Parallel World
14 Chapter 14: Future Plans
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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14 Chapter 14: Future Plans

"So, is this Dromanov Empire a highly populated nation?" I asked

"Ah, yes, I guess you could say so... in total we average around 50 million population across the span of about 11 million km² of area." Sera says with a peculiar expression.

Eleven million km²..... wow. Yeah, that's simply all I have to say... Wow. People in this world must have a lot of land free... or maybe it's saved for big buildings and Noble's areas? either way... they certainly have quite the mass of land.

After that, Sera went on to explain how things would work out from now on. By the sounds of it, we'll all be going as groups with our respective Instructors, hence, me and Lilith will be going to the Dromanov Empire first as well as the other groups under her supervision. Oh right, I found out something really cool too! it turns out there is this thing called an Adventurers Guild where you can take on Quests from the Branch and supposedly, you'd not only get rewards from the System, but also the Guild themselves! Naturally the Guild has a ranking system that you must abide by, everything is ranked in this world after all. If I remembered correctly, she said the ranking was from

H - A and then the top of the top being S, SS and SSS e.g. the true monsters of this world. I was rather surprised when Sera said she was only a B rank... honestly speaking, she seems like a monster herself with that ridiculous speed and tyrannical overbearing strength of hers.. ah, don't tell her I said that though... please.

Since Sera will have her duties to fulfill, we wont be able to rely on her to help us all the time, hence why they decided this training camp in the first place. Not only can they boost the Human forces this way, but they can also gain followers and helpers in the near or far future. Naturally, there is no guarantee that all of us will survive, hell, all of us could die by being targeted but that isn't too likely to happen... after all if you was to put us on the ranking ladder right now, we'd all most definitely be between H and G at most, who would even take the time out of their day to kill us off on purpose.

So, it turns out with them doing it this way, we'll all be going to different civilizations across this world and have to rely mostly upon ourselves to survive and get stronger. Whilst speaking of all this, I've actually already thought of my next course of action... I intend to split from our other groups and go solo... it's not like i'm saying that cause the others are weak or because i'm too arrogant, it's simply because I feel it'll be the most efficient method with adapting to this world as quickly as possible. Well, I still feel bad at having the thought since Lilith might get sad and the only reason that no one is acting up currently in our camp is due to the instructors... I have already come to realize that a few people here don't like me, i'm going by the assumption that it's most likely due to Orion and Sera doting on me and Lilith a lot or just generally spending more time helping us which in turn is understandable. If it's a chance to truly live life once more, i'm going to take all the help I can get and push forward to becoming the strongest human being... well, maybe that's a little too high but who can't have dreams?.

When we get to the capital, we will be seeing a hell of a lot more humans, other races, monsters and well basically everything. Sera being the nice person that she is, gave me and Lilith both a silver token engraved with a griffin enshrouded in a whirlwind. Naturally its to do with their family but she didn't truly explain what it can do but just told us that it'll make our life easier when we need to prove our identities anyway in Dromanov Empire.

And with that, the night came to an end...

The next morning, we were all rounded up after our early training session and some swift breakfast rations. The Instructors all began to stand upon the podium once more, I'm sure many of us already had a vague idea what was coming but me and Lilith were told last night too.

"Ahum, Hello again everyone. Over the course of the last month or so, you've all made a lot of progress in order to better yourselves in this world, some have done especially well too. You will be rewarded depending on the hard work that you put into it after all." Orion said, "I believe you've all had a feint idea of what's to come, however, now is the time i'm afraid to say. It's time for all of you to go out into the world and truly begin to live your lives." by this point, I could already sense that some people were starting to kick up a fuss but it's granted that some would throw slurs and give the slight of mouth quietly, they didn't truly speak out though as it simply wasn't outrageous... they all understood too well how much help they had been given, honestly, it was to the level of us being pampered really.

"However, worry not. No one will get dropped into the wild with a weapon and rations and told to survive alone, you should all stick with the groups that you've worked with over the last month and protect each other. Each of the 9 Instructors e.g. us have all taken care of a hundred each, now, there has certainly been some deaths here and there but try not to be discouraged... death is something you'll have to get use to seeing in this world, it's a very frequent thing after all. Even the slightest of disputes could lead to a death so please be careful of who you offend, even if you're in the right.. sometimes you must adapt and improvise on the spot to avoid true danger." Orion says again with a slight look of desperation on his face, this clearly meant something to him. "With the Instructor you were assigned, you shall all go to the different Empires, Nations and Sects across the world... you won't be able to receive abundant amounts of help from your instructors, after all nothing is free in this world... but you should be capable of bettering yourselves as long as you keep pushing forward, Never Give Up." He says with a very serious expression.

'Ahh.... it's time!' I thought.


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