My Mission ONLY
2 Me + Her
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My Mission ONLY
Author :PiKaBy_luv
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2 Me + Her

"Ahhh!" yawning at the tip of my body, feeling very stiff and edged. Believing this is school, Momo looks at me with disconcern, her eyes make me feel if I'm doubting her... no, definitely not.

"What wrong? School's not that bad you know, you just got to live up to it!" says so a cute, stubborn little girl. Her response just made me laugh, now knowing I'm relaxed with her just made me feel better.

"Nothing... You should head home first, I'll drop you off" I replied with reassuring words.

"But I am a big girl now!!" Momo looks at me with those red eyes, "I can walk home by my self!".

"You sure you won't get lost?" I asked.

"What's with you today? One minute you are tired about school, and the next you are teasing me! Hmph!" Momo said who's


"Ha ha ha! Sorry, but it's so fun teasing you, so I'll let you walk home by yourself. Okay?", as I offered a choice for her.
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Teasing Momo was just a little joke for us that we know we get along, I love her and she loves me. Everyday, we are always seen close together side by side. I know Momo like the back of my hand, she's shy and timid, but gets comfortable if she is with me. For my situation, I will protect anything that will harm her, even from her own family. Nothing will stand in my way from me and her.

"Okay!" Momo happily replies the offer, skipping and jumping with joy right beside me.

Walking side by side as I listen to her humming happily, we walked back all the way to the place we call home... Our home.

Author's Note: Momo and Kaku live together, if anyone's wondering. Also THANKS for reading too!


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