Parallel World
1 Chapter 1: The Beginning
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Parallel World
Author :Godblade
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1 Chapter 1: The Beginning

Pain, all I can feel is endless waves of pain.


I slowly feel my body being torn apart,

the pain is so brutal I didn't know whether to scream or cry;

No wait, i'm already doing both.

My body slowly loses all resistance, I can't feel anything anymore.

I rotate my head slightly trying to witness my body's current state.

Ah, right... I've already lost my eyes, No, as I recall I've already lost my limbs too.

Why.. Why me... what did I do to deserve this..?

My body tries to reflexively cry, but it can't.

Everything in my mind is too blurry, I can't even tell who did this to me as I've lost my ears too.

I slowly feel myself falling into a pit of darkness.

How long has it been now? for me it's felt like years...

Laying in this pitch-black darkness, or maybe it's just me as I can no longer see.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention I also can't move at all. It's like I've been completely rendered useless. My body won't listen to me even if I wanted it to. I've had plenty of times to think about things, but for some reason, no matter how hard I think.. I simply can't seem to remember why I'm in this state.

Then came the Light... in this void like place, it was so bright that I almost felt my eyes burning...

wait.. my eyes?! I reflexively move my hands to cover my eyes, checking they're there..intact.

Am I dreaming? ha ha.. I see, I've finally been sent to the afterlife...

Then I hear a voice, wait, I can also hear now too?!.. Ah I get excited for nothing, of course if I had my eyes and arms I would also have my ears. After all, this is just a dream.

But then I hear the voice again, however it seems to be getting closer... Just as my eyes were adjusting to the sudden burst of light, it goes again as quickly as it came, however, this time it wasn't pitch black but rather the seemingly endless torso of someone.. or something. when I go to look up, I realise this 'person' who also seems to be a man is looking right down at me...

Those eyes... I don't like them, they appear to be looking down on me with pure utter disdain, almost as though he's never seen a weaker lesser being than me. It makes me angry, however, I hold it in... despite the way he looks at me, anyone from a side could easily tell who would win here.

I decide to try and speak "H-healloww" ... I come to the realisation that I can't appear to speak properly, well, I don't remember the last time I used my vocal cords after all. After my meagre attempt to speak to this unsightly fellow, for some reason he moves his hand and grabs me by the neck.. the speed at which he did so was scary, absolutely frightening.

He speaks again, "Why the fuck are you just laying on the ground" this time however, I heard him loud and clear. 'Why am I laying on the ground?..' how the fuck would I know, you were clearly here from the start so you must of seen what happened better than I did you damned shithead. I glared at him for a second and then retracted to my usual face, whilst his words are brutal and he comes across as a rude, arrogant prick; He currently isn't actually gripping my neck very tightly and i'm barely off the ground. Ah, Finally! my eyes are finally adjusting to the light surrounding this beast sized dickhead!.



Wow.... the amount of people here is something else, so much so that it took me a minute to process what i'm currently seeing... Ahhhhhh, every single one of them is looking our way.. It appears I was on one of the front rows of these hundreds of people..

He finally lets go of my neck as he notices i'm incapable of talking back properly,

"Go line up with the rest of the people" whilst saying that, he turns his back and walks away.


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