My sister
2 Chapter two
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My sister
Author :Kindali
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2 Chapter two

@@When I arrived home I couldn't help but wonder what drew to these things they were old and useless. I was so tired I felt asleep on the covers. Was I in a dream cause what I was seeing felt so real like I was in another world everyone dresses like it was ancient times and no one seem to notice me like I was invisible. When looking around trying figure out where the hell I was. There it just happened I was face to face with my mum a little bit younger but who won't recognize their mum someone you've been with all your life. A few days ago in the real world she passed away but I wasn't there I was off in college. Sitting and laughing with my friends one day in the dorm I got a call from my dad saying I should cone back as soon as possible but when I finally got home I was too late and since I moved out I haven't gone back instead dad comes over its just too depressing to go back there. And seeing here looking so beautiful and majestic puts tear in my eyes but I can't understand why am seeing her here. As I look at her she too seems to looking at me observing me but I just thought maybe she's looking at something behind so I turn to go looking for clues in how to leave this, I heard her loud and clear telling me to follow her when u hesitated she gave a glare that I could never forget, how could I that's the very look she gave each them I was naughty and trust me I was really naughty.



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