In cutivation realm with anime system
10 The eyes that saw through the darkness
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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10 The eyes that saw through the darkness

Jodha walked in the sun city and found it quit empty he wondred where is every one.

He came here to have some fun but there is no one to play with.

He walked to a near man as he activated his sharingan to see his memory.

" every one is outside the city for the fire country sects competition. well that made it easy to find them" he smirked than walked to direction where was the competition held .

every 100 year the sects would compete to declare number one sect, everyone would be there.


An old man with White hair stood at the peak of a mountain as he is looking at 10000 cultivator down.

" we are honorable to host the fire country sect competition in out small state. the competition is a royal battle the Last man standing will be declared the winner and his sect shall be number one. All of you here are combat soul state so i hope you don't get cocky and let your defense down " he said then he pointed to a tall beatifull White skin and blue eyes woman next to him as he said

" this shall be the reward of the first place, her Cultivation maybe 1st lvl combat soul but she is strong as halo spirit peak. we lost countless worriors to catch her if you get her you can search her soul to know her means"

"yaaaaaaa" the ten thousand or so let out war cry as they all ditermined to get her

"what a bunch of animals" josha said as he walked to theme unleashing his royal haki

That made the ten thousand feel worry and all dashed to kill him.

Ten thosand combat soul army is enough to kill peak halo spirit but not josha.

Josha walked to them as a red aura covered him « kaioken x10 » and chidori lighning covered is body which increased his speed under kaioken effect the lightning turned red

« sharingan » so he can see well when moving fast.

Josha dashed with hight speed and vanished the next second he appeared behind them .

fall,fall,fall one thosand bodies fell on the ground, the last thing the saw before dying was a red flash. The remaing 9000 thousand turnd back to see a man covered with red lightning looking at them

" very slow, not even worthing a warm up" he said as he vanished again to reapper where he was standing.

the sect elders who Come to witness the competition saw what happend and couldn't do anything.

The remaining 9000 thousand dropped dead

Josha looked at the red blood in his then the ten thousand bodies on the ground. He felt some guilt, he had no grudge with them but he attacked first.

he was a kid from earth who valued the life and loved the peace . but today he spitted out on every thing he used to belive

'what have i done' a saddness and pain filled his heart.

If he didn't attack fast and first, they woulded attack him and he would be dead as he was no match to them combinés.

In this world you must be cold to survive, after this relisation he swor to kill who ever want to kill him

As he saw through the darkness of the world his eyes changed and the three tomoe combined and mad a star shap.

[ ding. the eyes that saw through the darkness unlocked : « mangekeo sharingan »]

The system voice waked him up as he rushed to mountain peak where the girl caged to save the humanity he had once, an elder tried to stop him with a Killing intent. Josha didn't hesitate to kill him as he felt Killing intent.

The elder was a sect head and a half step celestial king.

a blood tear from josha left eye fell

« amaterasu » Black flames eated that elder. Then he shoted another amaterasu to the cage.

The blue eyes girl who was a reincarnation of the greatest Heaven worrior looked with worry from the kid who burned the cage she was and get closer to her he putted his hand on her stomach and usealed her Cultivation

He gave her senzu bean which healed her in instant which made her dazed.


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