In cutivation realm with anime system
7 Number one most wanted
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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7 Number one most wanted

Josha eated a senzu bean to recover his energy after his Cultivation rose he felt his Chi and body stronger many times. now he can use kaioken x10 to fight for hours without damaging his body.

everyone was silent staring at huge hole left by lightning .

Some strong ones start geting what happend

There was two among the crowd covering there faces with mask talking

"what a cunning kid"

"yes he was planning to kill rik simo since the begining"

" he made the fire art from earlier meant to kill saro. but the fact is he was planning to change the atmosphere through the extreme heat"

"yes. He knew his power isn't enough to take rik clan head so he decided to use the power of nature"

" but isn't it impossible as there is no art to redirect the lightning"

" well i think he created a one"

" too bad he become a target to these sects"

" no don't forget he is cunning so he must thought of a way to escape"

"wait he breakthrough. a hole state"

" well. Let't see the show"


Josha landed on the ground as he looked at the 20 figures in front of him the weakest is level 8 golden core state and the strongest is half step combat soul, as he already saw the near future with his observation haki so before they can say anything

" dears sect elders and leader. Please i don't like bullshiting so don't wast time saying how rightfull you are if you want my art you have to earn it" he said .

he wouldn't wait for them to make the first move neither did he want listen to to thier bullshit. With his golden core lvl2 he can kill easly lvl 6 with with kaioken x10 he can kill easly a lvl 7, He have sharingan with his haki he have no blindspot and can see the near future.

The gap between battle prowess golden core state levels is huge. If he was fighting against 3 or four he would take the risk even if they were lvl 9. but 20 he must plan well for a killer move or must teleport out instantly.

"hand your teleportation technique and my Wolf fangs sect can protect you" one of the twenty a lvl9 golden core said.

Josha looked at his eyes « sharingan » and put him under genjutsu (illusion) .

Wolf sect elder suddenly attacked the others he killed two of them as he josha mad him see in the others his worst enemy face so he attacked without thinking then he dropped dead by half step combat soul state elder 3 birds with one stone.

Then josha unleashed his royal haki which made the weak willed cultivators lost conscious. As the ones who is higher than lvl 6 golden core didn't but they felt thier will crushed The seventeen felt cold sweat as they looked at the young man who is wearing Black clothes with red clouds (atatsuki outfit) and his red eyes and King aura with fearfull eyes

" don't be hasty to lose your lifes. I'll be back one Day to claim them" said as he vanished.

Seeing that the elders breathed heavly they turned turned to some disciples

"call the sect and make josha on the wanted criminal list dead or alive make his head with the highest reward" the

they looked at the crowd who was sleeping

One female elder said with ugly face

" am afraid he will come to our doors once he is stronger. make his head periorety number one"

The other did the same teleportation art is important but thier lifes matter more.

And thus josha who is sitting on yelleow cloud flying to the east. became number one most wanted criminal .

Will he survive in fighting against the world watch next on icrwas.


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