Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
11 Village Under Attack 1
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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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11 Village Under Attack 1

A notification appeared in front of Joker


Village Under Attack

Dark forces have come to attack the village do you best to protect the villagers. For every villager you save increased rating. Defeating raiders increases your rating. Stopping raider main quest increases rating.

Reward: Depending on your rating

help will arrive in one hour.

Joker didn't pay it much attention he was already late to the party, "I'll go to the left, you head to the right kid. I need to get some of my equipment." The fisherman said turning from him. Turning from him Joker caught sight of a villager fighting for his life against a man in red with a laser like scythe in one hand and a laser pistol in the other.

Raider lvl. 1

18/25 Hp

Joker reacted by taking out his fishing pole throwing his lure strike making two quick hits on the bandit -12. The bandit surprised turn to see Joker a shot from his clasp launcher soon followed and then another -5, -5, the raider fell leaving a wounded villager. "Here use this and look for any other villagers that are hurt." Joker handed him a small vial filled with guppy oil. He still had four more vials for now, he continued into the city catching a few more bandits off guard gathering a few villagers to start fighting back against the raiders.

Joker let them grab the weapons the enemies dropped than began to move towards the center of the village it was slow going, then he found himself looking at another player. This player was a short Vex a mouse like creature it was moving quiet fast landing blows after blows. The small creature had managed to fight one of the raiders just hand to hand. Then it turned its attention on Joker putting its hands up as if to fight him. "Wait up I'm a friendly." Joker reassured the small mouse.

"It seems like you are." The mouse in a feminine voice with a little bit of a southern accent said noticing the villagers around Joker. "Hey there my name is Blue what's yours hun."

"My name is Joker, I haven't seen you around town, can you help me out there are some people still in the building we need to get out." Joker said moving into a building locating a small girl trapped inside using the clasp gun he shot a line at the girl pulling her towards him before the ceiling collapsed on her. Blue moved on the outskirts of another building noticing two more person on the ceiling.

"Shoot me a line with that gun." Joker did watch the mouse climbing the line she reached the second floor. the began to help the people to towards it getting them down. " Not bad." She said. "We need to help the other two that are here though they manage to get that girl out of the way from danger but it seems like another player is the one leading these bandits."

Joker nodded continuing to scout the area it didn't take too long to take out a few more bandits especially now that he had help. They continued to move further into the village than Joker felt a stab on his side -15 damage popped up over his head. Immediately he rolled to the opposite direction out of pure instinct out of the corner of his eyes he saw a figure wrapped in the darkness missing with its follow up attack with a wicked looking dagger.

He got up onto his feet as the figure tried to retreat back into the shadows. Having his fishing pole in his hand he used his roundup tying up the assassin pulling it back towards him. Reel player pvp skill (1/20) the assassin took out a small knife moving towards the line. Joker instantly pulled hard throwing the assassin in the air towards him. PVP skill that meant the assassin was a player not a npc he had to be careful. The assassin soon cut the line landing on its feet, Joker didn't give it a chance to go back into hiding throwing his knife just before the assassin looked up -5 plus the bleed effect took place. Then he switched to his trident.

He could hear a scuffle to his right but right now was not the time to get distracted, Joker stabbed with the trident trying to land a blow on the assassin. The assassin dodged swiftly pulling out a whip attacking Joker the back and forth only lasted a few seconds the assassin managed to land another two hits on Joker -8. He couldn't tell what the assassin was thinking behind the mask it was wearing Joker waited for the next strike side stepping activating his clasp gun hitting the assassin with a bullet -5 throwing the assassin of balance. Taking this opportunity, he jumped forward taking -4 damage from a whip strike, the he drove down the trident into the assassin -10 the assassin turned into a white light dropping a small green item. He picked it up [power net]

Congratulations you have defeated a dark faction player

+20 fame Space faction

+20 fame Fisherman faction

+30 skill points

Power net- uncommon

net used to capture enemies activate to power up magnetic weights.

He turned to see Blue fighting viciously against another person using fist as weapons the kept exchanging blow for blow evenly matched. If we had time for this, he had time to watch he would but they needed to finish the quest before the enemy's plan had come to completion throwing the net to the other raider he activated the magnetic weights capturing his opponent. Blue smiled wickedly pulling the other player onto the floor.

Congratulations you have defeated a dark faction player

+20 fame Space faction

+20 fame Fisherman faction

+30 skill points

"I thought you wouldn't like me helping you out." Joker said recovering his net

"Hah, there is no such thing as a fair fight anyways we have bigger thing to worry about than those two." She said picking up the item the other player had just dropped

Joker handed over a vial of the guppy oil than used one for himself he almost used the whole vial just for himself and she did the same. Then moved further into the village.


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