Parallel World
5 Chapter 5: Training Part 2
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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5 Chapter 5: Training Part 2

Wow... It looks like we still have a long way to go until we reach the standard for Males in their prime on Planet Sentia.. This time without raising my hand, I simply call out to him.

"Orion, if I may ask, is it possible for us to reach the standard and go further with the time that you're using to help us?" After he heard my question, he tilts his head slightly before beginning to speak, "Hmmmm... well, I very doubt you will be able to go pass the current living standards of Males and Females in their primes on Sentia, however, I can at least assure you that after leaving this camp, you will be able to stand on your own two feet in this world without rearing off to danger too quickly." He says whilst gazing over all the faces in the crowd. Shortly after he begins speaking again,

"As I said previously, From now on for the short while that we will be training together, I hope you will all work earnestly as to survive in this world, you will need to do at least that much. What you do after this training camp is completely your choice, hell, if you don't feel like you need this training.. you can leave right now... but don't think we will be so merciful as giving you another shot to survive." He says with his voice a tone higher, this was clearly a serious matter and he wanted us to understand that. Umu, I've decided.. I'll try to come out with the best statistics I can before this training camp ends, although I don't know how hard that'll be, I should at least give it my best shot to survive here.

After a short while, Orion has gathered us into groups of 100's as there is currently 9 'Instructors' or individuals on the podium. Once we was split into the groups, we was then asked to pair as groups of 5. I start searching around for some team mates... .. . After a short while has passed, I have found myself in a group with 4 other people, we did some basic introductions too. The person to my right has black, long, silky hair going down her shoulders all the way to her lower back, a gentle expression with beautiful features.. her name is Alissa. Also... there was the girl I remembered speaking up earlier, the one with a short stature and long frilly pink hair. It was almost as though she came out of a fantasy herself, her looks are remarkable.. she's called Lilith. We also have two other males aside from myself in the group, one who was slightly on the shorter side, however, he has an extremely well built body and the face of a natural warrior, his name is Darius, the other male in our group is slightly scrawny, almost similar to Orion with pitch black eyes and dark brown hair, he is called Sirius. Now that all the introductions are done, we begin to talk to each other under the instructions of our 'Instructor', oh, also.. it turns out the Instructor for our section is called Miss Seraphina, it turns out she's almost on the level of Royalty here... as to why she is here training us under the orders of Orion is unknown.. for now.

"First things first, we need to make you all physically fit enough to be able to survive here, I want to see 100 push ups by the next hour, no excuses. If you really want to survive, you must learn to adapt. Strength is a must here on Sentia." Says Miss Seraphina.. it appears she also isn't as lenient as Orion, but for now i'll try to do the best I can.




After a short while, people start to mumble and groan clearly disliking the treatment they're getting, however, I continue on unfazed.. I soon realise that my body is slightly on the weaker side, perhaps due to my Strength stat being so low compared to the standard; Within the first half hour, I managed to do roughly 65 push ups whilst continuously taking short minute breaks to ensure my body doesn't collapse on itself. However, as hard as the second half was, I managed to endure and push my way through it whilst completing 134 wholesome push ups. Whilst I understand it isn't good to overexert yourself just when you begin, I believe the need to get stronger quickly is vital, I think that Orion had sugar coated the true dangers of this world and I want to be capable of defending myself regardless of the situation I am put in.. hence I will continue to try my hardest when I can.

"Okay, okay, you can all stop now... seems like some of you managed to just scrape by" She says whilst taking a look around, by now, everyone was clearly out of breathe and only half listening to what she was saying. After taking 10 minutes to cool down and refresh ourselves with some water, she begins giving us our next instructions, "First, you should all go check your status again as I believe some of you, especially the ones that put more effort in would be surprised with the progress they've made." She says whilst glancing around at certain individuals, again, her gaze landed on me shortly too.

System, can you show my status please.

[Yes, host, of course.]


Strength: 6 ↑

Agility: 7

Fortitude: 6 ↑

Intelligence: 10 ↑

Reflex: 5

Luck: 2

Charm: 3

Spirit: 9 ↑




- Determined [Spirit +2 | Intelligence + 2]



... ... .. .]]




What?!... How come my stats have made such a big jump already??.. and what is with this new title!


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