In cutivation realm with anime system
2 Fight with lion king
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In cutivation realm with anime system
Author :blazuki
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2 Fight with lion king

After josha woke up. he called the system and checked his state

[ state:

Name: josha

Age : 17

Cultivaton level: Chi gathering level 5


Cultivation techniques : fire_leaf (mortal)- demon_sage(god) : lvl_1

Skill : fire snack:masted (mortal)- Kayokan- Thunder_god_seal(known also as flying raijin)

Occupation :non

System points:0


After Cultivation with the demon sage technique not only he found that he was Chi gathering level 5 but also his body strengh and qi capaticity is many times stronger of what it supposed to be and this is just level one . according to the memmory of the original body owner the highest level of Cultivaton teqnique in his clan is earth middle grade level and it's exclusive to the clan head familly and also there no technique that can cultivate both body and Chi. system is really op.

After he stand on his feet he found that he have only 5 gold coins. He must make money or he Will starve. He put his hand on the wall and a thunder god seal mark appeared. He left his house bought some food and used the rest of the money to by kunai which is lowest weapen grade. He marked theme with his space time jutsu seal. After that he headed to forest outside of the city looking for beasts. While he was walking and thinking about his goals in his lif he walked by a giant blue lion with height of 5 meters and Cultivation level of chi gathering level 8. That was blue lion King a rare beast that can be sold for a lot of money but also strong enough to take a fondation building state Cultivator head on. Josha was sur that he can take any level 8 Chi gathering human with his body strengh and Chi but a king which is near to fondation building state.

' this is the perfect oppenent i was looking for' josha smilled as he felt andrealin through his viens. Throwed his kunais at every direction some hit the ground some hit the trees

Then looked at the tiger and shouted

"little cat Come here" the lion was angry of the human how dare he to call King a cat he must seeking death. Then roja rise his hand While other was holding kunai. He shoot a fire snake that only leftslight burn on lion skin.

'oh shiit' the lion dashed with big speed determinig to eat this brazn human. When he got near it opened the huge mouth to eat him. Just when his fangs was about to close at him he dissapeared from it's sight

"huuh. That was a close one" just when the beast was about to eat him

« flying raijin level one» he teleported to one of the kunais he marked earlier then he shooted another snake of fire. Just only to anger the beast more so it attaked him again. Just when it's close to him he would use thunder god seal to teleport and fire a snake at him. The battle contined like that sometimes before Josha use the teleporation the lion woud caught him offguard and injure him slightly. That angered josha as he looked to the lion and said "now am angry" he screames « kaioken x3 » a red aura surronded his body and his speed. power and other fighring ability multipied. He shooted red snake. This time it made a huge burn mark and injured the lion. The blue beast knew it was no longer match for this human so it ran very fast that even a fondation state Cultivator wouldn't be able to catch it, little did it know that there was a thunder god mark on it's back, befor it could feel relief. Josha apeared abouve and stabed with the kunai to the lion neck and cut it with fast speed. The lion felt down. Josha looked to the sky and howled. Then he heard the system sound

[ding. congratulation for Killing blue lion King

+100 sp ]

Josha was angry, just 100 after all of that

He is injured and his stamina isn't to use kaiokan, But he would have zenaki (power boost) from his sayan blood.

He looked to the lion body before keep it in his systep storage. Than he teleported to the mark wich he lefted in his hous.

He bought a senzu bean from the Shop for 90 sp(system point) after eating it he felt his injury healed. Not just that he got zenaki which give rise his power level. If he met that stuped lion again he would kill it with short time. Then he cuted the lion body to parts to sell it. The body of rare beast was precious. his blood can be used in alchemy then it's sharp claws and fangs is harder than Steel and used in weapon crafting. The skin can be turned to armor.

After divided it he went to city market and sold it and got 2000 gold coin. After that he bought some food and teleported to his house. lie down on his bad While browesing the Shop he found something interesting.


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