Parallel World
9 Chapter 9: Base Foundations 2
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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9 Chapter 9: Base Foundations 2

{ First and foremost, I want to give a huge apology for the seemingly long delay between Chapter 8 and 9, in all honestly I had lost the motivation to continue and I struggled to find motivation to even think of picking this back up. I by no means wanted to drop this, so here we are with the next chapter, I apologize too as my grammar and punctuation will 100% be out of swing for a while, regardless I hope you enjoy.)

To be honest with you, I didn't expect that the weeks would go by so fast, of course, that's just most likely my perception as all we've been doing as of late is combat training and the like...

However..! Fear not! finally, we're able to do a bit more than the last time when I got my ass handed to me by Lilith! Yes! that's correct, I have finally made it!!!! *Cough cough* Ummm... so what I am saying is I've recently gotten two or more of my stats to 15, so with regards to that I am now capable of taking on some long-awaited quests!

Hmm... System, show my current Stats!

[[Certainly Host...]


Strength: 15 ↑

Agility: 13 ↑

Fortitude: 14 ↑

Intelligence: 18 ↑

Reflex: 13 ↑

Luck: 3 ↑

Charm: 4 ↑

Spirit: 18 ↑




- Determined [Spirit +2 | Intelligence + 2]

- Focused [Intelligence +4 | Luck +1 | Charm +1 | Spirit +6]



... ... .. .]]

Umu...That's right, we've been working really hard over the past few weeks... whilst I feel great to see my stats increase by such a large margin once again, I still don't feel like it's enough.. I've barely even reached the half way point of what your average joe here on Sentia is..


It was then that I noticed Lilith was behind me tapping my shoulder to catch my attention as I was drifting into my inner monologue like usual.

"Ah, uh, yes Lilith?" I replied nonchalantly

"Ah, umm don't be upset Vale... I'm sure we'll become stronger soon enough!" She said whilst making an action of pumping her fist in the air...Cute.

I didn't say that of course..

"Thank you, Lilith.... I'm sure we will" I said with a somewhat bright smile.

Seeing this, Lilith's face started to blush a little and she smiled back happily... Geez, this girl is too kind for her own good..honestly what am I gonna do with her. That Beauty title of hers is simply overpowering!! beyond broken I tell you!

Whilst we made our way back to our group, the system notifies me of my 'advancement' if you will.

[Congratulations Host! You have successfully reached the required amount of Stat points in order to unlock the Quests Function! Would you like to take a look?]

Ah.. Yes.

[Certainly Host,.. .. . I shall first explain how the Quests work]

[With Quests, as I stated previously, you may use them to unlock certain rewards such as materials, equipment, national grade treasures, experience for your titles, stat points and more. Quests work in a more objective manner, the way to get a quest can be completely random and is almost completely dependent on factors such as the Hosts statistics, Titles, Pets, Equipment and surrounding events.]

Ah... I see, so you're saying something like, if someone was getting hurt near me, I could possibly get a quest to help said person?

[That is along the correct lines Host.]

Umu.... so in any case, if I noticed a situation happening, could I thrust myself into said situation in order to get the Quest to appear?

[That is half-correct Host, Whilst you're correct in saying that you would get a Quest to perform in said situation, you would also bear the risk of getting a Quest too high for your current Stats.]

Oh.... that makes more sense, and are there any repercussions to taking a Quest too high for my Stats?

[Well, that would entirely depend on the Quest itself of course, however, please bear in mind Host, if you were to get one which asked you to face a currently higher leveled being, you may not be able to escape unscathed and could end up with some permanent damage... or even worse you could end up dead..]

Well... thank you, don't worry either, I don't intend to do said things... at least not now.

Anyway, it looks like i'll have to keep getting stronger in order to stay safe.

[Back to before Host, I'll now show you your Quest screen as previously requested... .. .


Available Quests:


Quests to complete:


Abandoned Quests:


Current Quest Rank: H ]]

As expected... I start at H and make my way up as I get stronger and more capable.

By now, me and Lilith have already made it back to our group where we end up talking for a bit about our current progress and how we're all fairing mentally. Typically speaking, I'd honestly say that our group is probably one of the most motivated within the groups under Sera... oh right, by Sera I mean Miss Seraphina... honestly speaking, she has been very pleased with our groups progress too and it turns out we're doing very well amongst all of the groups that're currently in training.

You might ask when I got so close with our instructor, well, me and Lilith have been doing exceptionally well amongst others even within our group we stand out. That is not to say that the others are rapidly increasing in strength too though.

"Velt, could you come over here for a bit?" I look to where that voice was coming from, of course it was Seraphina herself calling me over and with that I left my group and made my way over to where the Instructors were currently resting.

"Yes, is there anything I can do for you Miss Seraphina?" I said to her in a more formal tone, as a side note, whilst we've been here over these few weeks, we've picked up on speaking more formally and acting more prideful as part of our training too.

"How has your training been going recently V-velt?" she said whilst partially avoiding my eyes yet still talking in a somewhat composed manner, of course, the other reason I intend to speak so formally to her is merely as a tease, I've come to understand that she isn't all too fond of being spoken to in such as overly formal way, it also makes her somewhat embarrassed.

"I believe it's been going steady, ma'am, however I also think it's not enough yet..." I said whilst keeping a calm and composed yet somewhat bitter smile.

Seraphina having picked up on this says, "Velt, you don't need to focus so hard on pushing yourself so hard all the time... how're your stats looking currently?"

"Well, it's hard to say how well they're improving, however, I have recently just unlocked the Quests function, so I should now be capable of utilizing the Quests to increase my progress too" I said with a slight smile across my face.

"R-really?!" She said, flying up from her seat, but then just as quickly sat back down as she noticed the gazes around her.

"*Cough cough*, W-well you certainly have been working hard, but I didn't expect you to reach that stage in just two weeks... Well done Vale" she said to me with a bright smile.

Ahhhhh... it certainly feels nice being told you've done well by another person, I relish in the delight of having been praised and return back to my group in the mean time, I figured within the next few days, my other teammates should be close to reaching this stage too.

It's been a few days since then, and our training regime has changed a little since, instead of just training our physical bodies and doing combat training from time to time, we now have started being thrown into a little more serious situations such as taking on low level quests and hunting lower tiered monsters as training, well, you could hardly call the ones we hunted monsters, if anything they were just mere forest animals.


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