Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
1 Out of work Accountan
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Legendary Fisherman of legendary fishing
Author :bluepressure
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1 Out of work Accountan

A young man with short dark hair, tan olive skin and dark black eyes sat down in front of a computer screen typing away. River looked through the monthly budget once again and there it was another large expenditure just like last month and the month before that. This was not a budget error like his boss had told him it seemed to be happening over and over again. Even though they were only a branch of Sky Trading firm and had to do multiple shipments every year around the world these transactions per year would costs the company at least a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. What didn't make sense to him was how the numbers had been off so badly he had to go to his boss and explain to him what was going on someone was stealing money from the company. He saved his work onto a thumb drive putting it into his coat pocket. He decided to download all of the reports for the past three years to go over the accounts with his boss

River walked into his boss's office, ready to hand in the budget just as he did there were two men with him. They all wore suits one had a dark blue with a j lettering on his handkerchief stuffed into his front suit pocket. The other wore black with a black felt fedora trimmed with gold at the edges of the cap. Before River could get a word in his boss Mr. Green spoke to the two men in a gruff tone, "That's him, we have been keeping an eye on him for the past few months and money has been going missing since he has arrived at the company you are to escort him out of the premises."

Surprised, River didn't know what to say it all happened in a blur everyone in the office was talking around him surprised that river was being taken out of the office by force. He kept trying to explain to the two gentlemen taking him that there was some sort of mistake that he had found the problems with the budget and was addressing them with the boss. Soon River found himself outside the office building being thrown out the two men kept him waited outside the building barring his way back in. River panicked didn't know what to do, he had been working in the company for six months now he was out of a job and had to find another one.

River headed back home sitting alone in his apartment, he had saved up a little bit of money to get him through maybe a month or two without a job before he would be in trouble. He took out the usb he had brought back from the company he was surprised they hadn't searched him and taken this from him.

Weeks passed and he couldn't find a job he found out from one of his interviews that he was under investigation from the Sky trading for embezzling money. No company would hire him, not until his name was cleared, he soon found himself arrested later that week and was set to be put to trail. He used his one phone call to contact his cousin and ask him to bring one of his lawyers with him. His cousin Frederick was the head of a small lifestyle guild in one of the more popular games and had a very nice income from it. Frederick said he would send one over for his fourth favorite cousin as soon as possible.

"Make sure to keep quiet until he gets there." His cousin advised him. "Don't sign anything."

The company lawyer of Sky Trading firm soon met up with him he was a tall balding man.

"Young man as you know you are in deep trouble. We will give you leeway on your upcoming trail and only require you to be put into jail for one year. If you sing this confession that you stole money from our company. If you do, we will not head to trail and we won't seek your maximum punishment of five to ten years in jail."

River remained silent he knew not to say a word until his legal counsel was here so he kept quiet. The tall balding man kept trying to engage him for four hours until. Another man short and skinny walked in he looked in his fifties and was about half the size of the tall balding man. He seemed furious as two police officers came up right behind him.

"So, this is where you were hiding him, having me run around the prescient for about two hours!" He said. "What's this what are YOU doing here!" The short lawyer said turning to see the tall balding man. "You know that you are not allowed to talk to my client unless he has his legal counsel present get out of here. Don't think I won't report you for this!!!" It all happened in seconds the police officers left the room and the lawyer from the firm left."

Everything from here happened in a blur he told his new lawyer about the USB he had taken by accident the day he was thrown out of the company. Then they met up with the company's lawyers who had never even heard of the man who had come to see him. Apparently, someone wanted to keep his arrest quiet and dealt with quickly. Soon after the company saw the information that was copied into another USB, the company launched into an internal investigation.

The people whom had stolen the money had already left and evaded arrest, in the end the company had the money returned to them from their insurance and dropped all charges on River they even offered him his job back. River refused saying that he needed to step away from the company right now. Soon he found himself in the VR lifestyle his cousin created even though it was a small guild it still had around two hundred people who worked on different games making items for different guilds.

"Nice to see you not in jail." His cousin joked around. She was in all words a twig of a girl with curly brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes. She was average height wearing a pie symbol on her shirt and round glasses. Under her eyes there were heavy dark shapes as if she wasn't getting enough sleep. "Now to pay me back for the lawyer expense fee, here's the bill."

River looked down to see a five thousand dollar bill!!! He instantly wondered if he could get his job back at the company.

"Now don't worry cousin, I'm actually in need of a couple of new accountants due to a new popular game coming out on VR maybe i can get you to help out in game too. I'll give you a nice starting salary and whatever you make in game you can keep 90%. That's much better than the 20% I take form the guild members."

Now wait a second, he really didn't want to work for her. He heard horror stories from his older sister saying that she needed a vacation when she came and visited his cousin last year. How she came on vacation and how her cousin tricked her into helping out for the last two days she was there. He still remembered the pale expression his sister had when she came back home. She had borrowed an account for the day and she said she would never do that again.

His cousin could see hesitation. "You know i did get you out of jail. Anyways, the game starts next week so you have a little time to look over our current numbers and make sure everything is going great. Welcome to Crux cousin." She said smiling knowing if he tried to back out of this, she would use I got you out of jail card to drag him back in. She was a monster.


Mr. Green headed into a small room in the back of a bar there in the room were two men waiting for him. One of them was a balding man and the other was a young man with a pinned stripped suit they both did not look happy. Mr. Green was nervous sitting across from the younger gentleman he knew that this catastrophe that had happened limited his future with Refound Gaming Guild.

"Now Mr. Green we have heard of what happened with the money we were "borrowing" we did manage to save up quite a bit for Galaxian Frontier. Even though that avenue has dried up we managed to pull together a great amount of funds to improve upon the base line of our plans. You will be happy to know that we can go on with our original investment. Now we will make you guild leader here at the Mountain Standard time zone so don't worry about anything else."

the young man dropped a key card handing it to Mr. Green. "This are the facilities for your guild, and about the police just lie low for the next few months we will make the proper preparations to make you "disappear"."

The young man saw Mr. Green out then headed back to headquarters. That young man walked thinking to himself how long had it been since he was reborn into this world ten years now. He had made Refound Gaming extremely strong since then joining CORE an old VRMMO. CORE's popularity would soon pop though like it did in his last lifetime after Galaxian Frontier came out. Little did everyone know that the engine for Galaxian Frontier was set to one account per person where you couldn't share or have other people power level your characters. It was also extremely lifelike many people claimed it to be a second life. Also adventuring was not the only way to become famous in Galaxian Frontier there was so much to do there were ways to even own your own planet build your own armies. The amount of time it took to level was also intense and the battle system was incredible. The amount of quests and different resources were astonishing.

So, the game became extremely popular with many gamers and not just that people that would play games. He had never really played it in his last lifetime but the game became one of the best ways to make money after it came out. A good foundation would be good for the future of his guild and future business endeavors. Pulling out his phone he looked at the list of experts he would have to collect on and on then he turned to a list of enemies. The people that would pose the greatest threat to his future business dealing and added a new name to the list Crux that small lifestyle guild would not get far.


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