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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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2 Joker

River dived straight into work for the next week completely going through most of the books for crux everything seemed to be in order from what he could see. He spent most nights going through numbers and stayed in small room used for the people working here at the workshop. He really hadn't had time to make friends as he did his best to get himself acquainted with format of the current accounting software they were using. At the end of the second week h had done given a report to his cousin that the company could afford to hire twenty-five new employees to go into Galaxian Frontier and start up a guild over there.

"See when you put your mind to it you can help me out a little bit." She turned to grab a VR headset handing it River. "The game begins in two days you should get ready for the launch and start helping out for reals. Anyways registration begins in an hour for the game so get that done." River just sighed thinking to himself you know that that accounting took a lot of work right. He didn't voice his complaints out loud he had heard the last person who did that was made to play two days straight with minimal rest as a penance for saying those things.

He took the VR gear back to his room sat down and turned it on. He purchased Galaxian Frontier waiting for it download on the VR gear he went straight into the Reddor forums. It seemed many people were posting were they were going to begin and seemed very excited about the game. There seemed to be large guilds recruiting people. There were many guilds that had jumped from other games to check this one out. New games were always tried out especially large-scale games like this they were cash mines for gamers especially if the games were incredibly popular.

Once the game was fully downloaded, he waited about thirty minutes then entered the waiting area. It seemed to be a large ship filled with people. A screen popped up in front of him please register your name.....

River thought for a while and Joker as his name then got a notification congratulations on registering.

Please choose a race you would like to begin as:

Human- It's what you are duh. Unless you are an alien playing this game then we are sorry :P.

Vex- Small humanoid mouse creature. You will be adorable.

Turvine- Large and bulky rock like creature. You look tough like a rock.

Nelphine- It's a space elf. People like Elves for some weird reason and it tested well with beta testers so we left it in.

Solvus- humanoid wolf creature. Wolf-man tested and approved.

Berhiet- Elemental creature humanoid. You are shiny.

Aphien- Cosmic being humanoid. You look like human with stars and other things on you.

River thought for a little bit looking over the descriptions was this a little well weird for descriptions well whatever he chose Aphien as his starting race it sounded cool then began to customize his avatar. Changing his shin to a light blue and his hair which seemed to be made out of energy to dark green. his eyes were a purple turquoise. He chose his skin to be littered with stars it looked pretty cool he thought then accepted his character.

Please walk around and familiarize yourself with the game beginning link.....

As soon as VR games before but this was totally different from what he had felt before. The movements his movements felt so smooth as if he himself was his avatar most VR games didn't have this feeling. It was very impressive. He turned to see his reflection on one of the windows looking out onto deep space. He looked pretty nice wearing a t-shirt and trousers, then he opened up his character window.


Race: Aphien

Sex: Male

Class: Apprentice

Hp: 10/10

Str: 5

Dex: 5

Con: 5

Int: 5

Wis: 5

Chr: 5

Skills: None

It seemed everyone began with the same stats five's in everything it was very interesting. Joker Began to walk around the ship everyone here seemed to be getting used to the movements of their new characters there were varying races. Some of them began dueling to try out the combat system. It was very lively before the launch.

Joker began to explore the ship running around finding that he was exhausted quickly his stamina had been drained fast it was as if he himself had been running. After an hour of moving around the large ship he managed to find some npc's that were surrounded by players each of them asking them a million question but the npc's only answered one at a time. Other npc's simply ignored players looking annoyed by them.

Joker continued to explore the ship, impressed by the in game graphics everything felt so real until he reached the upper parts of the ship finding an indoor pool with trees and various cabins along the lakeside. there seemed to be people all over exploring. Joker continued on although his legs were feeling a little tired from the walking. Finally, he reached the edge of the lake far from the houses in the area. He had walked over three hours outside of the starting area nobody seemed to be here. There was a man there fishing... Well lazying around listening to ocean with a fishing line in the water.

Joker sat down next to him feeling tired from all the walking he had done. "Hello there." Joker said then introduced himself. "My name is Joker who might you be?"

The old fisherman looked at him smiling, "Ah young Aphien, it rare to see your kind around here. I see you are one of those adventurers seeking glory in the new planets. Would you like to join me in some fishing while we wait to arrive, I could use the help getting my quota."


Quest Rank: F

Help the fisherman catch some fish before you get to Trudosh!!!

Reward: Depending on the number of fishes you help catch the better the reward.

A quest but the game had not started yet was this something hidden!!! Nice Joker sat down next to the fisherman and hit accept. Then decided to take a little time to relax space fishing until the ship arrived. the old man handed over a fishing rod smiling. "Be careful not to die."

Joker took the rod. Smiling bitterly what the hell did that mean?


Raker finished loading out his character then began to run across the starting ship he had heard in his previous life that the registration period was a way to start ahead of other players in his last life. If he made it to the class specialists in this game, he could begin with a great advantage only some people had discovered this before beginning the game. This game was going to be his empire, feeling ecstatic he hurried running to the known weapon master in this game.


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