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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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8 What An Ass

Jim and River headed to the cafeteria as they did Jim continue to give River some tips on how to defend himself and to make a nice offensive with his weapons. Then as they turned to leave the gym they heard someone hitting a heavy bag. The person wearing a hooded zip up jacket from what river could tell the person had a sleek shape and every strike that landed either with fists or kicks was extremely sharp.

"Who's is that?" River asked noticing that person had a good sense of fighting rhythm.

"Oh, that's Alex she's the vice leader and probably one of the best fighters in the guild." Jim then turned leading him to the cafeteria.

Unknown to River about what had just occurred he sat down with Jim and devoured his meal. He actually had known he was so hungry after the workout he had just gone through, but man oh man did the food that was in front of him disappear. "I got to say not many people actually go through one round of training with me." Jim said with a grin on his face. "Come back tomorrow so we can continue training same time. I'll make sure I get you up to speed on your weapons that way you won't have problems later on. Make sure to stretch every out before you got to sleep tonight or you'll be really sore tomorrow." Jim then got up and left the table.

River waved as his apparent new trainer left him to finish his food on his own. Soon he finished up then took a shower. Then began to lie down on his bed turning on his VR gear. Before he went into the game he decided to look over the Reddor forums to see what was going on with the game. Many of the posts were about how excited people were to play the game seeing as it was extremely realistic. It was strange but no one had mentioned that you could start early it seemed people were trying to keep this secret so they could get a head start on others.

He then turned to the game and began once again


It took only a few moments but he opened his eyes to find himself in the attic room just waking up from the sleep he left his avatar in he then checked his skills to see the difference since he left his avatar yesterday night. Since you have gotten at least eight hours of sleep X1.5 rewards. Since you have exercised X 2 rewards. two system notifications sprang up then went to check his skills.

Fisherman combat-4 S +TR, +1 DEX, +2 CON

Fishing Rod 15/250

Net 0/100

Clasp Gun 85/100

Trident 0/10

Knife 8/250

Fishing skill 65/100

Cooking(fish) skill 65/100

Fish Preparation 65/100

Evasion 8/250 +2 dexterity

Fisherman round up- Ties up a foe -2 to their dexterity. (Mastery +1 STR, +1 Dex)

Lure Strike (12/20)

Knife Throw(4/20)

Exp 385/1000

It seemed like most of his skills had leveled up pretty nicely. It seemed because his stats had increased it was much easier to farm once he left his character alone. He went to get his things finding a bag filled with [Rough Stones] and a blue item [Gray Weave]. He had also managed to grab some 50 credits of money doing who knows what yesterday.

[Gray Weave]- special material used for forging. Makes Armor.

He then gathered his things checking his mailbox to find a trident with a note attached: Joker this is the weapon I promised you I still need a few more materials to make your net it should be done later today.


Dmg: 2-3

The weapon did seem to do more damage but it had no special abilities. Before he left he asked the innkeeper where the forge was to see if he could drop these materials off for Eve. He then left the Inn then easily found the forge as the town was rather small. Only the forge master seemed to be in right now working on a piece of armor Eve seemed to be away.

"Hello Forge master, I have some items here to drop off for a friend would you mind if a left them here for her. She's one of your apprentices." The forge master turned to look at him. The man who turned to look at him was built like a tank and not only that he was made out of pure rock. It was one of the other races a Turvine.

"Sure young man I'll make sure my Apprentice gets them." As the forge master talked his voice sounded muffled and raspy. He continued speaking slowly. "Just leave them over here and I'll make sure she gets them." The forge master pointed to an area near one of his forges knew exactly who it was after all he only had one female apprentice.

Joker left the items there than headed out to meet his fisherman friend. Just as he headed out of town he bumped into another player who was running through the town at full speed. Joker got knocked down and thrown back pretty far. The other player had managed to brace himself standing quite well away from Joker.

"Who the hell are you get out of my way I have things to do and I don't have time to bother with a noob like you." The youth was an Nalphine in other words a space elf who carried out of all things twin pistols on his back and laser blade on his sides."

Before Joker even knew what was going on the youth sprinted away without even a hint of a apology. "What an ass." Joker said than went to meet up with his fisherman friend.


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