Parallel World
7 Chapter 7: National Grade Treasures?
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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7 Chapter 7: National Grade Treasures?

(Warning! Big Intake of Information in this chapter! I felt it was about time for some Information. I tried to break it down as much as possible for you all whilst keeping it simple! I didn't want to completely copy everyone else with the template cliche ways, so I hope you enjoy some of the changes I made!)

[Constantly training isn't the only way to increase your status Host, but rather, you can also use National Grade Treasures. National Grade Treasures are in essence what you would call 'Chinese Medicine' from Earth, only, the ones that're used on Sentia are a lot more potent.]

Ah! I see, how do they work?

[I only have limited information on this Host, however, from what I know, some of the available options are to Bathe in the minerals procured from the National Grade Treasures which will seep into your blood and bones further refining them past the point of Mortality, naturally, there is an abundant amount of them in this World as this world is filled with thousands, no, tens of thousands of Experts capable of procuring such Treasures.]

Are they hard to find? and surely it can't be perfect, there must be some form of side effects?... unless i'm just overthinking.

[No, Host, you're certainly right to a degree. Whilst there is National Grade Treasures capable of giving you massive power increases, there will also be ones which have side effects equal to that of what you gain. However, Host. This world is a lot bigger than Earth, and with that, there is also thousands of treasures which you can gain God-like power through enduring tasks.]

Omg! does that mean you can really become someone strong enough to shatter the skies and break the earth with a wave of your hand?

[Yes, Host.]

Wooooooooooooooow! So cool! *Cough cough* A-anyway... getting a bit sidetracked here.. so, how does one go about gaining these National Grade Treasures, System?

[Host, to tell you the truth, your Status is currently too low to open some of the Systems Functions such as our Shop, Quests and Factions.]

Wow... this is almost like a game. Okay System, so what is the threshold I have to reach to open said Functions?

[To access the Shop, you must have at least Three Stats at 20.]

[To access the Quests, you must have at least Two Stats at 15.]

[To access the Factions, you must have at least Five Stats at 50.]

A-ah... Thank you System... damn, well it looks like I have a long way to go for the Factions and Shop feature. For now I should try to aim for the Quests.. Ah! System, which Function allows me to gain National Grade Treasures.

[To Explain that, I must first Explain how all Three Functions work as a whole.]

[[First, the Quests. Once you unlock the Quests Function, they will be graded by the difficulty of the mission you're assigned to do.]

[The ranking goes as so: H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A+, S-, S+, SS-, SS+, SSS]]

[[Second, the Shop. Items in the Shop will also be graded. If it's a Material that you wish to buy, they will be graded by their Rarity Factor. However, if you buy Equipment such as Armour and Weaponry, they will be graded by their Material + Levelling Factor.]

[It is as so: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, Godly For the Materials.]

[Equipment: Bronze, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Demonic, Heroic, Legendary, Godly, ____]

[Equipment Levelling: Level 0 - Level 100 (Possible for Breakthroughs)]]

[[Third, the Factions. In Sentia, with there being so many Races, there is naturally a lot of Factions too. Some of the more 'Commonly known' ones would be the Light Faction, Dark Faction, and the Neutral Faction. However, Host. There is a lot more Hidden Factions in which you should look out for before making a choice on which to join. These Factions can give massive benefits in the long run, however, you will be made to fight in wars, do group battles and if one of your friends is in a different faction, it would become extremely difficult to communicate with them.]]

[Now, to go back to the Hosts primary question. Each of these three functions can be used to gather National Grade Treasures, Would Host like to find out how?]

Hmmmm... that certainly is quiet a bit of information to digest.. Hmmmm.... System, for now, please just tell me the ways to gain National Grade Treasures through Quests.

[Yes, Host, of course.]

[[Only Quests of the Grade 'E' and above will give National Grade Treasures, please bare in mind, for Host has only just came to this world so Host doesn't yet understand the difficulties of these Missions even if it's only the fourth lowest. E Level Quests and above are usually to do with Hunting down Monsters which is currently too hard for Host.]

[The sufficient Status Host should have to complete these Missions is at least: Strength: 30 | Agility: 30 | Fortitude: 25 | Reflex: 20 | Spirit: 30]]

Hmmmm.... that certainly is going to take some time. System, what grade would the National Grade Treasures be at if they come from an E ranked Quest?

[They will only be Treasures of the Grade Uncommon at most. And these Treasures will usually only give small increases to your stats, or some will give bigger increases with the risks of side effects.]

Well then... I guess first things first, I have to get high enough stats to unlock the Quest Function.



Strength: 6

Agility: 7

Fortitude: 6

Intelligence: 10

Reflex: 5

Luck: 2

Charm: 3

Spirit: 9




- Determined [Spirit +2 | Intelligence + 2]



... ... .. .]]

Ahhhh..... I sighed... of course I sighed... it's going to take quite a while to reach 15 in two stats after all... When I closed the System Menu, I noticed the two people I was talking to staring at me.


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