My Mission ONLY
4 Who is “SHE“?
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My Mission ONLY
Author :PiKaBy_luv
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4 Who is “SHE“?

@@'Wow I can't believe that are superior being like me can ever listen to little insect... Maybe you should call off a little bit?' she said so sarcastically, 'and to think that's a source would be in that little insect loves pink with teddies?! Ahahaha, well then let me introduce you to myself... my name is Data for your worst nightmare'.

Slowly moving towards my bed inside the bedsheets, there was a switch turning it on quickly, missiles launched towards the targets without any fail. To my horror, both emerged unscathed by the explosives... how can I defeat such supernatural beings who I see are invunerable, I thought.

Thinking that Momo is behind me, I quickly charged at them headed for Data, thrusting in the knife I had in my hand, I'd quickly caught her off guard.

"Run, Momo! I can hold her off shortly.." scanning my eyes for her, but nowhere to be found. Looking to my right, I see a lightning blow to me, striking with such pain I reel in almost unconsicious. Feeling parazlyed, I tried to reach for my knife, only lifting nothing at all, my body feels like it's dead.

Data stares down at me, looking like she disgust me.

"Hmph! Like that petty little attack can catch me off guard" said so nonchalantly, "Anyway, we got what we want let's head back, Pet".

Out the corner of my eye, I saw Momo lying in the bulter arms unconscious, such frustration caught me thinking why have I not protected her enough as tears welled up in my eyes...

Soon I will be rescuing you, I will pay for they have done! I'll take you back with me, when I reach you! Finally decided that I would, Data and Pet left out house while disappearing into thin air... not even a trace of them left.



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