Parallel World
4 Chapter 4: Training
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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4 Chapter 4: Training

Ha ha... now that we've all heard the brutal straight forward words that have come from his mouth, people began to truly realise the severity of this situation.

"Ah, but don't worry, we will now begin to train you on the basics of surviving in this world" This time, the scrawny man spoke again clearly trying to calm the nerves of the crowd. As he said that, the people within the crowd began to perk back up again with a slither of vitality,

"First things first, there is a System in this world, this System allows you to become stronger than the average human and keep going for no bounds, naturally it's a very long and arduous process.. but imagine being able to beat everyone in your path, to be able to protect the human race.. to be able to live once again." These words were very manipulative but effective none the less.

"Please say 'System' in your mind before I explain more" He says.


As I think that, a whole menu within my mind appears.

[Hello Sir, before you use our program, please assign yourself a new name.]

Hmmmm... I'm not too sure what to go with..

[Would you like to see a few randomly generated names Sir?]


[Searching Database...



Short List of RG Names available to you on the Database:

Abriell, Aiyan, Amara, Ariad, Aurelius, Auristel,

Bastian, Briel, Briseis, Cara, Caspian, Cassius ... ... ...]

Um, System, can you shorten it down to the names with 4 letters or less please.

[Of course, Host. Re-calibrating Systems Database... .. . Thank you for waiting, Host.]

[Here is the new and updated list of RG Names:... .. .

Aval, Bard, Cass, Drag, Eion, Gram, Kyle, Luke, Velt, Zeph... ... ...]

Hmmm... System, is my name permanently set as what I choose after?

[Yes, Host, this shall be your name from hereafter.]

Ah, ok. Then I'll choose Velt please System.

[Yes Host, 'Velt' shall be selected as your new name.]

[Re-calibrating System to fit the Host... .. . Thank you for your patience, Host]

[Welcome to The Sentia System v1.0]

Thank you, System.

After I have finished talking to the System, it appears like most of the crowd are done too.

5 minutes later..

Everyone appears to be done now.

"It appears that you have all got your new names now, so I shall continue on with what this System is actually used for. So, this System provides you access to see your strengths and weaknesses in a Statistic like list. It's simple, all you have to do is say 'Stats' in your head and your most current stats will appear within the Systems list.

After he says that, I decide to quickly try it, I mean, who wouldn't be overly curious to see what kind of 'Statistics' they have?

System, show me my Stats.

[Yes, Host... .. .]


Strength: 5

Agility: 7

Fortitude: 5

Intelligence: 8

Reflex: 5

Luck: 2

Charm: 3

Spirit: 7







... ... .. .]]

Omg... I feel like this is very familiar... but I just can't seem to remember why..

Well, I don't know whether to feel good with my current stats as I have nothing to compare it with.

[Would Host like to see the 'Average' statistics of a regular Human Male in his prime?]



Strength: 6

Agility: 6

Fortitude: 8

Intelligence: 6

Reflex: 4

Luck: 0

Charm: 1

Spirit: 4







... ... .. .]]

Ahhh..... so I'm slightly lacking in some areas whilst being higher in others. Well, not too bad I guess.

I raise my hand again. He shortly after looks in my direction whilst nodding slightly.

"After comparing my statistics to the Average Human Male in his prime, I found out that I'm higher in some areas whilst not so much in the others, are we able to improve those areas?" After I said that, the man on the stage opened his eyes widely. "Hahahaha... you really are very good at catching on aren't you, What's your name boy?" He says whilst looking at me,

"My new name is Velt, may I know how to address you too?"

"Ah, of course it's only polite for me to give my name in response. My apologies" He says whilst slightly bowing, "You can just call me Orion. As of this day you all shall be trained personally by us for the next month to give you a chance of surviving in this world." Orion glances at me,

"Velt, you previously said that you had already compared your statistics to your Average Human Male in his prime, correct?"

I think for a second before replying, "Yes, was there something wrong with that?"

"Well, you see, you had compared yourself to Your Average Human Male in his prime as is on Earth. but you see Velt, we're no longer on Earth. Try using the System to compare yourself to the Average Human Male on Sentia." He says whilst constantly watching me.

I decide to do what he asked me to.

System, can you compare my current statistics to an Average Human Male on this Planet, Sentia.

[Certainly Host, Please allow me to gather some information from the other Systems quickly... .. .]

A few minutes pass as the System Re-Calibrates itself...again.

[Ding! The System now has enough sufficient information for what you require, Host. Would you like to see now?]



Strength: 20

Agility: 15

Fortitude: 20

Intelligence: 15

Reflex: 12

Luck: 5

Charm: 5

Spirit: 15







... ... .. .]]


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