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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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5 Revenge Part two

Josha saw a look in eyes of sect heads toward him as they were hungry wolves looking at piece of meat. That freaked josha as this sect heads and elders were stong that he can't afford to offend them. So before any one of them could talk to him he used flying raijin to go to his house. He took a shower than changed his clothes to a pijama and slept, he was tired of fighting all day. Next Day he went to arena to complete his misson and participate at semi final.

When People saw him they start talking

" isn't that the famous trash of rik clan"

" it seem he isn't trash. But how did he become powerfull"

"maybe he was just acting low profile"

"maybe. But too bad that his opponent is saro i Heard he breakthrough to golden core state he has no chance no matter how his battle prowess is"

" well i hope he don't die that saro is cruel"

Josha stood in the ring looking to saro eyes

"start" referee said.

josha throw kunai at every direction as he dashed toward saro

" a mere fondation level 2" he said with Killing inteng flahing in his eyes as he raised his hands and fired a huge fire ball toward josha but befor it hited him he appeared behind him as a lightning cover his left hand « lightning style : chidori », sabo reacted fast as he grabbed his sword and waved to cut his head with a speed that it would be impossible to fondation state peak to react but little did he now that josha saw the futur with his haki as he bent down a little to dodge the sword as he stabbed with chidori to saro stomach.

Saro was not the only in disbelif as every one of crowd startled. Josha vanished as he appeared 50 metre away near to one of kunai that he had thrown earlier.

Sect elders was dumbfoud

" teleportation art. They are realy exist i have our sect must get it no matter what. after tournament we will kidnapp him and search his soul"

Back to the ring

Josha finished making some hand signes.

«fire release : fire dragon » and spat huge dragons of fire to saro who quickly avoided them by jumping high to the sky. Josha didn't want to wast time so with another hand sings as hi rised his head to rose who was up in the air « fire release : great fire annihilation »

In Last month he upgraded this Skill to leve 10 so it can cover 50 km wide scale

The sky turned red and saro activated Chi barrier.

every one was ammazed

"what a fire art it can kill an army and annihilate a city "

"with that skill not only it can remove the number davantage of your enemys but it also able to kill cultivator that lvl is higher than yours"



"damn it i should killed him with his parents that day" a man with clan head clothes cursed. He is the killer of josha father and mother.

After the sky cleared a man decended his clothes was shattered and his skin is burned very bad he glared at josha

"I'll kill.." before he complete his word

Josha teleported to the mark that he left on saro smach when he striked him with chidori as he appeared instantly in front of him he was holding Black sword as he waved to his neck

A head fell on the ground

[ ding. Killing a golden core cultivator +1000 sp]

[ding.revenge part one completed

Obtaining royal haki

+200.000 sp

Part two unlocked


[ ding. Mission : revenge part two

Your father have been killed by clan head and your mather is raped and killed too . avenge theme so they can rest in peace

Part one :kill the clan head (golden core lvl 9)

without using any power boosts

reward: 1.000.000 sp- gravity room


Will josha avenge his parents or will he fail find out next on icrwas


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