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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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9 Blue Creature

Joker walked up the fisherman ready to show off his new weapon. When the fisherman turned to him saying, "Finally you're back, we have gotten enough fish for this area it's time to move on to the next part of your fisherman training. Underwater diving, nowadays it is much easier than it was in my day, here take this and we will move to another part of the lake. This should last you about a week before you have to switch out the filter. Make sure you change out the filter because you will get sick if you don't. This other item will let you see underwater it will give you trace outlines of the fish in the lake. They emit small sonar waves that give a detailed mapping of your surroundings, showing up on the googles."

You have received underwater breathing apparatus and sonar googles.

Underwater breathing apparatus (Filter 100%)- you can now breath underwater you no longer have worry about holding your breath.

Sonar googles- Googles emit small sonar pulses mapping and echo location map into the glasses.

They began walking to the far western part of the lake into much deeper section of the lake as they did the fisherman warned Joker. "Now be careful of staying in the water too long it is quiet cold. I'll have a fire ready for you to dry up so you can get used to the water." Joker put on the gear diving into the water leaving his fishing pole on land taking his knife and trident.

You are in cold water -30% physical attack speed, damage physical reduces by 30%, evasion reduced by 30% you will take cold damage per second after you reach cold status 75%. The waiter hit him like a cold knife he had jumped in knowing that this way probably the best way to get used to the water. He immediately felt the bone chilling water this game very realistic was the first thing he thought as a notification popped up.

You have learned Endure Cold 0/100, Underwater Combat 0/100, swimming 0/100.

The googles soon activated showing him his surrounding and breathing through the apparatus was no problem either. He swam forwards moving muscles trying to ignore the cold. He soon found himself facing a few minnows, they hadn't noticed him so he moved behind a lone minnow jabbed at it, his attack was slow but he managed to strike it with his trident -4. The damage of his trident was much larger than his other weapons but it was also reduced underwater. The minnow turned much faster than on land launching itself onto Joker. Trying to evade was hard turning away in the water but he was too slow and got hit -3. He then stabbed the fish with his knife -3, the fish swam away quickly then began to turn back around to him for another attack. Joker lowered the clasp gun firing, a small bullet with energy struck the minnow killing it.

Joker soon began to make short work of the small school of fish in the area he focused on figuring out how to dodge underwater and land hits with his trident and dagger. By the time he was done he had gotten rid of eight minnows he decided to go back up out of the river. His cold status was dangerously high getting up to 60% this had only taken about 6 minutes to finish the fish so the cold status went up by 10% per minute. He got back up out of the water and immediately ran to the fire this was a much faster way of fishing for sure.

Then he noticed his cold only go down 10% per three minutes it seemed it took much longer to go back up though. He then began to fish near the fire catching fish on land then would go back underwater. He kept doing this for the next four hours until the spot was cleaned out. The fisherman and Joker moved to another spot and began to fish once more. His experience was now soaring 650/1000 he had also managed to prepare and catch one hundred fish.

Fishing Apprentice 0/250 +1 Con, +1 Dex, +1 Str, +2% to catch a bigger fish.

Cooking (Fishing) 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Int, +1 Dex, +1% to make an improved ingredient.

Fish Preperation 0/250- +1 Wis, +1 Dex, +1 Luck (helps you find items in fish)

Luck, hmm that was a new stat maybe it could help him out in the future. He stopped to eat hopefully he could level up before he had to log out do to his avatar needing sleep. Then he spent another good eight hours fishing and he felt pretty tired from so much swimming and nonstop fighting. He finished up his Lure strike-(+1 Str, +1 Dex) and was close to leveling out his knife toss. He was still a little far from leveling though and he needed to head back to the village soon to rest. Just as he was throwing out his line one last time and pulling in the fish a notification popped up onto his screen.

Warning you have caught a special fish!!!

He begun to pull frantically on his clasp gun but he had known to stay near a tree for protection. As the figure came out of the water a Giant Eel flew out of the lake.

Eel- Blue creature

level 1


The Eel didn't wait and suddenly attacked Joker.


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