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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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14 I“m a Fisherman

"Rumble, rumble! River's stomach growled as he headed towards the cafeteria. He was feeling a little sore from the workout earlier that day he had to remember to do his stretches. He grabbed some food then sat down feeling a bit sluggish, the day had barely begun and he was already pretty tired from the events of the day. He would rest up a little bit before he decided to log in once again. Before he reached his room, his cousin pulled him into her office sitting him down.

"So how is it going?" She asked curiously on his progress. Even though she didn't have big expectations of him. She did want to see if if she could make him into a small money-making machine for the guild.

"Well I hit level 2 also i met some people too."

"Level 2?!? How is that possible did you find a nest of monsters who couldn't attack you back or something." She herself had found a place to make herself an alchemist but she was barely getting to level 1. Wasn't he a fisherman he must have found some sort of exploit to make his leveling speed so amazing?

"Actually, I managed to save a town with some people they seemed.... well most of them really nice. they said they were from a guild called Midnight Society or something like that."

"Midnight Society!!!" She had heard of them for sure they were a small group of powerful players that held certain points of interest in multiple games. The thing was that they were very few people in the guild they said they numbered no more than 200. Although they had so few people, they had managed to disrupt most MMO's in a major scale many guilds despised them especially in CORE. Refound gaming was said to be CORE's largest guild but they had major problems with midnight society.

"Yeah they even gave me their Riscord chat channel and code to join them I'll probably do that once I log into the game once again."

"You got what!!" How had her cousin that had just been playing for two days have such well... Luck one could say? She had to get him to join Midnight Society it is said they find amazing treasure and they need lifestyle classes to do things for them from time to time. It could be extremely beneficial to her guild in the long term. Composing herself thinking she would be the only person in her family to ever have a heart attack due to the surprise. "Alright go back to work what are you doing here go make me some money."

River was befuddled what the hell just happened you invited me over to talk! Whatever he thought then lay back onto his bed he set an alarm to take a nap for an hour then he would check on the Midnight Society Riscord. He shut his eyes immediately falling asleep he had been more tired than he thought he was.

After waking up groggily, drool falling from his lip he looked at the alarm clock deactivating it. He then went to his computer turning on his Riscord adding the channel with the password he was given. Immediately he was taken to the rules section which was put into a recording. He couldn't go into any other channel until he heard the rules.

Half asleep still he put on the recording hearing bits and pieces it mostly said that you had to be courteous and something about battles for equipment. If you weren't strong enough you could be kicked out and some other stuff, he was still not very interested in the rules I mean who even read or heard those anyways. The recording soon ended then he joined the general chat

-Joker has entered the Chat

Soon messages began popping up from various people

Raver: Huh we got a new guy it has been a while since we saw someone new what's up

Trops: I wonder if we can see how good this guy is soon.

Greengreens: @Blue That's your boy right he's finally on. @Joker maybe we will see each other in game I'm a little busy right now

Mayberry: Another expert fighter. If you don't have the time greens why even talk. @Briggs is the you were talking about?

Briggs: He's a noob don't think he's worth the time.

Blue: it's about time you got on jokester, @Trivodor guild leader he's the one. Also, can we also mute Briggs.

Suddenly a wave of +1's rolled through the channel.

Everyone has been muted for fifteen minutes but administrators

Trivodor: I warned everyone about flooding the chat last time. Although +1. Welcome to the guild, well technically it is only the trail for the guild but still welcome. You see everyone here is hand selected from another member to be given trail have you ever played VRMMO's before?

Joker's muted status has been removed

Joker: No actually. This is my first game so I'm not very experience in these types of games.

Trividor: Well what you need to know is that we are all full time gamers. If you aren't then I'm sorry but you won't be able to stay. Also, if you fall behind you won't be able to stay either. You have share any information you have on the game with the guild we don't keep secrets here. Also, if you need help with something you can ask in the help section, but beware if it is something easy to finish it will affect your guild status. One last thing any information or help you provide give out GP which you can trade for or purchase items depending on whatever game you are playing. Do you have any questions?

Joker: Not really it all sounds pretty straight forward

Manda: Joker word of warning if we find out you are a spy, we will kill you :P. A lot in game, we also have a very nice network of spies so be careful :).

Trividor: Apparently someone pissed off Refound Gaming we have two of our major towns under attack right now. I wonder who managed to do that they even attacked some of our members in CORE I thought we taught them a good lesson last time they attacked us.

Manda: Well they do that from time to time it's not like we will lose money let them waste their resources. Anyways what's everyone's status on Galaxian. Currently I am Level 1 with three out of five weapons unlocked for my class.

Muted status has been lifted

Most of the guild members were on the same boat being level 1 with three weapons some even had four weapons but most were level 1.

Biggs: level 2 three out of five

Blue: he he level 2 four out of five

Eve: Same as blue

Trivodor: Same here how about you new guy what are you at?

Joker: Well level 2 5/5


Mayberry: LOL, Biggs who is the noob exactly I bet he can probably whoops you ass :canofwhopassemoji:

Trividor: Was this due to the quest you were talking about earlier Blue.

Blue: Yeah it seems like we managed to get some nice rewards from it. Even an attachment for some of our weapons.

Trividor: What class are you Joker?

Joker: Well I'm a fisherman

A bunch of .... and is that even a class followed his statement.


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