Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
12 Village Under Attack 2
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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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12 Village Under Attack 2

Joker decided to put the rest of his skill points into net to get it to the next skill level. A nice boon appeared once he had mastered all of his weapons to level 1.

Fisherman Combat Mastery 1- +1 to stats +6 Str +4 Dex, +3 Con. +10 Hit points, +1 Luck.

Fishing Rod 53/250

Net 23/250

Clasp Gun 30/250

Trident 12/250

Knife 64/250

Following the sneak attack they began to walk a little bit more carefully making it to the forge. Here there even more raiders the blacksmith and his apprentices fought back a losing battle. the raiders themselves were stronger than the previous ones that they fought. They had lost a little bit of health

Raider- Uncommon

HP 40/50

These raiders held onto shotguns giving the smiths a tough time getting out of cover they were pinned behind walls unable to move. To right of the smiths two raiders were approaching getting ready to box in the Smiths. "I'll Provide cover, go and sneak up to them then I'll help." Joker told Blue. Blue moved instantly into the shadows while Joker readied his Clasp Gun taking aim then firing at the bandits as quickly as he could. He got a couple of shots off before they managed to take cover.

His weapon was by far more accurate than the bandits at long range,but even though that was true the other bandits began to fire onto his position making him take cover. He continued to distract the bandits when out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the smiths position a wait was that a cannon. He really didn't have a good look at that having to duck under cover once again. It wouldn't be long now the Raider should have split into three groups one coming after him now. Switching to to his trident he moved through the rubble moving into the upper floors.

Just as he had predicted he saw two of the raiders appear then fired at the spot he had been hiding in. Surprised to not find him they begun to search the area. Suddenly a loud boom was heard behind him, with a sudden gust of wind. The raiders that were after him ran to see what had just happened. Joker jumped from the second floor landing and stabbing the raider with his trident -15 uncovered new skill Dive strike [1/20]. Then turned throwing the magnetic net on the other raider, turning back to the raider he stepped to the side stabbing with his trident once more -10.

The raider turned the shotgun onto Joker but a knife appeared on the raiders hand making him unable to pull the trigger -5. Then Joker stabbed him through the chest once more with the trident -10 the raider fell lifelessly onto the floor. Joker turned to see a the second raider out of his net leveling the shotgun at him. Dashing he managed to hide behind a wall before a nice chunk got shot out of it. Joker didn't stop then another whole appeared behind him. BOOM!!! another explosion sounded in the distance, taking this chance he dashed out of cover throwing a line with the clasp gun. The line struck the raider then he used roundup on him tying the raider up.

He continued running feeling very out of breath until he managed to see the raider from the side. He tackled the raider knocking the gun out of his hands then began a quick succession of strikes with the trident finally killing him. The raiders dropped two green material components which Joker pocketed. He would have to see what they were later, turning his attention back on the remaining raiders he found only one of them left running away.

Joker turned to the forgers which were all in pretty bad shape then he found Eve rolling the cannon. Eve noticed joker looking worried, "Joker it's bad they are trying to kill Nydia, my friend Briggs took her to safety with her father while we distracted these men, but we couldn't pull all of them away!! We need to hurry here take this I managed to finish it this afternoon."

A small octagonal shape landed in Jokers hand [grey weave light armor] confused he said. "How am I suppose to put this on?"

Eve rolled her eyes at him stick the octagonal pin on him and pressing a button soon the weave of blues and green covered his body.

Grey Weave- Blue Power Armor

Armor: 5

Str+2 Dex +2 Con +2

Improved cold and heat weather resistance- Heat and cold environmental conditions are 20% less effective.

Wow this armor was impressive he wouldn't have had so much trouble against the assassin if he had this beauty on. Turning to Blue he said, "Looks pretty good right?".

"Hmm...." She said smiling "Needs a hat, you are a fisherman you got to get one of those ugly hats."

Joker turned to Eve ignoring Blue's statement, "Where to now, where is this Biggs."

"Follow me he shouldn't be far." Their small group headed further into the village towards the center.


Raker smiled finally boxing in that Biggs fellow into a building now it shouldn't be that much of a problem to finish them off. The Innkeeper and that fisherman had slowed him down. Although he managed to leave to of his higher level raiders to take care of them. It shouldn't be long now Ruby and Cevial should be here soon to back him up and the village would fall under the dark faction giving him a ton of experience and a great head start on the game.

He had read brag a dark player left before he was reborn into this world of how easy it was for him to achieve his goal defeating the tiny village. He managed to find two of his trusted guildmates on this ship promising a much more powerful start and higher positions in the guild. All they had to do was to finish off Nydia and take her pendant. It would be an easy way to start his empire in this game with the amazing rewards for finishing off the town. Of course you could also save the town but that from what he had read on the forums the quest line would get more dangerous and it really wasn't worth it.

Soon he saw figures approaching his position it was about time with the five raiders he had left and the reinforcements this should be a piece of cake. Wait was that another fisherman with very nice armor and those were the forgers just what exactly was going on and a small mouse was with them. This was not good had to do something.


Joker ran towards the bandits with small army he had recruited, one of them turned a fled immediately only there was no cursor on him. A player and most likely one of the people that started this whole mess. Using his clasp gun he fired a line landing the back of the player and began to pull him in. With his strength being so high he managed to pull his opponent in slowly. The other player also had high stats. Soon the little area became a small war zone the player Joker was pulling took out two wicked looking axes. Then turned to fight him to Joker this man was very fast and experienced in combat he cover the area so fast he barely managed to block the two axes with his fishing pole.

The axes whirled in the air moving towards his gut when Blue deflected the axed and landing a jump kick into the masked player -8. He staggered backwards pulling a pistol but before he could shoot Eve crushed his hand with her hammer -10. "Fight me one on one weaklings I can best you all!!!" he screamed in frustration."

Joker rammed jumped then slammed his trident into the masked figure saying. "What now that you are losing you want to fight fair not a chance. Good luck next time." Joker and the rest of his group wailed on the masked figure until he died. A small blue item appeared from his body....


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