Naruto: Reincarnated
17 Training with a master
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Naruto: Reincarnated
Author :daoist_xuanshen
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17 Training with a master

"How do you keep doing that?"

I look on at my trainer in confusion.

"How do i do what?"

The man smirks.

I roll my eyes. "I'm talking about you moving out of the way of my attacks at the last second. I can never seem to get a hit on you, no matter what I do. My stand-alone taijutsu is literally made to adapt to whatever is thrown at it, yet I can't match you. Not only can I not get a read on whatever style it is you're using, I can't get a hit in. It's very frustrating."

My trainer sighs tiredly.

"Can you not see the point of my training? Do you not remember what I told you not too long ago?"

I think back, trying to pinpoint what he's alluding to.


a couple weeks prior~~~

"haaaah haaaah haaaah"

"You still can't hit me boy, I don't understand how. You have the resources, yet you don't use them."

I growl in anger and swipe at him once more.

"What the hell are you talking about?! I've been trying, what resources?"

The man sighs sadly and facepalms.

"Ahhhh the stupidity of the youth."

I scream in anger and charge.


"You said that I have the resources needed to hit you. But you never explained what you meant."

The man sighs for what seems to be the fiftieth time.

"Your speed. You have the means to be the fastest shinobi in the ninja world and you lack experience with using it."

I'm taken aback by the realization.

"You mean my swift release?"

The man nods.
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"Quite. It can be used to do so much more than just make you fast. Have you even tried applying its chakra in different ways? Moving it throughout your body to make it faster? Your brain to increase your thinking speed?"

I blink.

"No I suppose I didn't think of those things."

'He makes a really good point. Damn it I'm slacking. I bet Dani is already super saiyan level and I don't even think I could beat a single root operative one on one right now.'

"Well let me try the things you recommended."

I mix my chakra natures and feel the amount of swift chakra in my body increase exponentially. I slowly move it throughout my body, gaining a slight white glow to it. I focus it in my legs and arms. I look to my trainer.

'Here's payback bitch.'

I launch myself forward, throwing myself into a front flip axe kick. I see my would be torturer's eyes widen in surprise. He mutters a word before slightly inclining his body, causing my attack to miss.


He throws back a kick of his own, a side kick, meant for my outer thigh, possibly to slow me. But unfortunately for him, everything seems to be moving in slow motion for me. I calmly side flip over his kick. I grab his foot and twist it, not enough to break, but enough to make sore if he ran on it. I then draw back a fist and land an attack on his chest. This sends him ricocheting away from me erratically. He lands and rolls a few times, before slowly getting up and dusting himself off.

"Good job boy, you finally learned. Now you can keep up. I can finally stop going so easy on you."

"Huh, easy?!"

The man then gets into a low horse stance. He draws his arms back and breathes in deeply. Abruptly, he starts screaming.

"This looks eerily familiar."

I look on at him and suddenly suck in air. That long spiky hair, the devil may care attitude, the blue jumpsuit.

'Jesus christ. My time in this world has affected my memories it seems. I don't know how I haven't recognized him so far.'

I look back to the subject of my thoughts.


I bear witness to one of the most overpowered transformations to ever grace any anime ever. His already spiky hair stands ever so taller, with one startling difference.


The newly realized vegeta looks on.

"I hope you're ready boy. Because this is going to hurt."

He appears in front of me in an instant. All I can comprehend is his fist, flying towards my face at breakneck speeds.

His punch lands firmly, square on my noggin. I'm launched away by the force of the super saiyan. I recover from my shock mid flight and push my chakra throughout my body again. Everything slows once more, and i right myself in the air. I look toward my trainer.

He's not as fast anymore, but still quite a bit faster than when I slowed things down before.

I steel my will and brace myself for the beating that's about to occur. I run to him as fast as my body will allow, and throw a punch. He counters it by slapping my arm away at the wrist, grabbing my elbow and yanking my body towards him. I fall into the advance and push off with my feet as I lean, pulling free and flipping over his outstretched arm. I kick his back as i flip, throwing him off balance. He falls forward and corrects himself quickly. But by then I had already begun preparing for his counter. I kick at his legs, to which he just raises them off the ground before my hit connects. He smiles.


He puts off a power wave that throws me to the ground.

"That is enough young man. You've proven yourself."

I let the chakra filter out of my system and feel a sudden weakness radiate throughout my being.

'Must be the after effects of using the swift release so much at one time'

"What do you mean, proven myself?"

Vegeta smirks.

"I will actually train you now. I didn't think you had the balls for it before, but I was mistaken. You're tougher than you look boy. By your age I was already heralded as the prince of all saiyans, and feared by just as many."

I snort.

'The pride is spot on.'

I chuckle before shaking my head to clear my thoughts.

"Wait a second, how are you even here?! This makes no sense, I'm in the naruto world and you're somehow my trainer through the system? You mentioned being millennia old as well, what's that about?"

The questions pour out of me nonstop.

The prince of all saiyans snorts.

"The millennium thing was a pleasurable deception, watching the joy fade from your face when you thought you were facing an immortal was highly amusing. I was brought here through the system as your trainer, or at least a copy of my exact consciousness. My actual body and mind are surely still in my world, not in this strange limbo. I do however, hold all of the knowledge of vegeta up to his fiftieth year of life."

I frown.

"So you're already fifty? Has goku died in your world yet? Do you know of my wife? Have you met her?!"

Vegeta smirks once more.

"I don't think you understand. I am not the vegeta of your wife's world, I am the vegeta of the main canon universe. I suspect that after this is over, I will lose all memories of being here."

My smile loses its luster.


The vegeta reverts back to his base form, the pressure dissipating. He clasps my shoulder.

"I'm sorry young man. I'm sure you'll find her eventually."

I shake the bad thoughts away.

"I'm sure i will too, thank you. But for now, i have to train."

Vegeta smiles, genuinely.

"That's good! Move on and be a man. I'm proud. Let us train then."

I nod harshly.

"First things first. I'm going to teach you how to perform a Galick Gun."


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