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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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4 Lost Pendan

Now that was interesting, River thought. It seemed like your characters could experience hunger in game too. He soon turned to see a part of the roasted minnow that the old fisherman handed to him with a canteen of water.

"You need to learn to survive out in the new places you go young man." The fisherman said. "Make sure to eat right that way you don't have to worry about going hungry."

Joker took the food happily and began to munch down on it. It wasn't too bad at all then he finished both the food and water feeling much better. he noticed that his hit points had also recovered. Then he went back to fishing once again, relaxing next to a bush feeling the breeze. This game seemed to lifelike to him he actually smells the fresh air hear the soft breeze roll across him. He never knew a VR game could feel so real. He also felt at his side where he had been hit by the fish there was a small bruise there. It seemed even though you regained hit points you still had injuries from previous battles. He wondered if he would have to wait for his body to heal by itself.

Soon he found another tug on his fishing rod once again he pulled reeling in another fish. Another minnow appeared out of the water this time he was ready. Once it hit the lakeside, he moved his rod to wrap up the giant minnow with the line. He saw the minnow begin its charge and jumped out of the way.

He managed to get out of the way of the attack then he saw a system notification pop up

+1 to Evasion

You have learned the Evasion skill 1/100

Your skills at dodging are almost as good as a turtle's

"...." Joker wasn't really liking these beginner level descriptions, but he didn't have time to pay attention to this. He readied his fishing pole slapping the fish every time he managed to damage it, he would improve his proficiency in Fisherman Rod combat would go up. Tying up the fish with his line was much harder than he thought it would be in the end he was tired taking out the minnow without getting a chance to tie it up.

Than he began to prepare the fish, he needed to find way to use the knife during combat too that way he could level the combat for the knife too. He handed the prepared fish to the fisherman then went back to it. Joker seemed to get the hand of catching the fish and continued for the next few hours. Around his twenty third minnow that he caught. He began to gut the fish and found something inside of it.

Blue Pendant

Quest Item

This item belongs to someone maybe you should ask around.

Nice!!! A quest item, it was getting late and the sun was setting so Joker decided to walk around the small village maybe he could find out who this belonged to. As he handed the last fish to the fisherman, he looked over his skills and current experience.

Fishing Rod 83/100

Evasion 56/100

Net 0/100

Trident 0/100

Clasp Gun 0/100

Knife 66/100

Fishing skill 23/100

Fish Cook skill 23/100

Fish Preparation 23/100

fisherman round up skill 8/10

Experience points 115/1000

He could finish up the rest of his skills tomorrow and max them out. As he walked back, he felt sore all over his body his arms from the fishing, and his legs from the long walk over here. He walked into town and began to talk to some of the npc's that were walking around asking if anyone had heard about a lost pendant. In a small village like this many people had heard of the innkeeper's daughter that had lost her mother's pendant and showed him the way over to the inn.

It didn't take long to find the Inn which was now full of people the whole town seemed to be heading there. The sweet sound of music filled the air and with the amazing smell of cooked food. It was intoxicating.... Grumble!!!! Grumble!!! his stomach complained hoping to grab some of that food.

He soon entered the inn the fragrance of food was even stronger now and he turned to sit at the bar. The innkeeper was a plump man with a heavy set of arms dark black hair and a long snout! Wait this man was a Solvus one of the other races. The Solvus turned to see him with a serious look to him. "Hmm, boy you are one of the penniless explorers. I had to throw three of your kind out today i really don't want to make it a fourth. What do you want." The Solvus looked sharply at Joker getting ready to throw him out the door.

Joker dug into his pocket pulling out the locket and setting it onto the bar smiling. "I think someone here lost this I was just returning it."

The look the innkeeper gave Joker immediately changed smiling at him. Before he knew it, his back ached the Solvus slapped him on the back. "Thank you, my boy, for returning this to us. The pendant is actually very valuable most people would have sold it and made a very good profit you have a good heart."

Wait it was valuable I.... I want it back he said internally he knew if he spoke those words, he would face a very angry inn. Oh well maybe the quest rewards will be good...


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