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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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5 Clasp Gun

Joker got a meal and a mug of ale served by a beautiful Berhiet bar maid she long strawberry blonde hair, deep yellow eyes with a red tint and light yellow skin seeming to glow emanating heat like a cool fire. She seemed to be glowing very bright today. The innkeeper kept himself busy helping out the customers smiling and joking around with a few of them. It became late and Joker himself was feeling sluggish.

You are tired find a place to sleep for at least 8 hours then you can continue your quest. You have 30 minutes to log off.

Hmm it seems like the system pushed you out of the game so you wouldn't spend all day playing. This was actually a new addition to games to make sure people wouldn't stay in the VR world for days straight. Some people had episodes and some people have even died before they implemented these changes to games. People would begin to think VR games were the real world and the real world a VR game. Joker began to make his way out of the inn

"Boy where are you going?" The innkeeper asked.

"Well I'm tired so I need a place to sleep." Then Joker stifled a Yawn. "I'll see what I can find outside."

"You can stay here if you want until we arrive at Trudosh, no charge it's on me." The innkeeper smiled than called over the young Berhiet girl. "Nydia make sure to thank him for returning your mothers pearl."

"Thank you." Nydia said smiling the room warmed up a little bit with that smile.

"It's no problem" Joker Replied.

"Make sure you leave your shirt and pants outside Nydia will clean them up fisherman." The innkeeper said.

"How do you know I'm a fisherman?" Joker asked

"Well other than the fisherman's pole and the knife you carry, let's just say I could smell it on you." The innkeeper said holding his fingers to his nose.

Nydia then hit him saying. "Be nice to him father he did find my mother's pendant."

"Alright!!! Alright, now take this key and take it upstairs you must be tired from a long day get some shut eye boy." The innkeeper pulled a key handing it to Joke. "Nydia, help him with his things."

Nydia nodded picking up Jokers fishing pole taking it upstairs. He headed to the upper floors into the attic then opened the door putting Joker's things away in a trunk. "We'll have a good night and thank you once again for finding this, I was very depressed for a while. I will see you tomorrow." She left the room smiling closing the door behind her.

He took his clothes off leaving them outside the room walking in his undergarments. This was strange there was no inventory system either does that mean you could only carry things you got that seemed highly inconvenient. Then he lay down to sleep logging off.


River removed his netgear he had found this game quiet entertaining and had spent much more time than expected he needed to get back to work but then he looked at the clock surprised. It was barely four o'clock he thought he had played almost fourteen hours straight but it seemed he only played seven. Did that mean the game had a two to one time ratio.

That was very convenient River went into the mess hall and grabbed some food he took his tablet looking over some numbers taking his time working through the accounting. After a few hours had passed someone sat next to him. It was his cousin she seemed quite happy for some reason.

"It seems like you figured out something incredible cuz, I can't believe you start working on your character even before the game even began. This gives us a head start ahead of the other guilds, we even got a hold of our combat guild counterpart and told the upper heads to give them a strong start. It seems like Refound Gaming Guild is also putting a lot of pressure one them in the other games so they have decided to do the same and moved into Glaxian Frontier too. Anyways how did your first time go, what have you been up to inside the game?"

River began to explain everything he had gone through during the first few hours he had played and how his character needed sleep and was actually close to the four hour mark before he woke up.

His cousin looked pensively, "Hmm. you actually already completed a quest already and have skills that's awesome. Alright cousin your new job is to make sure you complete this quest the best that you can go back as soon as the timer hits and get back to it alright?"

"Wait I'm an accountant not a professional gamer I need to get back to the numbers." River complained

His cousin gave him a wry smile, "You need to do what's best for the company cousin, with you starting out ahead you can help us establish a nice start in the first town giving us a nice advantage how about if you do this, I'll forget about a certain lawyer bill."

River actually smiled at that seeming to find it a very nice compromise. "Well I should get back to it then!" Moving back towards his room, he looked at his watch almost 8 o'clock he looked up to the clock he got ready for bed. Then laying back down he activating his VR set, as the countdown finished, he logged back into the game once again...



He awoke once more opening stretching out his muscles felt sore, he then moved to a shower that was in the room. He washed up then dried himself out moving to a small bin which had a delivery system he took out his clothes while he did that, he felt something at the bottom of the bin.

It was a small Clasp Gun!!


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