Parallel World
2 Chapter 2: Sentia
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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2 Chapter 2: Sentia

I turn around to see endless lines of people standing erect like a pole, I notice there is one spot free within the line. That man earlier let me free, I suppose I should move to get in line as I might not get let off that easily next time, that mans perfect vice-like grip was simply too terrifying.

First, I need to get my priorities in order.

Where am I?.. Who am I?...

No matter how hard I think, I can't seem to remember.

I look down at my own body, slightly slim, little excess fat.

I look at my arms, legs and torso...Weak.. simply too weak. What must I have been doing to reach this state? My body has no bulging muscles, I look like a deflated balloon.

I'm simply that skinny.. no wonder the man had picked me up so easily by the neck.

After a few minutes of observation, I come to realise these people are of all shapes and sizes.

Their races varying, some light, some dark. The one thing I've come to realise is all these people have lifeless eyes.. as though they're merely empty shells.

Shortly after my observation, the man from earlier and a couple of over individuals make their way onto what appears to be a podium of some kind.

Now that I look properly, they're much taller than me, not only that but they're very well built too.

But then I notice one certain individual walking onto the podium, slim, scrawny and pale. He stands at the front of all the other people and begins to speak, "Ahem, Ahem. Today is the day exactly 900 of you have died.." It dropped like a bombshell.. The people I once thought as being incapable of function appear to have began rioting. One of the men on the front row suddenly started shouting , "The fuck did you just say, huh?!!" he stepped out of the line and walked towards the podium.

The scrawny man stood at the front on the podium simply replied with, "You are all dead." People started freaking out, for some reason, I feel completely calm. Ah, of course, it's cause I had a feeling I was already in the afterlife, so this is what this is then. Amongst the many people screaming, crying and moving around, A single persons hand was raised; Mine, of course.

The man on at the front of the podium looks in my direction, seemingly noticing that I was requesting to ask a question in such a polite manner, he immediately answers.

"Yes boy?" he said. Everyone below the podium began to perk up their ears to find out what was going on. "Earlier on, you said that we're dead. Following the logic of those words, does that mean we're in some form of heaven or hell? after all, this is the afterlife..right?" After I said that, people began to quieten down, you could tell how much they wanted to know the mans answer.

Suddenly, the man on the stage started laughing, no, this was at a stage of bellowing loudly, after a few short seconds he looks back at my direction. At this point, people are thinking he had already gone crazy, but the next words were like honey to their ears, "Well well well, I didn't think someone would pick up on it so fast, yes whilst you are dead, you're not truly dead." These words were like another bomb being dropped amongst the crowd of people below the podium.

I decided to ask another question, "Then what are we?.. how come I can't remember who I am?" as I said that, people started to connect the dots realising it wasn't only themselves that had forgotten who they are and why they were there.

This is something on a bigger scale, a mass memory wipe if you will. It's scary just thinking about it.

"Umu, that is a reasonable question, but for now I can only give you limited answers. What I shall tell you is that you're currently in a completely different world than that of Earth that you all know so well. You have all been brought here after dying unfortunate deaths, as a chance to redeem a second life if you will." When he had said this, no one caused a big fuss anymore. People merely wanted more answers, the second they heard they could 'live' again was like igniting a fire inside each and every person, their wills to live grew exponentially stronger than before.

"When placed in-front of a life or death situation, humans are given the chance to evolve. To redeem themselves if you will. This world is commonly known as Sentia, the world bathed in blood and war." He stops for a second before speaking again, "..You will all now be thrown into this world where the strong dictates who's right, the weak will fall to be mere cannon fodder, and the cunning will thrive to prosper in this god-forsaken land." He looked around at the expressions everyone was making, however, for some reason, I felt like his eyes met mine for an unprecedented amount of time causing me to be slightly confused and anxious. All the people surrounding me were now in a state where they looked like they would do anything to survive, but do they really know what they're up against?


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