Parallel World
8 Chapter 8: Base Foundations
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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8 Chapter 8: Base Foundations

I noticed Lilith and Miss Seraphina both staring at me,

"Ah, sorry. Did I miss something?" I said

After a few seconds of silence...

"No...Not really, anyway, we'd better get going back to the group now." Miss Seraphina said whilst pointing towards our section of the group. Whilst we began to walk back, I looked around at the other groups and noticed that a lot of people were similarly on the ground panting and out of breath, of course, with a few exceptions of some people being able to keep going a little longer.

When we got back to our group, I had talked with my 'friends' for a while and we became a bit closer than before. After that, we were all given a basic meal of some meat, bread and milk and then begun our training session part 2. Like this the day had come to an end, by now I have managed to improve my Status by a small amount...



Strength: 7 ↑

Agility: 7

Fortitude: 7 ↑

Intelligence: 10

Reflex: 5

Luck: 2

Charm: 3

Spirit: 9




- Determined [Spirit +2 | Intelligence + 2]



... ... .. .]]

Well...whilst it isn't the biggest improvement, it is at least great for my first day.

It is now our second day in this world called Sentia.. last night we slept on some simple hay and soft grass from the surroundings, whilst it was a bit chilly, it was still comfortable to say the least. Not much changed today, we continued on with our early wake, train, eat, train, eat, train, eat, sleep routine and the days slowly flew by. It's now the end of our first week here on Sentia, now, I know what you must be thinking.. It went too fast! I completely understand..but! it really wasn't anything else other than training...and eating..and talking...and sleeping!! However! fear not!..

On our first day of the second week here on Sentia, some morale had started to become slightly lowered, I mean, after all, we really haven't been doing much.. This was when they announced the beginning of some 'tests' but rather than tests, it was more just combat training in order to find our strong points and improve the weaker ones.

Miss Seraphina had gathered us all together today, it seems like we will first be fighting against each other to learn the basics of combat. We have to team up in pairs of two and one person would dodge whilst the other attempts to strike them.

"Alright, each of you find a person to pair with, I'm sure you're all rearing to test your new found strength and pit it against others. Once you've found someone to pair up with, you will do some simple light sparring with one person dodging and the other attempting to strike them. If the Former person gets hit, you swap and begin again. You have Five minutes to get into pairs, Go!" After Miss Seraphina said this, everyone began moving around and trying to find people to pair with.

I heard footsteps walking up to me from behind..

"Velt, would you like to team up?" This seemingly girlish voice came from behind me was from Lilith.

"Sure" I said in return, after so, we moved to an open area and did some light stretches making sure our bodies were in there optimal be frank, i'm excited! I mean, who wouldn't be! in this world where people can become so strong that even Gods fear them, who wouldn't want to test their hand?.. As I said this I was done stretching and by the looks of it, so was she. We had already decided it would be me dodging first whilst she attempts to hit me.

We get into our 'battle ready' stances.. our very amateur looking stances, and begin watching each other carefully.. I can tell just from looking into her eyes that she also determined, she wants to see how far she has come recently too.

With this being said, she makes her first move!

She goes for a simple lunge, quickly rotating her body into a left lower abdomen kick, I twist my body to the right and only just dodged it.. Wow.. whilst it wasn't very fast, that strength wasn't something someone at my level could just easily dismiss!

Straight after that short moment, she follows up with a punch towards my left arm, I instinctively wanted to block with my arms but came to the realisation that this was all about dodging to build up our reflex... with that being said, I once again rotate my body to the side and dodged the attack. I could feel a slight gale following her fists and legs when she directs her power in a certain direction..

Naturally I come to realise I should have that amount of power too, and frankly it excites me.. I really want to test my new found strength out, but first I must dodge to increase my perception of the surroundings and oncoming attacks.

She steps back for a second before slowly moving towards me and directing a fist straight towards my chest, I attempt to dodge to the side again, however, this time unwittingly got caught out and tripped up by her perfectly placed leg.

Wow... it looks like with my reflex and intelligence being so low, it's going to take me a while before I can become stronger... First things first, I must increase all of my statistics up slowly building my Base Foundation and making it as strong as I can.


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