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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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3 Minnows

Joker opened up his chat log and sending a message to his cousin RedBlz, "Hey don't log off after you get acquainted with the system there are special quests that you can get in the ship it seems to be a secret."

Redblz replied surprised. "What?!? No way thanks for the information, anyways I have some bad news our guild in the other games have been blocked by a large guild called Refound Gaming Guild. I don't know why they have set their eyes on us. Right now the higher ups are trying to think of a way out of this but they seem to be targeting us directly."

Joker then thought of an idea. "Why don't you just move everyone o Galaxian Frontier for the time being that way we can begin pretty strong then have everyone return once everything blows over."

"This... Isn't a bad idea I will talk to everyone and hopefully when we return this will all blow over thanks cousin I'm moving you up the cousin ranking to third best cousin be proud. I'll make sure to change our guild name just so we don't have any problems expanding here."

"..." Joker.

Returning to what he was doing Joker found himself fishing with the rod he had just gotten. He lazed around feeling relaxed it wasn't too bad this quest he didn't have to try too hard to get this done and he could relax in the meantime. After a few minutes the rod in his hands began to move, smiling he began to pull in the fish. It felt heavy so it must be a large one he begun to reel it in quickly feeling his muscles straining this was actually tougher than it looked. Then he pulled the fish out of the water landing next to him.


lv. 0

Hp 10/10

A minnow what type of minnow was that it was a least half his size and wait why did it have hit points. The minnow thrashed at him launching itself at him. What the hell i caught you already give up!!! Joker moved to the side dodging but he got hit losing two hit points. The blow knocked out the wind out of Joker. Falling backwards away from the fish it took him a second to get back up shocked from the attack.

The minnow moved to ram him once again it was thrashing about wildly. This time Joker swung his fishing pole smacking it like a home run ball further down the lakeside he had done it reflexively. A red damage appeared over the minnow -1. One hit point are you for reals that means he had to hit the fish ten times to kill it. Soon minnow readied itself once again this time moving faster than before. This was a minnow this was way too dangerous for a first level monster.

Joker panicked he really didn't play many VR games but the level of difficulty was much higher in this game then the games he played before. The fishing line began to move wildly and before he knew it he was tangle up in it. Oh no this was the end, turning to see his attacker also wrapped up in the fishing line unable to move. The fish was clearly tied up to a bush close to them well at least he wasn't going to die. Soon red numbers appeared over the fish -1 damage marks, Joker was surprised why was this happening. The once energetic fish was now tired it seemed to be suffocating then it stopped moving

Gain +5 Xp

+1 Proficiency to Fisherman Combat Fishing Rod

1/10 skill proficiency to fisherman round up skill.

+1 Proficiency to fishing

You have learned the Fishing skill 1/100

You are a baby fisherman hope you can survive this perilous journey.

You have learned Fisherman combat

Fishing Rod 1/100

Net 0/100

Trident 0/100

Clasp Gun 0/100

Knife 0/100

Hmm it seemed fishing also had different types of weapons. What was this thing called a clasp gun. He looked to see the description of a clasp gun

Clasp gun- Wrist line launcher for fishing.

Interesting this was probably something he could get later in the game. After a few seconds he managed to get himself out of the fishing line then walked over to the fish grabbing it and putting into his inventory.

Returning to the fisherman he handed it over.

"Good job surviving your first fishing encounter now I will teach you how to store fish so it doesn't go bad."

The old fisherman began to make a small fire with some bushes and a small lighter. Then he began put some wood over the fire. Afterwords he took out a cutting board and began to fillet the fish. He showed Joker how to do it slowly salting and cooking the fish.

+1 Fish preparation

+1 Fish cook skill

+1 Fisherman Combat knife

You have learned Fish Cook skill 1/100

You suck at cooking fish

You have learned Fish Preparation 1/100

You suck at preparing fish

Well he was a beginner after all the old man let him keep the knife.

Fisherman Laser knife

Dmg: 1

+1 skill to skinning fish.

This time Joker was prepared to fish but just as he was about to begin a loud sound came from his stomach. What was going on?

You are hungry a system announcement popped up!


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