Parallel World
6 Chapter 6: Training part 3
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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6 Chapter 6: Training part 3

To think I would manage to gain over 6 points in my status in just over an hour! Is that not some insane speed?!.. Well.. then again I can only assume that this might be because it gets harder the more points you get, after all, if it was this easy to get points..wouldn't everyone be gods by now?...

After a minute, I begin to calm down and decide to take a look at the expressions of my teammates too, I want to make a good impression on them as I think it's vital to make friends in this world as I don't know anyone at all.. everyone in our group appears to look fairly happy with their progress meaning they must of done pretty well too. I noticed the girl called Lilith had a slightly shocked look on her face meaning she probably got some form of title or something to boost her status up as well. I decide to ask our Instructor about it.

"Miss Seraphina, does our stats get harder to increase as they get higher?"

"Good question.. Vale was it?.. yes they do, over time, the stronger you get, naturally it will only get harder." She says whilst looking towards me.

This time, I decide to walk towards her as i'm not sure if people should know about this or not, I glance towards Lilith and nodded slightly, she seemingly caught the gesture and decided to move with me too. We're now currently separated from the crowd which are still slightly out of breathe and in the midst of checking their status.

"Miss Seraphina, how hard is it to get a title?" I said whilst looking directly into her eyes seemingly tracing any emotional change coming from them.

"Well... in the long run, titles aren't all that rare. However, going by the assumption that you two have come forth asking about this, are you saying you have a title already?" She asked in a slightly questioning tone, however, you could feel the gentle yet excited feeling coming from her too.

"Ummm, well, yes I currently have a title called 'Determined' which gives me a +2 to Spirit and Intelligence, I wasn't sure how important this was so I thought I would ask after we separated from the crowd." I said whilst glancing around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"U-umu, what about you too.. sorry, I never caught your name." She says whilst looking towards Lilith. "My name is Lilith, and that's fine. B-but yes I also have a title..." she says whilst looking slightly flustered. Me and Seraphina both clearly picked up on this, however, Seraphina had a slightly more shocked expression which completely went past me.

"D-do you mind telling me the name of the skill..please." Miss Seraphina said whilst looking at her.

Lilith glanced around a few times before slowly raising her head and speaking in a low toned voice,

"M-my title is called B-beauty... It gives me +5 Charm and +3 Luck." she said whilst blushing.

Wow....she's attractive.. I mean, *cough cough*.. no need to get off topic... But seriously though! what is with those ridiculous stat increases!!!?! isn't that a little too overpowered?? It's a wonder if you can even increase Charm and Luck by normal training methods!! and here she has just gone and got a +5 +3 respectively on them!?!?!... I think I need to calm down... but it's seriously surprising, almost at the point I want to just admire her.. wait! is that because of the title? or because of her personal charm..

I turned to look at Miss Seraphina as I wanted to ask her something only to notice the shocked and slightly flustered expression she was currently wearing too... guess it really is just as I thought.. OP!

*COUGH COUGH*... Well..anyway. Enough talk about that.

"Miss Seraphina, in the future, would it be possible for these titles to become better with us?"

Seemingly pulling her back to reality from the fake state of trance she was in from the clear utter shock she readjusts her face and turns to me, "A-ah, yes! like your status, you can also level up both titles and pets! after all, if a title with such little stat increases such as yours were to accompany you, they wouldn't really make a difference in the future. If you ask your Systems, they should be able to tell you the amount of EXP you need to level that certain title and how to level it." She says in her usual authoritative tone, however, this time with a hint of gentleness.

System, can you show me the EXP required to level up my title 'Determined'.

[Yes, Host. Would you like to know how to get EXP for said title too?]


[[Okay, Host... .. .

[Determined: (Current Mastery: Lvl 1 0/100 EXP)

Mastery Lvl 2 Grants:

+4 To all Stats

Bonus Tree Unlock - Strong Will (+2 Spirit | +2 Luck | +2 Reflex)

Description: Being Determined will always keep you one step ahead of the game.]

[Mastery of the Title: Determined can be gained by constantly pushing past your limits.]]

Well... despite how vague the answer is for getting Mastery for it, at least I know how overwhelmingly OP these titles will become if one dedicates enough time to levelling them.

Like seriously, a +4 Increase to ALL stats! That means I will get an increase in my Charm and Luck too! Oh! Right! System! Is there any conventional methods to increasing Charm and Luck??

[No, Host. As you previously thought, the only way of increasing your Charm and Luck is by gathering titles relating to them, or by using National Grade Treasures to help refine yourself.]

Ah, as I thought... looks like it won't be too easy.

Also, what do you mean by national grade treasures?


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