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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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13 Midnight Society

It wasn't too long before they managed to wipe out the rest of the raiders Blue and Eve moved into the building while Joker hung back checking to see if there were any items to pick up. Soon the rest of the town had gathered outside the building. A system notification appeared notifying him....


You have saved the villagers and the main objective rating: S

+1000 experience

+100 fame Space forces

+50 skills points

+15 combat skills points

You have unlocked a new and mastered a skill fisherman's spirit +2 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Con. Acticate: For three minutes gain +5% damage, reaction speed, attack speed and damage reduction.

You have gained a level +2 to all stats +15 hit points +30 skill points +2 combat skill points.

Lvl. 2 Fisherman Apprentice

Hp: 77/77

Str: 20

Dex: 23

Con: 16

Int: 10

Wis: 11

Chr: 9

Luck: 2


Fisherman Combat Mastery 1- +1 to stats +6 Str +4 Dex, +3 Con. +10 Hit points, +1 Luck.

Fishing Rod 63/250

Net 28/250

Clasp Gun 35/250

Trident 20/250

Knife 70/250

Combat skill stats- +2 Str +4 Dex, Mastered lv1 - Knife throw, Fisherman round up, Lure strike(Strikes twice).

Bracing Strike, Reel player, Dive strike

Fishing Apprentice 0/250 +1 Con, +1 Dex, +1 Str, +2% to catch a bigger fish.

Cooking (Fishing) 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1% to make an improved ingredient.

Fish Preperation 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Dex, +1 Luck (helps you find items in fish)

Grey Weave- Blue Power Armor Str+2 Dex +2 Con +2

Wow the rewards for the rewards were amazing he thought to himself then examined the blue item he had pick up

Attachment clasp gun (harpoon)- blue

3-4 Damage

+2% to catch a bigger fish.

+1 luck

He immediately added the item to clasp gun it began to synchronize the item. Then he turned around to see this Biggs person next to Nydia. It was that jerk space elf he had met earlier today the one that had bumped into earlier today. "Hey there my name is Biggs who might you be?" He hadn't even remembered him what the hell was that all about. Whatever he seemed to be friends with Eve and Blue so he would forgive him. Shaking his hand, he felt a strong grip trying to break his hand that Biggs fellow had a slight smile in his eyes.

That bastard did remember him!!! Joker instantly used his strength to grip even harder. "Nice to meet you too it's always cool to meet new adventurers." The stood there for a gripping their hands at stalemate then were caught off by Nydia giving a big hug to each of them.

"Thanks." She said then let them go turning to Blue and Eve. "All of you have helped us out immensely, you guys should go rest up tomorrow will be a busy day. They were each given a room in one house or another in the village with the residents. Their characters were indeed tired before they went into their rooms when a group of men arrived, they bore uniforms of the space forces. The four adventurers stood to the side as the space forces began to help clean up the mess.

"So, Joker we got pretty lucky beating that guy by himself seriously though he could follow our moves very well he just didn't have high enough stats to keep up with our attacks." Eve stated she had recognized that fighting style. It had to be that bothersome young master from Refound Gaming. "You should be thanking me for making you such good weapons maybe give me some more of those stones." Eye shining looking at him smiling she hoped for some sort of compensation for helping after he had just saved her.

He sighed, but it really didn't matter he had grabbed a nice haul of weapons from the bandits what were now in his room he would need a good way to transport those weapons though. "There is bag outside of town with a bunch of materials you can use all of it if you want." Her eyes shone getting ready to dash for those items he continued though. "You have to use the elemental stone to imbue my trident and the rest is yours." She stopped looking a bit surprised.

"An elemental stone what the hell is that?"

"Just something I found as I said figure it out and the rest of the loot is yours."

Eve sighed taking his trident leaving the village to pick up his spoils outside of town.

"So, all of you know each other?" Joker asked curiously.

"Yeah we are all part of Midnight Society." Biggs said expecting a reaction from Joker. When non came he was the one who seemed surprised. "Have you ever heard of us?"

"Nope." Joker answered honestly "Why are you guys famous or something?"

Blue laughed. "I like you. Hey Biggs can we keep him maybe guild leader will let us have him for a little trail period in the guild."

Biggs replied instantly. "No, he is strong right now due to our low stats but he really doesn't have a good fighting technique and isn't to our level yet, I won't bother guild leader with this."

Blue ignored him. "Yeah he said he wouldn't mind adding him for a little trail period after I told him what had happened how nice of him."

Biggs grew angry but didn't say anything. What the hell woman you ask my opinion but don't care what happens either way why even ask it at all huh? He didn't voice his complaint though he just let it happen.

Joker turned to face blue. "Well guilds aren't a thing yet so I won't be able to join I'll think about it when the game officially begins maybe I'll join you I would have to ask my cousin though."

Biggs grew even angrier. "Do you even know what it means to be invited to hang out with us means? Blue don't add him if you do, I'll.... Well I'll quit the guild!!!"

Blue turned to Joker. "This is our Riscord channel just log on when you have time to come and talk to us. You hear."

This girl he couldn't deal with her Biggs left in a puff of steam.

"Don't forget to log on in, come and talk to us so that way we can share information have a nice day. I'll see you later" She winked at him leaving him dazzled.

Soon Joker went into his room and decided to log off himself to let his avatar rest and get some food.


Jericho threw his net gear onto the wall, he had been killed all of his careful planning this should have been an easy quest to give himself a nice boost to start the game. He had made it to level one and had mastered three of the five weapons on his list but that group had stood against him. He recognized three of those players they had to be from midnight society they worked very well to block him giving the fourth unknown player a chance to kill him. He would have to remember to make an example out of that player as for those three in midnight society it would be hard to deal with them, they themselves were incredibly talented people who got in his way often.

He noticed that after he died, he could no longer log in until the timer for the release finished. He had suffered no death penalty but he could no longer reap the benefits of the starting village. One of the huge benefits is that gear only to you class would drop for you from enemies that gave you an incredible advantage. He would have his revenge on that fisherman and it was about time he dealt with midnight society too. At least in this game right now that he had a chance to wipe them out before they grew to powerful.


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