lot bigger compared to what you've ever seen before (nothing yet :P) hence you must tred carefully so as to avoid the truly stronger people here." She said whilst glancing around once more.

And with that being said, we started to shuffle our way into the 'rift' honestly speaking, I was rather worried at first and curious as to what would happen if it suddenly closed or perhaps if it suddenly changed locations... b-but well, Sera said it'll be fine so.... Let's go!

Since I was the first in line, I decided to man up and go straight ahead so that I can make the people in our group worry a little less. I slowly sink my body into the 'rift' and honestly speaking... it's a very nauseating feeling... no really, I want to be sick. F-finally... fuck me, that really didn't feel nice.

Velt kneels on the floor in order to gasp for some air, whilst doing so he swallows back the churning in his stomach, takes a deep breath and stands up once more to look at the situation around him.

"W-wow..... this scenery is something else!" He says.

I take a look back at the rift and see Lilith pumping herself up in order to not be as frightened by the thoughts that're most likely invading her brain currently, as she can also see me too, I decide to wave my hand and give her a big smile whilst also holding out a hand just at the edge of the rift for her to grab.

Lilith becomes a bit more mentally stable after seeing Velt looking fine and holding out his hand with that wondrous smile of his, she takes a deep breath before reaching out her hand towards his, it felt so close yet so far... but then again he should be really far away.. right? Her hand slowly gets sucked into the 'rift', her feelings spiked back up once more slightly, however, once she feels the warmth for Velts hand, her emotions calm down again and he quickly but subtly pulls her through to where he is. As she was being pulled through, she accidentally hit a small rock on the other side of the rift and fell straight into Velts arms.

Blush slowly started to form right up to her ears as she relished in his smell and warmth, but, well... only she knows that though. She got so caught up in her emotions that she actually forgot the nauseating feeling that was currently attempting to drag her down almost as if to say 'She's mine, not yours!'.

When Velt felt the little bundle of warmth fall into his arms, he slightly blushed before checking if she was actually okay. He didn't attempt to push her away and instead left her like that until she felt better.


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