MMORPG: Martial Gamer
1184 Old Employer
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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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1184 Old Employer

"God… God-grade equipment!!!"

Looking at the attributes of the Shadow Moon Staff, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect cried out.

Even though the Grip of Darkness was already an Ancient equipment from the start and everyone had prepared their hearts for it, they were still unable to help themselves as they cried out.

"This is what I call a true God-grade equipment!!"

Speaking of Legendary equipment, it wasn't as though everyone hadn't seen it before. The cape on Wang Yu's body was one of them. However, the cape was nothing compared to this Shadow Moon Staff in terms of attributes.

And this Shadow Moon Staff was the weapon of one of the three great gods of the Dark Faction.

Magic proficiency, blood-sucking and MP recovery were all attributes that every magic-type player wanted.

[Shadow Moon Blood Fountain] and [Shadow Moon Radiance] were two skills that greatly improved the user's survivability and damage output.

This was especially true for the Summoning skill which had already reached the peak level. It was definitely a skill of the BUG level.

In \u003c\u003cREBIRTH\u003e\u003e, the dark magic summoning skill ranked the souls, skeletons and then fleshly bodies in that order.

Spring Halo's summoning skill was originally the lowest tier of soul summoning. After the assimilation of departed spirits and skeletons, this skill seemed to have evolved into the ultimate stage.

Level 3 of the [Demons of Wars] allows the user to summon ten units in one go. Each unit possessed 150% of the user's attributes and in addition to the supplementary effect of the Book of Seal, each unit possesses at least 200% of the user's attributes during its peak performance state.

The increase was not just in numbers but also in their attributes.

Just imagine 11 versus 1, and 10 out of the 11 would possess 200% of the user's attributes. How frightening would an opponent like Spring Halo be?

It was no wonder Shamans would have such weak solo battle capabilities in the game. Who knew that the ultimate state of this job would be this frightening?

Spring Halo was a perfect epitome of no pain, no gain.

No words could describe how Spring Halo felt at this moment as the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect were almost in tears.

Even Li Xue and the rest of the girls were incredibly envious. They were even starting to consider if they should get themselves an equipment to play with.

"Damn it! Is it too late for me to delete my account now?"

"Uncle Bull… I don't care, you have to make me a God-grade equipment too." Vainglory held tightly onto Wang Yu's thigh.

Wang Yu nudged him away, "You really think God-grade equipment are like cabbages by the roadside? It is just that Brother Spring is more fortunate than you all.":

"Not fair! This fella already has two legendary pieces." Everyone went crazy at Spring Halo.

"Two pieces?" Wang Yu was slightly taken aback.

At this moment, Spring Halo raised the Book of Seal in his hand.

F*ck! Wang Yu almost forgot that the Book of Seal in his hands was also another Legendary equipment.

With the Shadow Moon Staff, Spring Halo finally had a proper weapon. Just when everyone was about to go witness the sheer power of Spring Halo's new weapon, Wang Yu received a message from Evil Rampage.

"F*ck! Did you get your hands on some good item again? Where are you fighting the BOSS?" Evil Rampage asked hurriedly.

When the system announced that Wang Yu opened up the seal of a God-grade equipment, Evil Rampage was not the only one who thought that Wang Yu was taking on some God-grade equipment quest.

"Guild headquarters."

Wang Yu replied.

Evil Rampage asked, "Guild headquarters? You're back so quickly?"

"What do you mean by that?" Wang Yu continued, "I have always been here."

"Then your God-grade equipment…"

"I have just forged it," Wang Yu replied honestly.


After a moment of silence, Evil Rampage finally replied, "I am on my way to your headquarters now. You better not say that you forged a God-grade equipment later on."


Wang Yu was confused.

Moments later, the guild channel flashed another notification, \u003cFearless invited Evil Rampage and Iron Bull's Father into the guild headquarters.\u003e

One tall and one short figure appeared outside the transfer point of the headquarters.

Wang Yu, "…"

I see I see. If Wang Yu's father found out that Wang Yu had made yet another God-grade equipment, Evil Rampage might be exploited once more.

Evil Rampage had no choice because he couldn't defeat those two shameless men so who else could they exploit if not Evil Rampage?

Evil Rampage started shouting the moment he arrived, "Where is everyone? Why isn't anyone greeting your guests?"

Everyone had just seen the guild chat and they could already hear Evil Rampage's voice as they headed out of the forging workshop.

Wang Yu went up to greet them, "Father, you're here?"

"Greetings, Uncle Wang." Everyone went ahead to greet him.


Old Bull answered casually before sizing everyone up as he pointed to the forging workshop, "What is that place?"

The forging workshop only had one workbench and it was a pretty small space. As he saw that over twenty people came out of that small room, the old man got curious.

"Master Wang, this is…" Vainglory was all eager to impress Old Bull so he was quick to answer.

Wang Yu reacted fast as he held Vainglory back and coldly changed the topic of conversation, "Father, what are you doing here today?"

Seeing Wang Yu's actions, Old Bull furrowed his brows and answered, "To send some money!"

"Send money?" Wang Yu, "What money?"

Old Bull stared at him before replying, "Didn't your brother say that you're taking part in some competition and is lacking in sponsors?"

"Yes…" Wang Yu nodded and said.

"I have discussed with some of my friends in the Kung Fu ring and we have decided to sponsor you people. Didn't your brother tell you about this?"

Following which, Old Bull glared at Evil Rampage.

Wang Yu was shocked as he glared right into Evil Rampage's eyes too.

What a brat! To think he was actually trying to win favour using someone else's money. He even wanted his squad to advertise for him… Truly shameless.

Evil Rampage's nervous expression could be seen as he quickly clasped his hands and sent a message to Wang Yu, "Brother, my birth brother… It doesn't matter whose name it is under. Please don't sell me out…"

"He did." Fearless stepped in and helped to ease the tension in the headquarters, "Uncle Wang, why don't we come in for a talk?"

Following which, Fearless ushered them to the discussion hall. This was not just Wang Yu's father as he was also their current employer so how could he let them continue talking in the courtyard?

"That's good!" Old Bull nodded his head as he glanced back at Evil Rampage, "I'm just worried this little brat is up to some tricks again which was why I've decided to make the trip down personally. There is no need for me to head inside. The few of you go ahead to register and then get Little Fei to book the plane tickets and hotel."

Nobody understands one's son better than his father…

Before Wang Yu and the rest could reply, Old Bull continued, "The sponsor has the authority to get the squad to advertise for them, right?"

"Yes, that's true!" Fearless answered.

"En! Very good!" Old Bull continued, "I've tailored made some clothes for you guys. You guys have no objection to wearing these during the competition, right?"


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