Opposite Worlds
103 Extra 2- the end
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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103 Extra 2- the end

It had been six months since their wedding. They all had planned to go on a road trip but the trio and Jimmy ditched them.

They sat by the lake, the cool breeze taking away all their tiredness after driving for hours. The view was beautiful and there was no crowd or noise around them, it was peaceful and they laid on the ground enjoying all this.

"What are we even doing here alone?" Troy asked and looked tired. He was looking at the sky and Sofi had laid her head on his lap.

"Jimmy is "shopping" with his wife, the trio is so obsessed with their girlfriends. And Noah, well, he's just late." Sofi told him.

"Isn't it relaxing?" Aria said and was lying down with her head on Liam's lap.

"Yeah, it obviously is now that Liam took away your laptop and phone." Sofi joked and Aria glared at her.

"This girl doesn't listen when I'm asking peacefully so I gotta get a little violent," Liam said and she pouted in anger. He smiled and pecked on her cheek.

"Where is that idiot?" Troy asked in frustration for they were waiting for him and still had a long way to go.

"He said he had someone he wanted us to meet," Sofi said and they all were confused.

"His girlfriend," Aria answered and they all turned to her in shock.

"What?" They all said in unison

"Yeah. He didn't tell you guys?" She asked in surprise and they all rolled their eyes.

"We're not so close to him like you," Liam stated and made her sat straight. They all sat around her.

"Tell us whatever you know," Sofi ordered and she rolled her eyes.

"It's just a guess because he told me about four months ago that a girl from his workplace confessed to him and just wanted to spend some time with, she didn't expect anything from him for she already knew that he didn't want to be in a relationship after all he had rejected so many girls." She explained.

"Four months!?" Troy exclaimed.

"Ari, you have such a good memory." Sofi complimented her.

"He hid it for so long from his bros," Liam said loudly and Troy nodded.

"He must have rejected her for sure." Sofi expressed her thoughts but Aria shook her head.

"He didn't because he found her cute and innocent and couldn't bring himself to reject her so he agreed and went on a few dates with her and then started developing feelings for her. Then three months ago he officially asked her out and they started dating." She said and they were all shocked.

"He had a girlfriend all this time!" They all exclaimed.

"No wonder he missed so many events," Sofi remembered and they all agreed.

"But why do you know about all this," Troy asked in suspicion.

"They're best friends," Liam said and looked miserable and Aria laughed at his reaction.

"But I'm still married to you right?" She said and hugged him.

"Yeah..." He said slowly and hugged her tightly.

"Get a room, guys," Noah said and walked out of his car.

"Wow look who's here?" Troy said and got up.

"A freaking liar," Liam added and Troy punched Noah, but he dogged it in time.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Noah asked in surprise.

"You have a girlfriend?" Troy asked and he was shocked and looked at Aria who just shrugged her shoulders.

"You didn't even bother to tell us," Liam said and punched him but he dogged again.

"I was going to today," Noah said in his defense.

"Hi, Ari!" A voice said and they all looked back.

A girl got out of Noah's car, she was pretty and had long brown hair, she was wearing a light blue dress with flats. She waved at Aria in excitement and she waved back.

"You even met her?" They all asked in surprise.

"I just video called her a few times on Noah's request," Aria said in her defense.

"You jerk." Troy and Liam said at once and vented their anger on Noah while the girls just laughed at them.

"Stop it!" Aria ordered when they didn't stop fighting for a long time

"Are you guys two-year-old children?" Sofi asked in anger and they both slipped away from Noah and sat beside them.

"Baby, I'll stop don't get angry," Liam said and coaxed her and so did Troy to Sofi.

Noah laughed when he saw those two tough guys become so helpless in front of the girls they loved.

"Guys meet Mia, my girlfriend," Noah said as he held Mia's hand.

"We met..." He was about to tell their story but they interrupted them.

"We already know that," Troy shouted at him and he shrugged his shoulders and they both joined them.

They continued their road trip and were obsessed with the pink trees around them and the cold breeze. Liam was driving the car and Aria was looking outside, her head rested at the window. Liam looked at her and smiled, it was quite rare to see her so relaxed, not worrying about work.

Noah and Mia were sitting in the back seat, talking about the beautiful view and Noah suggested that they should make a house at such a place for she loved it so much. She was kinda surprised that he saw his future with her and hugged him in excitement.

They all were happy with their life and with who they were, they were still improving with their partners and were ready to face any challenge that life was going to bring for them.

*the end*

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    《Opposite Worlds》