In cutivation realm with anime system
4 First day : it would be a wast to kill a beauty like you
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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4 First day : it would be a wast to kill a beauty like you

He smiled as he walked out . in this month he spend it all Cultivating and hunting. His power grow signifactly to level 2 fondation state but his battle prowess is higher than his level. He found that he could upgrade his techniques with sp so he upgraded his demon sage to level 3 wich cost him 50000 he also bought observation haki and train it to level 6 which would allow him to predict his ennemies movements and even see near future. He bought a Black sword wich looked like itchogo bankai from bleach. He walked out of his home wearing atatsuki outfit like the ones itachi wore. He walked to the centre of the sun city to registre for tournament- the tournament rules are simple

1- to win you have to kill your oppenent or make him/her giveup

2- you can only use your weapon and your own power. Any attake talisman of higher cultivator

He paid 1000 gold as a fee.

They told him to go to waiting room. After an hour he was called to the arrena wich is 1 mile wide where the first stage of tournament begun. There was a lot of People watching he glared at his clan head than look at his His oppenent who was a woman alluring body and beatifull face and je knew her from his host memory she was his ginuis classmate from accademy four years ago. she was level 9 Chi gathering and now level 5 fondation she was niro kaja the princess of niro clan so she has a lot of resources and naturally cultivate fast. She glared at josha with arrogant look and Said

"trash kowtow 3 times and scram"

Josha didn't seem to heard her so he said "give up you're no match for me"

' what lvl two fondation hmmph so what you still trash'

" seeking death" Said as she dashed rising her palm trying to hit him. Josha closed his eyes as he could feel every one of her movements with haki. He dodged with closed eyes and no palm touched even his hair.

The crowd was startled because first that trash who is fondation state two and second because he is fighting with a 3 level higher than Him with closed eyes. Some of sect heads watched him with shining eyes. This is a ginuis that must joining them.

Josha opened his eyes and Said

" i won't repeat my self again give up"

"never" she said. That moment she said that josha disapear from his place the next moment he appeard behind her and with one hit on her neck she lost consciousness. Then locked at the referee

" she can't give up and can't fight do i have to kill her"

the referee said then annouced "no. The winner is rik josha"

than he left the arena but kaja woke up and said to roja " why you didn't kill me "

Roja turned and said

" it would be a wast to kill a beauty like you" then left the arena waiting for next match

Koja blushed and clenched her fist and swor "how dare a trash to flirt with me. I swear i'll make you pay"

After that matches contuned and josha oppenent would always give up or knockout he never killed any one. In the end of the Day there were 4 cultivator that qualiified to the semi final rik josha-rik saro- luo simo and kaja elder brother niro zhang. The semi final is tommorow what would happen will josha kill saro find next on icrwas.


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