Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
6 Injuries and Equipmen
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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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6 Injuries and Equipmen

Clasp Gun

Dmg: 1-2

+1 to fishing skill

Mode 1: Damage mode shoots a long ranged energy attack.

Mode 2: Shoots a sticky film used for fishing.

What an interesting weapon Joker thought. Someone must have dropped it off in the bin must have been part of the quest reward. It was still early morning in the game world, so Joker went back to his fishing spot. Before he got there, he got another notification that he was hungry and made grilled some giant minnow for himself. He then heated up some water with an old pot he found saving it for later only drinking a little bit.

He activated his clasp gun shooting a line into the water. It flew much further than he had anticipated the sat down waiting for the line to catch something he put his back on a close by tree looking up at the artificial sky. This time he felt a sharp tug much stronger than the first time actually he felt it much stronger he started to get pulled into the lake damn. He let the line slacken a little bit than ran behind the tree. Placing his feet on the tree he then began to pull the line on it feeling the line pull on him strongly once again. He sure caught a big one once again, he begun to pull the fish up slowly once it got close to the surface it jumped out of the water diving straight at him.


lvl. 1


An enormous fish jumped out of the water wait was that a guppy, a guppy your mother. That monstrous fish was a least his same size. Using the tree as a shield the Guppy struck it!!! The small tree groaned almost getting uprooted swaying wildly side to side. Joker used the line of the grapple gun which was much easier than his pole to tie up the enormous sized guppy. +1 to fisherman round up skill(9/10) guppy losses 2 dexterity, he was actually surprised that it got a point right away he had actually been using it a lot against the minnow but it hadn't gained a level until now. Joker took out his knife and pole and thought that maybe he could tie up the guppy with both of his lines. Instead he hit the Guppy with the lure at the end of the fishing line. A red -3 appeared over the guppy.

+1 to Lure strike (1/20), hmm it seemed skills in this game were learned through certain actions, that was interesting data. The guppy moved once again to strike him, this enemy was a little bit faster than the minnows and well much larger so it was harder to dodge the guppy landed behind him than he turns stabbing it with the knife as the Guppy flew past him -2. In just seconds the guppy had lost a quarter of its hp the attacks of the guppy and the minnow were pretty much the same only the guppy was a little bit faster but it wasn't too hard to get used to.

Soon Joker dropped the Hp of the guppy to 5, suddenly the guppy shot a line of water out of its mouth. A special attack Joker thought immediately jumping out of the way his leg was suddenly struck by a heavy torrent of water, it felt as if his skin was ripped off.

You have been injured -2 dexterity -4 hit points.

The damage to his leg was significant, trying to stand on it only pained him significantly. He tried to turn but he was too slow when the guppy another strikes with his body -3. He then threw his knife at the guppy stabbing his back Knife throw skill (1/20) -3. He then took his pole in both hands seeing the guppy getting ready to launch another attack if he got hit again that would be the end of him. He the swung the pole before the guppy could jump on him. landing his lure once again on the guppy knocking it out -3.

You have killed a Guppy

+20 expierience

+2 to fishing skill

+3 Fishing combat clasp gun, knife, fishing rod.

He then went to check on the now dead guppy but his leg ached. "That's a pretty bad wound." Someone said behind him, turning around he found the fisherman looking him over. "You did good to survive usually guppies are for fisherman with a little bit more experience. Here let me help you with that wound this should help."

The fisherman took out a small balm handing rubbing it over the wounded area. Green +1 came up from the oil even though it smelled pretty bad soon his hp had risen back. "This is Guppy oil, it should help with your wounds so don't worry." He was right Joker began moving and the wound only stung a little. "Now we have to talk about your equipment and how to maintain it." While Joker gutted the fish, the fisherman went about to instruct him how to make sure his equipment stayed in good condition. Telling him his knife needed a new battery every two weeks and how his fishing pole needed to be cleaned. Sometimes the fishing pole needed repairs but he would have to go into town for someone to do it. The Clasp gun also needed to be cleaned from the inside and the line needed to refitted every week. The energy cartridge seemed to be new so he wouldn't have to change that out for another two weeks. This had surprised him it seemed you had to keep an eye on your weapons before they broke. Durability was an existence in the game but not a stat in game.

Then showed him how to harvest the oil from the guppy and how to cook it. Again, Joker only took a small amount of the guppy handing most of it back to the fisherman. He did keep the three [rough stones] he found inside the fish. +1 to fish preparation, +1 to cooking(fish).

Then began to fish once more.....


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