Parallel World
12 Chapter 12: Moving Forward 3
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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12 Chapter 12: Moving Forward 3

(You might be thinking that it's going quite slow currently, and you'd be correct. I have this series going a little slower currently to get all the necessary and basic information about Sentia, the System and the way things will work from now on out of the way, I apologize that it's taking so long to pick up the pace however I hope you enjoy regardless as it won't be long now before he gets to go out and explore the world and the introduction of a few more characters should be soon too! thank you for your support!)


After the fight with the two Rabit's had ended, I decided to use the Shard of Vitality on my arm to heal the small scratch, all I had to do was snap the Shard above the wound and it'd apply the effect directly to said wound... honestly speaking, I never thought it would work so well! In truth the scratch didn't actually hurt so much and only caused a bit of blood to treacle, however, I wanted to see how the effects were and surprisingly, there isn't even a mark left now! all the pain has completely subsided too which is amazing, I also feel slightly relieved of my fatigue from that previous battle.

Just like a couple of hours ago when we got into our first fight, I also got the same mission again this time however instead of having basic information provided, it was a Shard of Vitality - Rank H and 1 Free Stat Point this time. It certainly is quite a good way of grinding your Stat points, naturally you have to risk your life to get the better gains however I think it was worth it and should help with building up my foundation stats as time goes by. This time I decided to apply the free stat point to my reflex in hope that i'll be able to react a bit quicker the next time i'm placed in such a situation.

I went towards the Rabit's and noticed another Shard of Vitality - Rank H on the floor alongside another item I haven't seen before, System, can you scan this item for me too?

[Of course, Host]

[[Material - Rabit Claw - Common]

[Can be used in Crafting]

Ahhh, okay, that makes sense. Well, I guess i'll keep a hold of this for now and ask Orion or Seraphina what I can craft with this later when I get back... Umu, I wonder if I should continue along or head back the previous way, I don't want to head too deep however I at least want to make some progress before the sun goes down tonight. In the end I decided to go a bit further and this time encountered a single Rabit by itself, I easily defeated that one which in return gave me another Shard of Vitality - Rank H and with that, I decided to call it quits for the day. Oh right, I forgot to mention, perhaps because it was only a single Rabit by itself, I didn't actually get a Quest for it which I can see being understandable as that'd just be giving out Stat points easily at every turn after all.

Well, the loot that dropped from the Rabit's themselves aren't too bad and can be rather convenient especially at our current stages hence it wasn't too bad of a choice. With that being said, I made my way back to the encampment.

When I got back to the encampment I noticed a lack of people, I assume it's from everyone either training or having started doing their Quests later in the day? either way it was rather peaceful on return, I scanned the area to find where Lilith, Orion and Seraphina were only to notice the rest of our group wasn't with them..

"Hey guys, I just got back" I said whilst making my way over

"Oh, welcome back Velt!" Lilith replies

"Have you guys seen the rest of our group?" I asked

"Well.. actually, we thought they'd be coming back with you..." Seraphina replies to me slightly confused.

"Hmmmm, have they come back at all since earlier?" I ask again

"No, we haven't seen them since we sent you all of this morning" Orion says

...This doesn't sound too good. Hopefully they're just exploring still or perhaps got a little lost but with it having been almost sundown, you'd think they'd make there way back over already.

"Don't worry about it now Velt, Lilith. We'll send a search party out and try to find any tracks of them, it's dangerous at night so you must stay here... at least for now, you're too weak for what comes out of the dark currently." Says Orion with a very pensive look on his face.

I guess monsters get stronger at night huh... Oh well, if they're sending out a search party, it should be okay.

After that, we headed back to our tent in the encampment and rested for a bit.

"Oh right, Lilith, I didn't get a chance to show you earlier did I.... some loot dropped from those Rabit's we fought earlier, here, use your system to detect them." I said whilst holding out the Shard and the Claw.

"What! I never knew things could drop from the monsters too, that's certainly helpful. This Shard in particular sounds helpful, I wondered where Orion got the Shard he used earlier on my leg but I guess this explains it." She said whilst thinking.

"Oho? do you happen to know which Rank the shard was that he used on you earlier?"

"I think he said it was an E ranked one?" Lilith said thoughtfully

Ah. yes. I've come to realize how cute she looks with that expression.

"That would make sense as the lower ranked ones can usually only heal smaller wounds after all" I replied.

And like this, another night passed.

Oh right, and you maybe wondering if anything happened between me and Lilith having been in the tent alone... no! it didn't okay!

Honestly speaking, nothing different really happened and that is where we get back to now. It's been over 3 days now and we still have no sign of our teammates... it's honestly like they just vanished, I spoke to Orion about it before and he's said a few frighteningly suggestive things that he had on mind, perhaps they were kidnapped by another race, or killed out in the wild by the Greater Bear we was told about and then eaten completely... either way it's a bit saddening to know that they're gone whilst me and Lilith have to cope alone as a group. They was thinking about moving us into a different squad seeing as how there's only 2 of us currently, but Lilith and I was adamant to wait a little while longer despite knowing the inevitable which is they're most likely gone for good.

Since they decided it was somewhat dangerous around the area, we was only allowed to stick along the outer edge of the forest for our Quest and we went back to training as a way to continuously increase our Stats that little bit more. We overheard them talking a little while back about when our 'training camp' would come to an end, after all, they can't spend all their time doing this. We'll have to repay them in the future too in some way for their hospitality. I think they're planning to let us go once we reach the average prime person in Sentia, if so we should be more than capable by then to at least survive most basic situations. Well, we haven't met any other races yet, actually, we haven't met anyone else at all except from the group of Instructors so it's been kind of hard to adapt to every day life here.


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