Not Human
30 Gone
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Not Human
Author :Ginel2019
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30 Gone

Looking up at the sky a young woman thought of the past. It has been 20 years since the great war against the demons we emerged with a tie. Angles descended and protected what remained of the city. I was one of the inhabitants. I was saved by the demon hero at the time he was a young man a few years younger than 20 he saved me and the city. After the people learned their wrongs and discovered that the heroes that they came to know were in fact fakes. None of those people were heroes. They were like ordinary people all they had that made them different was the fact of their pain tolerance and magic control. The only hero that was a true hero was the Demon Hero. He saved the city while the others ran. The angles brought back the traitors and the king. The people were so mad that they killed the six heroes and the king. Then they turned to the demon hero for guidance, but he did not want to be a leader. As a matter of fact, he didn't like the people for being easily deceived. So he left and no one has seen him since. Some say he went into training. Others say he went to live as an ordinary man, but the true six hero's know that he gathered men that fought a tie with the demons. He was the man who saved the human race. He is a true hero even if he was treated as a traitor in the beginning. Because of him and the angles we are at temporary peace even though we all know war is looming in the shadows. Angles want vengeance for their lost brethren as well as demons. Us humans are stuck in the middle. So may the Lord our god spare us and may the true hero's children be grand.

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    《Not Human》