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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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10 Red Glow

Joker had gotten used to the fighting so when the Eel lunged at him it was not a surprise, he opened up with a roundup lowering the dexterity of the by two points. Then dodging the attack, he cut the line on his claps gun. He pulled up his pole landing a long range lure strike –6 swinging viciously from the attack as it landed then he whipped the lure once again making two quick strikes another -6 appearing above the creature's head.

Hissing at Joker the eel began to glow letting off a small pulse of energy, electricity crackled into the air. Dropping his pole Joker managed to duck under the attack feeling the electricity pass over him he dug for the knife in his pocket taking aim and throwing it. A loud Squishing sound and a sharp cry came from the eel -4 (bleeding one point every two seconds for ten seconds). The struck out with the tip of its tail in quick succession. Joker tried to dodge all the attacks but got hit by one of the last strike -3 appeared over him. The Eel slid closer to him still taking damage from the knife, two shot landed on the creature from the clasp gun -6.

Staying to the Eels left side Joker continued to fire trying to keep it away from him. The eel came barreling down upon him throwing his weight towards him. Joker then grabbed his trident off the ground bracing it -10. The Eel ran straight into blood gushing a small notification appeared out you have learned Bracing strike (2/20). The Eel began to thrash about turning blue this time joker was a step too late when then electric energy hit him -8.

Yelling Joker let go of the trident his hand burnt from the heat coming off of it. The refocused as the Eel had seemed to slow down then shot it. The eel stayed stuck onto the trident dead lifeless eyes staring at Joker.

You have defeater a Blue creature!

+10 Fame (space forces)

+10 Fame (Fisherman)

+40 skill points

+3 Combat skill points

+100 Experience

You have gained a level +2 to your stats +10 hit points +30 skill points +1 combat skill point.

Joker took out some of the Guppy oil and began press it over his wounds. After a few seconds he saw most of his first level skills had gained about ten points and his second level skills had gained five. These blue creatures did give out some nice rewards.

Then he begun to gut the eel preparing it to cook. Inside the eel he had managed to find a few items three rough tones and one blue stone that shone with electricity.

Elemental Stone- Lightning

Can be added to weapon or armor.

Hmm this is something a forger might be able to work with Joker thought. Afterwords he begun to cook the eel. It was giving out a nice aroma and then he gave most of it away to the fisherman while he kept a smaller portion.

Cooked Eel- +1 to stats for two hours (5 uses left)

This would come in handy for after his avatar needed to wake up. He had also finally made it to level 1 he decided to head back into the city. This time he carried two bags full of items he had actually gotten a pretty good haul. He then began to distribute the skill points he had gained for killing the Eel and leveling up his trident skill (0/250) +1 Str +1 Con and putting the rest on the net as he would have to level it up once he found it. He had also managed to master skill knife throw (Now deals a bleed for 1 damage per second over ten seconds) +2 Dex, and his Clasp Gun (3/250) +2 Dex

Lvl. 1 Fisherman Apprentice

Hp: 32/32

Str: 14

Dex: 17

Con: 11

Int: 8

Wis: 9

Chr: 7

Luck: 1


Fisherman combat- +5 STR, + 3 DEX, +3 CON

Fishing Rod 45/250

Net 45/100

Clasp Gun 30/250

Trident 0/250

Knife 55/250

Combat skill stats- +2 Str +4 Dex, Mastered lv1 - Knife throw, Fisherman round up, Lure strike(Strikes twice).

Bracing Strike

Fishing Apprentice 0/250 +1 Con, +1 Dex, +1 Str, +2% to catch a bigger fish.

Cooking (Fishing) 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1% to make an improved ingredient.

Fish Preperation 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Dex, +1 Luck (helps you find items in fish)

He was surprised to see how much his combat stats had actually jumped. It really was getting easier for him to deal with monsters, his avatar had also gotten much faster and better at dodging. It seemed that you began at level zero also which was interesting. You probably had to choose a profession before you even begun and it could be from multiple different things. Even lifestyle classes like he had to go through combat in this game it seemed they would not have an easy time making items or getting recipes.

As the fisherman and Joker headed back, they managed to see a red glow on the horizon near the town. It was nice view to the town Joker thought to himself then noticed the smoke coming from the houses!! In an instant both Joker and the fisherman began to run Joker taking only his weapons with him.


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