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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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3 Mission : revenge

He found the fire devil fruit but the price is 10. 000.000 sp god how much it would take him to get it . But of he can cultivate it his battle prowess would acend to next level

"for ace memory i will get it no matter what. Now let's back to make some sp" than he teleported to the forest where he fought with the lion. "god i love flying raijin" he thought when he was seaeching for beasts. He met with one at level 9 Chi gathering but it wast't King tier plus he got zenkai (power boost of sayan that they got after battle) that made him stronger without rising his ciltuvation so it didn't take long to kill it

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden wolf

+60 sp ]

In one jour he found and killed 50 or beasts of this kind. When he checked his sp he had found that he have 1300 sp so he bought «great fire annihilation » one of skills that cover wide scale so he can kill many beast at one go, then he checked his state

[ state:

Name: josha

Age : 17

Cultivaton level: Chi gathering level 5


Cultivation techniques : fire_leaf (mortal)- demon_sage(god) : lvl_1

Skill : fire snack:masted (mortal)- Kayokan- Thunder_god_seal(known also as flying raijin)-great fire_of annihilation lvl1(400 metre wide )

Occupation :non

System points:200


He then contined to search for beasts but didn't find that would saticft him so he decided to go dipper but there is risk he find high level fondation state beasts and he is just a mere level 5. Just then he saw a about 300 Wolf walking the strongest one is level 2 fondation state. He chosed not to risk and activate kaiokan than he stood in front in the wolfes cofidently. He smiled and made some hand signs and took a deep breath «fire release_ great fire annihilation » boom a see of flammes covered the area where the wolfes stand. The Land which was Green once now it's Black. All the wolfes turned into ashes

" tsk what a wast. It would worth a lot of gold if they didn't turn to ashes" he said with sad look.

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden Wolf Chi gathering 9 +60 sp ]

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden Wolf Chi gathering 9 +60 sp ]

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden Wolf fondation state 1 +100 sp ]

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden Wolf Chi gathering 9 +60 sp ]

[ding. congratulation for Killing golden Wolf fondation state 2 +150 sp ]





[ding. congratulation for Killing many wolfes

+12000 sp ]

[ding. great fire annihilation level up]

[ding. great fire annihilation level up]

[ding. great fire annihilation level up]

[ great fire annihilation level4 (2 km wide scale)]

'that what i call progress' but he felt tiered as the kaioken is very consuming on stamina so used his thunder god mark to back to his home to rest. When he got home he bought a lot of senzu beans and eated one to be back to his peak. His sayan blood as he got a little power boost . He sat cross legged and start to cultivate just then he Heard system

[ ding. Mission activated: revenge part one

Your father have been killed by clan head and your mather is raped and killed too . avenge theme so they can rest in peace

Part one :kill his son rik saro in the yearly martial arts tournament

reward: royal haki-200.000 sp


Josha was speechless but the quest of raveng is epic and reward is promising, rik saro was level 9 fondation state just one step away from golden state. The tournament was after one month where every clan and cultivator would participate. there were many sects watching the talented individuals.

Josha closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

He was thinking that flying raijin is great for fighting a but the problem is if he don't react fast enough he would be dead before teleported. he thought of two solution one is to have sharingan but uchiha bloodline is heavy pricey. Tho other one is observation haki wich would allow him to predict ennemies attakes and if he masted it he would see the near future. It's only 50.000sp for now he have 12000 sp so he bought some fighting Skills he bought chidori for 2000 . And fire dragon and ball for 3500 which left him 6500 sp he spend the rest to upgrade his Cultivation technique to lvl 2 wich will make his body and energy stronger after one Day he would go to forest to train then back to his house to cultivate he would do that every Day. On the 30th Day Josha opened his eyes and walked to the door of his house

"now is time to have some fun"


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