Parallel World
10 Chapter 10: Moving Forward
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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10 Chapter 10: Moving Forward

(Authors Note: First things first, I'd like to apologize for not having truly introduced any of the side characters before now, however, i'm afraid the true reason would only spoil what's going to happen later on. Please be patient and read on :). )

It's now been a couple of days since I got my Quests function, honestly speaking it's been pretty easy to pick up quests along the way, as previously stated by the system, I only have to engage in certain activities or be near a situation to get one. Well, of course, I can also get them at random too.

My first quest actually turned out to be rather simple really, Going back to a few days ago..

Whilst I was in the middle of having a small break from our training just talking amongst ourselves and eating our fill, I noticed Seraphina and Orion making their way towards our group. I stood up to greet them as we usually would.

"Hello there again... Velt was it? I see your group has certainly been a step ahead recently... I was told you've already got your Quests function correct?" Orion said to me, almost as if I was delegated the role of being leader in our group... not that I remember that happening.

"Well, yes all the people in our group have unlocked the Quests" I replied

"Well i'll be.... you certainly are progressing rather quickly, not that that's bad. Since you've already gotten the function now and i'm sure you've all already taken a look into how to use it, I guess we should think about sending you on your first mission of sorts.." He said whilst contemplating.

"I suppose a simple one would be best at first, a low ranked one of course too." Seraphina said whilst talking to Orion, I was getting quite excited at this point, after all, who could truly devote their whole time to simply training when none of us have even been out into the world yet.

Seraphina and Orion started discussing what we would do as our first quest whilst I saw the similarly excited expressions on my teammates face's.

With that, we were sent on our first quest as a group, albeit a very simple one, it was mostly just searching the nearby forest. When we set off, we were already given the details of said forest, It was a small one that surrounded our encampment called Beakly Forest. This area was known to be rather docile and calm, hence why we was given permission to go on our own straight away.

According to Orion, the strongest 'monster' in this forest is the Great Brown Bear - Ranked Quasi-F.

Naturally we were told to avoid said monster if we notice it, even if it's only a 'Half' F ranked monster, we're still currently too weak to take it on after all.

As we made our way into the forest, we encountered our first set of 'monsters' , well, mah, really they were just...Rabbits?

System, can you show me that rabbits stats?

[I am currently unable to do that action, Host.]

Oh? is there a specific reason?

[Yes Host, each system is special in that it's built around its Host]

Ah... so you're saying that I can't see their stats because you don't have enough information on them?

[Correct Host, You can gather data on them by either processing the data from records, ancient tomes or you can alternatively gather the data by yourself]

Hmmmmm, it appears I won't be able to get the data with the former methods for now.. okay, how do I go about gathering the data myself?

[Simple Host, please engage in combat with said monster, that should be sufficient to build a basic archive on the current monsters stats.]

Sounds simple enough, although it could be risky engaging a monster of unknown strength, I doubt after training us for all that time that Orion would suddenly throw us into an impossible situation.

I turn my head to look at Lilith, perhaps having noticed someone gazing at her, she looks back and we nod our heads. Me and Lilith decide to engage the 'Rabbit' as we prepared our stances, we noticed there was a total of 3 Rabbits..

{Ding! Quest Received! - Defeat the Feral Rabits}

{Quest information - Kill the 3 Feral Rabits before you to gather data!}

{Quest Reward - Basic Information on Monster type - Rabit - Rank H + 2 Free Stat Points!}

Wow...! so this is what it's like to get a Quest! I feel slightly nostalgic seeing such a similar screen... Must have been from my old life.. I look towards Lilith and notice she also has a similar expression right now meaning she must have received the same quest. Ah... if you're curious as to where the other 3 members of our team went, they split off as a group decision to cover more ground, they should still be on the outer skirts of the forest most likely fighting too right now.

"Lilith, I'll try to distract the 2 on the right, could you deal with the one of the left whilst I bring the other 2 away?" I asked whilst ducking down next to her. We're crouched down in the bushes currently to avoid being instantly detected by the Rabits and then swarmed, better to be careful after all.

"Yeah, of course, but will you be fine handling two at once?" She asked slightly worried.

"I think it should be fine, I'll just try to distract them, if worse comes to worse we can just make a run for it." I said with a smile.

"Okay!" she said happily.

I move a bit to the right in hopes I can get a good angle on them and become curious of how to approach such a situation, as I was crouch walking through the bushes, I noticed a small stone at the sole of the shoe... Ah! of course!

I pick the stone up and aim it at the face of one of the Rabits, I threw the stone with all my strength, before the Rabit could react, the stone was already coming down on its face. I could hear the Rabit screech as it had clearly sustained some damage... Wow.. I didn't think I did that much damage already though, this is awesome! By now, the set of Rabits had already noticed me of course, however, with one of them being out of the loop due to getting knocked back by the sheer force behind that stone, I managed to settle for just one coming after me with the other being concussion-ed.

I look towards Lilith and noticed she has also started to engage her target with a sharp stick.

Yes! we can do this!... I think to myself, I ran straight towards the Rabit and decided to launch a full pelt kick at it. Luckily, with my strength being quite high, I had quite the boost in speed when I launched my leg towards it, sending the rabit flying backwards into a tree.

At this time the other Rabit is already back up but no where in my line of sight

Shit! I didn't think it'd get back up so quickly!

I scanned around the area with my eyes trying to discern where it had gone

"Lilith! WATCH OUT! BEHIND YOU!!!" I shouted whilst running over as fast as I could

Suddenly the Rabit jumps out from some bushes behind Lilith and pincer attacks her with the Rabit she was already fighting

she managed to dodge to the side just abouts however her reflex stat wasn't entirely able to keep up so she ended up being scratched right across her thigh leaving a deep gouging wound.

"AHHHHHH!!" She winced in pain

I finally made it to her and sent a chop flying towards the Rabit whilst it was still in mid-air, knocking it flying back into the earth. Quickly turning around to engage the last remaining Rabit, it glares at me but promptly tries to make a run for it, I grab the sharp stick from Lilith's hand and promptly stab it in the back, thanks to my slightly faster speed and reflexes, it was able to connect and left the rabit impaled into the ground.

The rabits body twitched for a bit before subtly dying in a pool of black blood.

I make my way over to Lilith and check if she's okay, placing my hand over her leg wound, luckily her veins didn't get hit so she avoided critical damage, well... it still hurt a lot for her of course.

"Are you okay Lilith? can you walk? I'm really really sorry for my stupid actions" I said earnestly

"A-ahhhh N-n-n-noooo Velt!! Put your head back up... it's fine!" She said whilst slightly blushing.

"Phew... I'm glad you're okay" I said whilst holding my hand over her wound so as to not lose too much blood. Of course, I could still hear her wincing in pain, however, that's how our first Quest went... it was (almost) a complete success!


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