My Mission ONLY
3 The Place We Call Home
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My Mission ONLY
Author :PiKaBy_luv
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3 The Place We Call Home

Our home lives very close to the school, so we never have to worry about transport. Whenever we do chores around the house, we always take in turns of doing so, life in our own lives feels peaceful to me. On one side of the house is filled with pastel colours of pink, blue, green and yellow patterns of cute teddy bears around the whole room which is Momo's side. My side is more plain and simple looking filled with books, notebooks and the colour is more of an black with white look. In the middle is our space zone, where a round table sits in between of our rooms combined where we can relax. Now don't get me wrong, it was Momo's idea to separate us like this, not mine. However, since making it like this I guess it's not so bad.

"Kaku?" a childish voice startled me, "Um, do you want to do the dishes, again?".

"Again? Haven't I done those yesterday..." I paused, "Nope, you have to do them today Momo! You can't keep slacking off you know?!".

"Ahhh! You got me, but oh well (heh heh heh)", replies a certain someone who slacks off doing the dishes... "But you can do them, while I cook yummy food?"

This is the one thing I can't resist - Momo's yummy food, "Okay... but you have to do them next time all right?" I sighed.

BOOM! Crashed right into our home, instinctively running straight for Momo, I reached and managed to save her in time. Skidding off to one side the room on the left, two mysterious people appeared. Scared, as Momo was behind I was armed with a knife, two inches long as used to cut vegetables.

"Kaku... who are they?" quivering behind me.

I said nothing, watching as two strange people emerged from the smoke and blazing fire. One was tall and vulgar strange, he had one eye covered in bandages while the other was just as normal, as looking so droopy made him have looks as skinny, and even wearing a butler set as that. Another one was half the size of the tall person, but instead of being ugly it was pretty but disgusting.

"He he, which do you think is her?" asks a shrill, high cackle.

"Mistress, I recommend if you ask them they'll know..." before finishing his sentence, he went flying to the other end of the room, crashing into the wall. Watching with my own eyes, I can see they are not human at all.

"Did I tell you not to talk back at me, you useless piece of shit!" replying furiously, from hitting her butler in the frickin' nuts, "You are only allowed to talk when addressed!!".

I finally stood up the courage "Who are you?!" with such desperation.


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