My Mission ONLY
1 Cold Dream
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My Mission ONLY
Author :PiKaBy_luv
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1 Cold Dream

"Wake up! Wake up!" I shouted at her, "Please open your eyes!". Desperately, I tried everything that can keep her alive, nothing works. Heartbroken pain emerges from my chest feeling sad and hollow, tears welled up in my eyes when suddenly someone appeared. Reluctantly, I didn't hesitant on anything like this before. My own hand reached out grasping for anything that could keep my best friend alive.
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Waking up to the warm smell of sunlight, my eyes was blinded by bright light. Birds cheep and awoke from my senses, I feel charged up. Thinking back from the dream I had, "What was that?" I thought, focusing hard what I've just witnessed. Taking a shower, eating breakfast was all my routine for the summer. Reaching out for my school uniform, I've decided I'm never letting a dream like that faze me between me and her. Checking the time I noticed I was very early, this time it seems to be 45 minutes now.

Outside my door was my best friend whom I loved very much as I would protect her.

"Kaku! Are you done yet? I have been waiting outside for a half an hour lately" said so a sweet voice.

"Ahhh?! Sorry, then why didn't you tell me?" just as soon as I reached for the door, "I could've let you inside, Momo".

"But I wanted to surprise you, seems like I can't now" replied Momo who is standing in front of me. Dressing up with pink ribbons on her hair looks so cute, and her happy face makes me feel light hearted on the inside.

"Next time though, I was already awake and you can come in okay?" I requested, because I know she is a very resilient girl.

"Okay!", Momo who looks very happy and cheerful makes me wonder how this day will end.


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