Parallel World
13 Chapter 13: Death
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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13 Chapter 13: Death

It was recently found out that our teammates had in fact been... eaten, by the Greater Bear.. they managed to track the bear down and kill it but, well, it's still not a nice thought. We didn't know them all that well since no one remembers anything but even so... I remember when we found out, I saw Lilith crying a bit, I managed to settle her down as we grieved over our teammate's death but we've come to being only a 2 man team now. Instead of joining another team, we decided to stick it out alone but I've realized recently that we have had someone watching over us each time we go into the forest... I personally think it's Seraphina worrying about our safety but i'm not too sure.

It's been 4 weeks since we came here now, and we've been hunting a lot less often than we use to. The only major change we've seen is the introduction to some beginner weapons, we had the choice of course and I ended up choosing a Spear, honestly speaking, I was intending to go for a sword but when I take a look at my Stats and the way I handle things in combat, I believe a Spear should do the job for now. Lilith ended up going with 2 daggers, almost like a rogue if you will. When I asked what Seraphina uses, she pulled out a rather menacing Saber which looked like you'd get cut just by being near it.

In the general scheme of things, our Stats have been raising very well recently. Me and Lilith have now made it over the threshold required for unlocking the Shop, albeit not being able to buy a lot in their currently. We was gifted a starting set of very plain leather armour, the only thing I could think when I saw it was whether it was actually able to protect us but well, at least it covered our vitals so all is well.

Oh right, I suppose you're curious about my Stats right?

System, Stats.


[Updated: Statistics]

Strength: 27 +4 ↑

Agility: 27 +3 ↑

Fortitude: 25 ↑

Intelligence: 36 ↑

Reflex: 28 ↑

Luck: 9 ↑

Charm: 8 ↑

Spirit: 30 ↑


Basic Spear [Strength +4 Agility +3]


- Determined [Spirit +6 | Intelligence + 6]

- Focused [Intelligence +4 | Luck +1 | Charm +1 | Spirit +6]

- Strong Will [+2 Spirit | +2 Luck | +2 Reflex]

As you can see, my Stats have been progressing rather nicely, at least I'd say so... Oh! Right, if you're wondering how I got that Title, it's quite simple really, it's the bonus title I got previously with my Determined Title. I finally managed to get my Determined Title to level 2 after constantly doing the requirement. Oh, if you don't quite remember, this is what it was for.

[Determined: (Current Mastery: Lvl 2 15/200 EXP)

Mastery Lvl 3 Grants:

+6 To all Stats

Bonus Tree Unlock - Willpower (+6 Spirit | +6 Reflex | +2 Charm)

Description: Being Determined will always keep you one step ahead of the game.]

[Mastery of the Title: Determined can be gained by constantly pushing past your limits.]]

That is also the reason I had a substantial increase in all my Stats! +4 to all Stats seems slightly broken... but when I think about that being the reason why I just barely make it to an Average Male Prime in Sentia... well, it doesn't feel as OP anymore. Either way, I'm still happy that I got a boost of sorts. And now! This is what you've all been waiting for... or maybe it's just me? but either way! I should be able to go out into the world alone now! To be honest, I haven't told the Instructors my Stats yet, I also haven't thought of asking them what theirs are. Well, judging by how they handle themselves, they should be rather strong. I'm curious as to what there is in this world, I remember Orion telling us before how this world was practically a blood bath in comparison to our old world... but does that mean the world is also in ruin too? or is there just constantly death around every corner I wonder?

I was tending to our provisions when I noticed Seraphina making her way over to our part of the Encampment.

"Hello Velt, Lilith, how are you?" She says

"We're doing well thank you, and yourself?" I replied

"Of course, I have some news I'd like to talk to you both about...It's quite important too so can we speak privately?"

With that being said, we made our way into the tent.

We sat down on one side of the tent, Sera sat facing us on the opposite side with a serious look on her face "To be truthful to you, although i'm sure you've already had an idea of what'll happen soon. It's very true, soon you shall be thrown out into the world to fend for yourself, honestly speaking, although I shouldn't really say this but I want you two to survive... this camp is actually just a very small island doted on the map, the outside world is generally speaking a lot harsher in most areas. Naturally there is still civilization around everywhere but it's nothing compared to the population of monsters spread across the world..." She said with a gloomy look, "The last time we had a System wide announcement, the Monster count was around 80% of the world's population whilst the 20% consists of all the other races in the world... as for us humans, we take up a meager 4% of that 20%."

F-four percent... and 96% of the world contains the other races... just what have we gotten ourselves into.

"Wait Sera, going by that, does that also mean that this current world is a lot bigger than Earth itself?"

"That's correct, Sentia is roughly 40 times the size of Planet Earth." She says.

40?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? just how is one suppose to make their way across such a massive world?!... Clearly having noticed my... 'bizarre' facial expression of bewilderment, Sera promptly giggles a little at my clear disbelief.. hey... Sera, it's not just me currently freaking out ya know? have you seen Lilith's expression? yet you laugh at mine??? but, well, let's put that aside for now.

"We really must just be on a small island then..." I replied in utter dismay

"Yeah, we certainly are... this is just one of the many small islands along thousands more around the coastal areas of the world."

Going by that logic,

"I assume there must be bigger land areas around right?" I asked thoughtfully

"Yeah, of course, I also come from one of those countries. I'm from one known as Dromanov Empire. Sera says

"I remember hearing that you're something like Royalty over there...correct?" I asked in response.

"That's true... whilst i'm not quite Royalty, I'm from the Duke family of the Empire. My families name is Windsor, we're officially known as the Duke of Windsor Family of the Dromanov Empire." She replies earnestly and respectfully as a noble would.


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