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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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7 Who Won the Bet?

It took Joker a little bit of time before he got the hang of fishing between minnows and guppies soon, he learned:

Fisherman round up- Ties up a foe -2 to their dexterity. (Mastery +1 STR, +1 Dex)

Fisherman combat- +4 STR, +1 DEX, +2 CON

Fishing rod- 5/250

Knife- 0/250

Clasp Gun 40/100

Evasion 0/250- +2 Dexterity

Fishing skill 43/100

Cooking(fish) skill 43/100

Fish Preparation 43/100

Exp 290/1000

HP 14/14

His total Strength had gone up by four points and his dexterity by three. The extra constitution also gave him a few more hit points. He had spent a good six hours fishing and it was getting close to noon. After handing over the fish, he walked back to the town finding a sack that nobody was using he went back to his fishing spot and started filling it with the [Rough Stones] that he had collected from the guppies and returned to town. It had been about eight hours since he started and he himself felt sleepy he should probably log off soon get some rest and get back to it tomorrow morning.

He reached the inn where Nydia greeted him setting his things down near a table Joker had to find a better way to lug around these [rough stones] they were quite heavy. As he sat down the innkeeper brought him some food starting to eat it. Then another player entered the inn, she looked looked haggard specs of soot cover her dark face she was a human with curly jet black hair. She turned to Joker, noticing the bag of items he had.

"Where did you get this?" Her eyes shone. "Do you want to trade? Well.... I don't have much to trade actually." He faces inspecting the stone he had.

"Umm.... Who are you and why do you want the stones?" Joker asked. It was rare to see other players on the ship before the launch. Most players got used to the game just moving around maybe pvping for a little bit then logged off expecting the release in two days. So, he hadn't seen anyone since he logged on here at the village. The village itself was three hours away from the starting area so finding the village was hard enough.

"Oh right. Sorry my name is Eve I'm actually looking for forge stones and these rough stones are really useful for me." Eve stated. "I might not have much to trade right now, but if I can forge anything from them, I might be able to make you a weapon or something. Mining is actually really tough because of the monsters in there but with this I should be able to make you something like a sword or gun. How about it?"

"Well, I actually don't use swords and i have a gun already how about making me a trident and a net." Joker was actually not using the stones anyways so he could let her use them and it wouldn't be bad to make friends with a forger anyways. He would actually send these to his cousin but they seemed to be on different ships. "I'm staying in the attic room just drop the items in my mailbox when you're done my name is Joker, I'll add you to my friends list."

She nodded taking the sack of rocks accepting his request. He must be rich she thought he has a room inside the inn and is having meals. I have to work just to make enough just to make some money for food working in the mines and they let me sleep over the forge with the other apprentices. He is someone that is worth befriending. Anyways these many rough stones she should be able to improve her skills quite a bit so she should thank him with those items he asked for even though they would take up most of the stones. Fighting bugs at the mines was bad enough but with this she could focus more on her forging.

"Send me a message when you have more [Rough Stones]. I'll come straight back here." She said smiling then sat at another table ordering some food for herself.

Joker's eyes began to droop down and a system notification appeared:

Your physical body is tired. Would you like to start auto mode?

If you get at least eight hours of sleep and do some exercise. The effects of auto mode will improve.

Huh? Auto mode he was just going to sleep he then opened the auto mode window letting him choose what his avatar would do while he was logged off. He could set up his character to fish and what to catch he could also do things around town with the villagers helping out and finally he could leave his character sleeping. So, he had sixteen or eighteen hours to do things around town before he logged in once again as time passed twice as fast here. So, he set up the hours so his avatar would fish for another eight hours, walk around town and help out around town for two hours and finally sleep for eight hours in the attic of the Inn.

Then he logged off....


Removing his head gear River got ready for bed. He slept for eight hours setting his clock to wake him up the next day. When he got up the next day feeling refreshed, he decided to check out the company gym. This was actually a shared gym with another guild, Starcross a combat guild who on occasion worked with them. Soon he got on the tread mill and did some weights. Joker noticed a sparring room to deciding to see what was going on.

They were having combat training some people were even training with wooden weapons of all sorts. Most people also wore light armor as to not get hurt.

"Hey there." A burly man stood behind him he was at least a head taller than him bald having one of those gangsters faces. "Do you want to spar a little? It seems like you are a new baby chick, so I'll go easy on you."

"Sure thanks." Nobody really paid attention to them everyone was busy sparring with someone else.

"What weapon do you want to try first?" The bald man said going over the rack.

He heard a couple of people mumbling over to his left and he only caught someone saying, "He must be new."

He looked over the weapon rack and picked out a staff a dagger and a trident. It was a game workshop so they had a variety of weapons to try out.

"I wanted to learn to throw this first." He pointed at the knife. He had noticed that he had gotten extremely lucky when he threw the knife the first time at the guppy. He hadn't been able to do that again. The older gentleman began to show him how to throw a knife they spent a good fifteen minutes just learning the motion for the throws and another fifteen getting the throws down.

Then they went in for a spar with the pole he felt a little confident he had done pretty good with his pole in the game. After fifteen minutes that confidence died to 0, he felt that the mat was his best friend he kept getting knocked down over and over. Every time he fell, he heard a little voice in his head say just because you could fight in VR didn't mean you could beat someone who actually has experience with weapons outside of VR.

He spent the next half hour learning how defend from attacks with both the staff and trident. Anytime he lost focus or would slack a little bit he found himself face down on the mat. The workout was actually pretty brutal, but after they finished the trainer took him over to the cafeteria to grab some food. The trainer was smiling explaining to him how he could get better but he needed a long way to go so he should come by every day that way he could learn to fight like a real man.


Everyone in the sparring gym was surprised to see that newcomer at the beginning of the brutal training they thought he would complain they even had bets going on it on how long he would last against trainer Jim. Trainer Jim liked to put newbies through his "rigorous" training method. Pushing new recruits to their limits. Usually the new recruits would eventually break and everyone would tell them that it was part of their initiation. Then they would get them another trainer to take care of them joking how everyone had to go through the same thing.

As they placed bets on how much time it would take for this newcomer to break, they thought it would be 5 minutes, but then they saw he started with dagger throwing and not sparring they only waited to see the sparring part. Once they saw that the newbie kept getting knocked down over and over, they knew it wouldn't be long before he would quit. Then they saw something unbelievable the newbie asked him how to better his stance and how to defend and attack better. Everyone was speechless the newbie continued to defend himself pretty well and eventually he left with Jim to the cafeteria.

One of the people in the gym just said, "Ummm, who won the bet?" everyone thought in their heads was this guy an M?


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