In cutivation realm with anime system
9 training for one year
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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9 training for one year

Josha now is in house he bought from systme in middle of a forest. he is now 1000 miles away from suncity and near to moon city every morning he would go to hunt some beasts then go to moon city to sell their bodies because they are at golden core they sold for low grade spirit stones which is good stuff for Cultivation.

he chucked the system and found that he has 3 millions sp, but when checked the Shop and was chocked. the prices increased, it seem the system will increase the prices when he is level up, fair enough, he bought shadow clone jutsu for 1 million, kai martial arts manual for million and half adn some manuals of formations art and some heavy clothes which is total weighted 30 tons which didn't cost so much.

In golden core state one can lift 5 tons with their chi on thier muscle some genuises have 10 tons or even 20 and each level up it increased by the same amount you had at level 1 .

Josha find that he can lift 30 at level two that mean that his body can lift 15 and chi 15 since he cultivate both body and chi. He wore his training clothes and felt he can move a little bit, he took his gtavity room from storage and put it in front of his house. Before he enter gtavity room he made three shadow clones. One for hunting and sp farming the other was to cultivate and the last one to study formations.

"let's meet after one year". than every one went thier way.

He walked heavly to gravity room and put the screen on x2 times.

'oh shit' fe forgot that the weight will multiply two now he is wearing 60 tons. His bones cracked as he fought to still standing on his feet.

' shit. Oh right i have sayan bloodline' he putted quickly senzu beab the bones quickly healed as he felt zenkai(sayan power boost)

But 60 tons still heavy.

He walked arround the room as he get used to gravity and weight. then he start to practice kai martial arts manual ( dragonball martial arts) kicking and punching the air

[ ding. kai arts level upgraded] after 6 hours training his kai arts leveled up.

While reading the manual he found a flying technique one must lift his body with his Chi as he lift object and control it, it was known only at halo spirit state one can fly.

He was standing in the middle of the room focusing his energy to warp his body. Than he start pushing it up.

His felt his feet start leaving the ground, when he couldn't go any higher he opened his eyes to find he was standing in the air 2 meter away from the ground.

He walked out to find a golden core middle state giant sheep of elephant size glaring at him as wanting to kill him.

Josha eyes was shinning as he was hungry and tired. In seconds the sheed died he got 1000 sp but the deal was the meat.

he grilled the meat and eated it all as his body need a lot of food to get stronger. then he went back to gravity room to train.

every Day he would do the same thing training his body and kai arts then take a break to hunting some food.

After one year josha walked out of the training room the screen was showing x10.000 he took the room back to his storage

'with my body strenght alone i can defeat a halo spirit middle state, and with my speed not even a peak state one can catch up to me. Let' s see clones' he made a hand sign to dispel the them.

[ding. your shadow clone killed 99.682 golden core beasts + 28 millions sp]

[ding. Formation Mastery up to level 5 Saint]

[ding. Cultivation up to level 5 golden core state]

He has a lot of money so he bought fire devil fruit for 15 million and spent the rest to upgrade his skills

' now it's time to some playback' He vanished as he teleported back to his house in sun city.


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